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Sore throat, head and taking mtx

Hi all, I hope your all well and pain free. I'm really new to this site, and my diagnosis, I don't manage on here much with a baby and a 6 year old. Can anyone give me advice please? I started on 7.5 mtx for 4 weeks, I then increased to 12.5 for 4 weeks, yesterday sun I was to increase to 17.5, but I have really sore throat and head, everyone in my family have had it but me the longest since last wednesday. I phoned gp as my pharmacist said to and on wed it was a locum gp who said if I wasn't better on sunday then to miss a dose. By missing a dose will this mean I need to start from scratch as I was due to increase, I will see my gp in morning just incase this has happened to anyone else who can put my mind at rest till tomorrow. I'm due to get bloods checked in morning as well, just with bank holiday here I'm a bit worried, I don't want to upset my system with missing a dose. Decisions, decisions. I lov this site for everyones caring, support and expertise. Thanks in advance, and I hope you all have a good day. I'm tucked in bed for extra hour with hot drink xx

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Do ask your GP just to be sure, but when I've had to miss a dose I've carried back on at the same level. MTX does hang around in your body for a while, so one week shouldn't be a huge problem. You could always just do another week at 12.5, and then go up week after? But always safest to check, as we don't know your full medical history so could be different for you. Pollyx


Thanks Polly

I will speak to my Gp, that's good to know ut hangs around as I'm so new to it I'm not sure how it works. I see my rheumy 2nd oct and she wanted to see how I'm getting on with 17.5 I'm a bit worried as I won't have had a try at increased dose, but I'm sure there used to this. Thanks again, I hope your well. Take care xxx


Hi Lyndah, Welcome to the site - good advice from Helix - your GP is the one to answer this one (or the pharmacist - I find mine extremely helpful and knowledgeable).

I usually carry on with MTX when I have a cold (I am on 25 mg), sore throat etc but if I feel really ill, I will miss a week.

MTX stays in the system so missing a week won't cause a problem and you can then go back onto your usual dosage the next week, even if it is the increased dose. You don't need to cut back to the lower dose you were on.

MTX takes about 12 weeks to fully get going and I do hope it is beginning to help you.

RA is no joke and when you have a baby and a toddler it must be a nightmare!

Get plenty of rest if you can, hot drinks, and keep warm.

With RA our immune systems are compromised anyway and the MTX doesn't help there either! You will find that you will get more colds etc and will pick up anything your 6 year old brings home from school. My grand daughter is 7 and is very generous in giving away her germs! I try to avoid her and her little brother (5) if anything is brewing. It is bad enough coping with RA without anything else on top.

Anyway good luck and I hope you feel better soon. Lavendarlady x


Hi Lavendarlady

Thanks so much, great advice, yes kids are germ carriers for sure. We have all had the cold but mine lingering the longest! I hope to bounce back soon. Its typical with bank holiday. I hope your keeping well. Thanks again. Take care xx


You can take some vitamin c to help boost your system. As has been said before see your dr. I only miss a dose of mtx when i'm on antibiotics. xxxxx


Hi Sylvi

Thanks so much for your advice, I'm drinking juice and taking a strong vitamin c to try and help. I have decided to take my tablets and I have my gp first thing tomorrow. I hope your keeping well and avoiding bugs that are circulating at this time of year.

Thanks again, take care x


Yes see your doctor but just to let you know that I got a really bad throat and cold in January when I'd just moved up to 15mg from 7.5 (about a month into MTX) and it did seem to affect me worse than anyone in the family with a terrible headache too. I phoned NHS 24 (Scotland) and someone said I should skip it that night and see how I felt in the morning (phone my own GP) but I took it and no problems. My GP phoned the next day and said he was glad I'd gone ahead but if I felt any worse I should come in and get antibiotics. Then about 6 weeks ago I had the worst cold I've ever had when I was on 17.5mg and saw the GP and she just took one look at me and put me on Amoxicillin. I asked if I could skip a dose but she said not advisable and just to take antibiotics because my immunity was so low on MTX that it wasn't worth the risk of waiting. Good luck, Tilda xx


Hi Tilda

Thanks so much for your advice. That makes sense. I ended up taking my tablets, I see my gp first thing in the morning. I've delayed them by a day. I think its that time of year when colds n stuff do their rounds. I hope your keeping well?

