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Son home safely and i have done a bit too much

Son home safely and i have done a bit too much

Hope everyone had a lovely mothers day,i did,my son got back about 1.00pm. Then we had all the washing,nothing new there i hear you see,boys how the hell do they cope. Mine can look after himself as i taught him well. He brought back a collection of t-shirts of places he has been too. He brought me a pen from cape canaveral space centre. This morning i had to go to the doctors (more about that later) George came with us as he wante to change his money back into english and get it put into the bank. His bank advised him to change it in nuneaton,so after going to the chemist of we went. It was a chance for me to have a nosey around as i don't get much chance. He was in the bank a long while as he met one of the managers and they discussed how to put his money away.Then he went to the o2 shop as we had to block his phone as he thought he had lost it. He was in there an age as well. I wander round the ropewalk and got another pink bag. Then we returned hope and had some lunch and then hubby and i had to go back to nuneaton as i had an appointment for my feet. By the time i got home i was getting tired. I then sat and done all the ironing. I am sitting down now resting,but i ache in my shoulder. One good cry later and cuddle from hubby have calmed down a bit. Going to bath in a bit and will get into bed.

The doctors, well when we went in the computers were down so couldn't look at them to see if he had an answer to my breathing problem. Hubby told him about how i am sleeping and the noise i'm making that wakes everyone up except me. Went through how i am feeling and he has come to the conclusion that my sinuses are blogged. He has given me a nasal spray to use twice a day,then said it would take 3-4 weeks before i will start to feel the benefit. Great,still going to feel crap for a while longer. I had to ring back later for blood results,guess what they are normal,thank goodness. What a shambles,every time i get an appointment on a monday the computers go down. The nhs is going to the dogs in some areas,not all of them,some are very good.

I think i will finish this essay and go and bath. Good night one and all.

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Good morning.

After that lot, (plus a soak in the bath) I do hope you managed some good sleep.

Sylvi, I have suffered from sinus problems for years and probably had every nasal spray possible. When I have had an attack I've usually been given antibiotics and a spray.

However, what I have found helped me most was NeilMed sinus rinse. It's not been on a prescription and is quite expensive but it has worked in a couple of days for me. If the spray doesn't work it miight be worth considering.

Also, dont know if you have thought of it already but how about head over a small bowl filled with hot water and towel over your head the old fashioned way and breath in the steam. Do this as many times as you can during the day, this might help. Sorry if you have already done this.



Judi i have a steamer and i forgot the doctor told me weeks ago to use it. With all the drugs i'm on its no surprise that i forget things. I will use it today and see if it makes a difference.

I'm sad to say i didn't sleep very well last night. I fell asleep while watching empire on tv,and i slept until nearly midnight and then i got up and came downstairs and had some sleep until 6.30am. I'm not that clever this morning and i ache,nothing new there. My trouble is when i start to ache and get down i kep pushing myself and making life hard for all those around me. I want things done now not tomorrow and that just makes things worse. When i do pace i don't feel as bad. I'm daft i know,but i did overdo it yesterday and i am paying the price today.

Thanks fo reminding me about inhaling,i will do that this morning.

You take care sylvi.xx


Hi Sylvi, it sounds like you had a lovely day apart from ironing. .Yuk. Hope you felt better after a rest. I suffer with sinus problems and Im sorry to say I can't have flowers in the house. This can be a pain but my family know not to buy them for me anymore. Also plug in air fresheners affect me. I find a few drops of Olbas oil on my pj top helps when its bad. Im told I snore like a steam train but I don't believe it. Im sure its Andy, Im too much of a lady ;-)


Paula, the snoring i do doesn't come from my nose it is coming from my throat and i feel like i'm choking. I will be glad when this has cleared up,i'm fed up being ill. I've have olbas oil,i'm good at telling my family what to use and forget to practise what i preach,i think thats a complaint all mothers suffer from.



HI Sylve, that sounds like a great day yesterday. How long is your son home for? I am just off antibiotics for a sinus infection but like the others say the best temporary relief that i have found is steaming olbas oil. Clears it for a few hours anyway.

The nasal spray might work just as well.

After a few days respite my sinuses are again blocked, i find driving particularly painful - there used to be a great sudafed tablet but it has been taken off the market. i am now going to try the Neilmed that Judi suggested.


I use steaming for my sinuses too - I didn't want to add another drug into the mix I'm already taking so rejected getting the drug sprays. But I do also have a water spray (sterilised sea water) and when it's bad I rinse out my nose a couple of times a day which really helps. It's a very french thing to do, but sure you can get it in England too. (French mums are always squirting nasal sprays up their kids noses, which sounds mean, but you hardly ever see a french kid with a snotty nose!). Hope the sun helps you too. Polly


Hi Sylvi, so glad your son is home. What a lovely mother's day you must have had with him. I had a rotten MD - my son didn't come to see me although he did telephone (he only lives 3 miles away and was "too busy"). but I bet they went over to her mother's anyway where they seem to spend most of their time! Her mother lives miles further on from us.

I also get bad sinuses with a heavy cold and find Otrivine sinus spray is very good particularly at night when you really seem to clog up. Salt water sniffed up helps as well as done steaming sinuses over a bowl of boiling water.

Also I find Beechams Powders decongestant capsules very good - they also contain paracetemol so it copes with a sinus headache as well.

Hope it clears up soon. Love LavendarLady x


LL,i'm sorry your son didn't think of you on mothers day,boys are a bit like that i'm afraid. The times mine doesn't think,you wonder why when you know that you brought them up to be thoughtful and polite,yes even mine are like that at times.

I am having a bad day today as i was down here alnight and i'm fed up of being ill all the time. I only wish this time it works. Its one step forward two back all the time. I will have a look at those beechams.

I just overdone it yesterday and boy am i paying for it today.

Love Sylvi.xx


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