Home safe and sound

Home safe and sound

Well everyone we are safe and sound after our trip back home. We followed the rain all the way back. The fields that were flooded you wouldn't believe. I have enjoyed my time down there in cornwall,but boy was i glad to get into my own bed. I slept a lot better thank goodness. The people down there were very kind to me owing to my disability. Nothing was too much trouble for them. I met lisa while i was down there and a lovely lady she is too. She is trying to set up a support group down there so if anyone is interested contact her through this site. I believe her name on here is luckylisa i'm not sure so if your interested let me know and i'll find out for you.

By the time we got home i was exhausted. This morning my hands ache and stiff. This afternoon my family took me to a county parade over in coleshill. I would have been happy to stay at home,but hubby made me go and it probally done me more good than anything. I met people i hadn't met in ages who were pleased to see me. They all wanted to know how i was getting on.

I am getting about better than i was,but it isn't fast enough for me i'm afraid. I have an added problem in that my right ankle keeps swelling up and i don't know why. I will have to see the dr this week so i will ask him when i see him.

I am sitting here watching the tennis and i hope murray wins i really do. The picture was taken by lisa in cornwall and i like it so i poste it as my profile.

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  • Hi Sylvi,

    Glad you got back safely and you enjoyed your trip.

    Been pouring here for a lot of the day too.

    Shame Murray lost but he gave it a good go.

    Enjoy being back in your own bed.

    Mary x

  • Hi Sylvi - glad to learn you are home safe and sound. We are on holiday in Edinburgh now and watched Murray on a vast tv. I was sad he lost but as Mary says he gave it his best shot and he wasn't thrashed at least! Tilda x

  • Glad you had a great holiday, and I love your new picture, you look really well


  • Good to see you got home safely Sylvi. The new profile pic is lovely...well done Lisa. It sounds like your holiday has done you the world of good. You can start planning the next one now.

    Paula x

  • Like your new pic glad you got home safe x

  • Nice to see a proper picture (I can never make out what people look like in the little mug shots). Glad you had a good holiday & 'a safe return's the best part of the journey' so they say.

    Christina x

  • Nice to see you back Sylvie. Hope your holiday charged your batteries up (No I don't mean on your scooter!)

    Carolyn x

  • Thats so funny carolyn, i do feel brighter in myself if nothing else. Sylvi xx

  • Hi

    Glad you are both home safe & sound. The pic is lovely and you seem to be very happy in the photo, in fact you look really well!

    Take care and rest up Joanne x

  • Thank you joanne,it was taken with lisa who is a member on here, She is lovely and we had a lovely time with her. xxx

  • Nice times for a nice lady, with a lovely profile pic.


  • Thank you very much.xx

  • That is a lovely picture, Sylvie. You look happy, content and well! Nice to have you back here too. and on Facebook too. Oh...will you send me another friend request? For some reason I have lost you and Paula, unless you haven't posted anything on FB. Thanks :) L.xx

  • I still have you on f/book. Try searching friends and put my name in. hope your well.xxx

  • OK thanks. Yes , I am pretty well, just worn down getting ready for my brother and sister-in-law to arrive from Kentucky on Friday afternoon. Then we will leave Sat morning to go to Pennsylvania to meet up with my older brother and sister-in-law as they arrive from Denver, Colorado, a 4-5 day driving trip. They have said they won't make the trip again, it is too strenuous on my brother, and he refuses to fly. So we all will have to make the trip out there next.

    My guest room bed has been used for sorting magazines, books I've read or not read (my neighbor keeps bringing me books from garage sales.) So, I need to redo the bed today, replace the dried flower arrangement with fresh ones, on and on!! Whew! You stay well as can be, I will be back from Pa on Monday. L.

  • Have a safe trip.xx

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