Thanks again, take care xx


None of my GPs seem to think skipping a dose is an option so although many on here say it is I've never yet done so. If they put you on antibiotics they will need to double check that it's compatable with MTX though but plenty of antibiotics are. I even took my tablets straight after a sick bug which I felt was rather brave but didn't seem to make me feel any worse. Do always check with the GP though by phone if you can't see one in person. It must be a nightmare having RA with young kids I think you deserve an extra gold medal for coping. Bad enough with teens I find! And yes thanks I'm fine. Tilda xxx


Thanks Tilda

I think we all deserve gold medals in our own way. I think I have made the right decision taking it, it was a locum doctor that I spoke to on the phone last week, I don't think he was fully aware of my history re being new to it and increase etc. Its one of regular gp I will see in morning as its bank holiday today. That's a few times you have helped me with your excellent advice, thankyou I really appreciate you taking the time. Glad all ok with you. My heads bumping not sure if its the cold or increase in mtx. Once kids in bed tonight an early night for me. You take care xxx


Its just that when we are newly started on MTX after a wait the last thing we need is to drop a dose as you want the stuff to work so badly. And it really does work believe me - well it has for me to the point where I am back in denial and keep thinking it's just gone away. My OH pointed out today that this maybe so but I do work very hard at keeping it away too! Tilda xxx


Thanks again Tilda. I hope your ok today. All ok with me, had thumping sore head and tummy a bit upset, dont know if its cold or increase in mtx to 17.5. Gp was fine with me taking my tablets yesterday and got my bloods done. I hope your having a good day, and sending you a hug. Your a star keep shining xxx


I also had a throat infection which needed treatment with antibiotics and was advised to continue as usual with my mtx. Hope you feel better soon.

Paula x


Hi Paula

Thank you so much, I've taken ny weekly dose, just one day late, but I feel better for hearing from other people on here that missing a dose is very rare. I hope to feel better soon, all my family have had it, just mines the longest I've had it since Wednesday. I hope your keeping ok. Everyone on here are great and the advice has been really helpful. Thanks again, take care xxx


Hi Lyds

Welocme to the site, sending cyber hugs & hope you get better soon. Ditto to what everyone has said so far.

Take care hun



Hi Joanne

Thankyou so much, i hope your keeping well and thanks for well wishes> Take care xx


Hello Lynda,just like to say hello to u,I am very new on here,only 2 weeks and started my 2 nd dose of mtx today,tho they started me on 15 mg straight away.wen were diagnosed ? I started getting problems with foot last dec and more joint pain started in April,knees fingers and wrists.lets pray the mtx works eh Lynda :)))) lots of love Michelle xx


Hi Michelle

Thanks for your reply, welcome to you too.

I got diagnosed in June but i waited 4 weeks before starting my treatment as my denial was huge and i needed time to get my head round it all. I started on 7.5 mts for 4 weeks, then 12.5 for further 4, now 17.5. But one other rhemuy who sits at same clinic that i go to said she would have started me on a higher dose, she thinks other has been a lot gentler and lower doses are ineffective, albeit kinder to your body if your not used to them, i think they all have different ways of treating. Sorry to hear about your diagnosis too, but hopefully the meds will work for us both. My gp says they have excellent effective drugs now and prognosis is a lot better than what it used to be so heres hoping. Think unknown is always the hardest for all of us. Everyone on here is amazing, i dont get on much with my kids but whenever i do everyone is so helpful and understanding. Support is great. I hope your well, and look after urself. Take care xx


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