taking metho pens on holiday

I have a lovely long holiday coming up to Myanmar, Singapore and Thailand - I am so lucky, I know, but I am fretting about what to do about my weekly metho injections. I am away for 3 doses and I don't know about taking the pens -- do I need a letter from the Rheumy for customs etc.? Should I just switch to tablets? I have no problem missing the odd weekly dose but I'm reluctant to do without for three weeks. On the other hand I don't want to end up in a Bangkok jail....

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  • If a drug is prohibited it doesn't matter if it's in injection form or tablets - it is still prohibited. Here's the link to the Singapore government advice. Looks like MTX will be fine, but be careful with tramadol, high strength codeine and the like. It is the psychotropic drugs that they control.


    No doubt you can find similar for Myanmar and Thailand..they are probably quite similar. Generally MTX isn't a high risk drug for trafficking or addiction so people apart from us don't care that much about it.

    When you travel anywhere you should always carry a letter/prescription with you. I used to get my injections from Healthcare at Home and I got my letter from them. Keep the drugs in their proper packaging, and look at the website for the airline you are travelling with to check they don't have special requirements. And enjoy!

  • thank you for taking the time to reply and for that useful advice.

  • I am currently in Thailand and had no problems with the Methotrexate injection pen. When I asked for advice from the doctor she said each pen has your name on as prescribed....just take your delivery note with you. I was advised to wrap in bubble wrap and put in a cool bag in my suitcase..not hand luggage. I kept the paperwork with me.Hope this helps....have a great holiday.

  • Sorry to contradict but I was told to carry it in my hand luggage as it gets to cold in the hold. I had no problem with it just put them in a plastic bag then in a small cool bag. Have a good holiday

  • I agree, I was told not to put it in the hold as well. Even in bubble wrap.

    Here's the link to the advice from Metoject that tells you to keep it in hand luggage.


  • You are so right.....NEVER put essential meds in the bags you put in the aircraft hold....don't put money, jewellery or anything of real value in the hold either.

    ALWAYS keep stuff you value with you. In your hand baggage.

    Last year an airline lost my bags for 7 days -- luckily it was on the return journey! But imagine if you lost your bags + meds abroad!!!

  • I have been on MTX jabs for a year now - so not that long. So last year was the first time I had to take my Metoject with me. Logic said to carry it in my hand luggage + I took an old letter from my Rheumatologist with a list of meds I take + my diagnosis and also a copy of my repeat prescription.

    I also contacted the airline re the rules.

    Had no probs.

  • Good idea to contact the airline Joy-1 thanks for the tip 👍🏻

  • I travel to Asia (all the country's you mention) mostly Thailand for 3 months + annually now,have done for some years

    I take MTX jabs among many other medications

    Get a letter from your prescription secretary .

    I have never had any problems traveling. I also have other medications too.

    And yes take them in your hand luggage. You really don't want to loose them.

    Happy travel.

  • Thank you so much everyone.

  • Didn't know you could get letters from Healthcare at Home. That's a good idea. I got a letter from my GP last year for my Humira. Was well hacked off when I picked the letter up and got charged £35 for it. Especially as no-one even looked at it!! : ((

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