I'm going Home.... Off to Cornwall tomorrow

Tomorrow is my first long journey since being diagnosed in January, a bit apprehensive of the trip as I usually can only go 10 minutes in a car without the hip & back pain kicking in.

We usually only stop the once, at Exeter Services but have pre-warned Hubby that I will probably need more than one stop to stretch the old legs. Probably will need a hoist to lift me out when we finally arrive, haha.

Ive packed the bags, all the meds are ready; doubly so as Hubby on more than me! We make a right pair now. I was his carer as he's broke his back twice in Rta's & has metal plates & continuous pain, but now the roles have reversed he now cares for me. We make a funny sight walking down the road hand in hand with a stick each in the other!

This trip I think is going to be an eye opener for us both to what we can now do or not do. We are so use to our own little routine each time we go back down home. I still call my Dads house home even after 30 years after leaving it, Cornwall will always be home.

I've got a shopping trip to do while there... looking for comfortable,wide fitting shoes because when we come back I'm at the hospital having my Orthotics to be fitted! not sure really what I'm looking for, though was told they had to have removable insoles & be wide enough for the orthotic insoles top go in.

If anyone can give me advice I'd be very grateful.. Thank You in advance

Rie x

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  • have a good time in cornwall x

  • Thank You, will do . I think the weather is going to change but not a problem as at my Dads

  • Have a lovely holiday. Would clarks structured as the insole do come out and comfy xx

  • Have a lovely trip down i have already got to devon and the weather is fantastic.xx

  • Thanks Miss, will lokk at clarks, also someone else said Hotter shoes.

    Thanks Sylvi, cant wait to get there, hope your holiday going ok. x

    Rie x

  • Hi Riedenise, a couple of websites below for you to take a look at:



    Hope they help!

  • Have a great trip xxxxx

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