Just wanted to share something sweet and Good and wonderful for a change !

Well Yesterday met Sylvia, What a STAR, and her husband is so sweet, and helps her so much, really lovely to see that she has support, I dont really know how that is with this lot around here, anyway, we got brunch at my cheapie, local, cafe, which is Fab, she does the best breakfast for the price, After a couple hours, Sylvia and I had both had enough, so she went back to where they are staying, and I went Home, I was soooo Exhaused and SORE, Tonight I am wiped out though, I am So NOT a morning person, but I set my alarm for half 7 this morning, and went with a friend of mine to bring in her sister and nieces 3 horses, I had a magical moment with one called Maxwell, I was standing in front of on both sides as if to give him an ever so gentle hug , just gently touching his shoulders and layed the side of my face on his chest, he took a deep peacful breath and put his chin and upper neck on my right shoulder and rested his weight on my shoulder, as if he was at much peace for that one moment as I was, I really have No words for how it felt, Just WOW, I hope to do it again, I am exhausted now, so I am going to try to sleep, I will see Sylvia again either WED or Thurs X Thanks for reading, I wanted to share some good news for a change ,

And hopefully someone enjoyed the story and just sighed and Smiled

((HUGS)) Lisa X

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  • Hi Lisa, sounds as though you had a nice time with Sylvi and her Husband.

    Was so nice hearing about your 'magical moments' with the horse. It must have been lovely.

    Judi xxx

  • Hi Lisa, just as Judi said, great to wake up to. I felt I was part of your magical moment. Thank you. Have a good day.

    Love Aligator x

  • We all need cuddles, but with a horse, that's very special


  • How lovely to have three special friends in a day ! A xx

  • Oops sorry Lisa I made so many mistakes that I've deleted that reply. Start again. That is great news Lisa. I walk past 2 beautiful horses in the field above our hill most days and they look so friendly and approachable that I 'm tempted to make contact with them but also have my dog on me who looks vaguely terrified so think I'll keep admiring from a distance. Horses are special animals. It's great meeting up with someone from this site isn't it - makes it all more real somehow? TT x

  • Hi Lisa,

    I'm sighing and smiling right now! Thanks for a lovely start to the day.


  • How lovely.....sometimes we just need a happy story :-)

  • Hi Lisa,

    lovely to hear about your magical moment - I'm sure animals have a sixth sense about us and how we're feeling. Must have been very special.


  • Neigh you don`t say. Seems you had a good time with horse was it Mr.Ed from tv prog.

  • It was great seeing you too. The weather hasn't been kind to us though so hopefully when we meet next it will be better. Like the story about you and the horses,wish i could have seen it. xxxx

  • Oh Sylvia, It still Makes me smile, It was Simply beautiful. I really hope this weather sorts itself soon, I just looked at my phone weather, I hope it isnt true, but looks like its like this all week i hope the weather people get it wrong XX

  • How nice to meet up xx

  • Yes, and even though we have met only once so far, I feel closer to her than the "so called friends" I have, I look forward to seeing her whilst she is on Holiday, and Keep in touch when she arrives home, i hope she is well xxx

    Thanks for your thoughts

    Lisa X

  • I did actually sigh and envisioned that moment. I find it awesome how other creatures can relate to us and respond to our touch. It is a special moment.

    So good to meet Sylvia and Bob, would love to do that!

    So yes, I did enjoy the story

  • Aww Loret,

    Thanks for that, You know I think , of it sometimes since and it makes me smile a little smile

    I bet you would really enjoy meeting Sylvia and Bob, She is a Star, a real Person, Love that about her, I am who I am as well, And Bob, well He is a giggle, but he does take care of her, You can tell he loves Her, Its Lovely

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