Home alone!!!

Home alone!!!

Well here i am home alone. I had a very good nights sleep and stayed in bed until 6.00am. When hubby came down i showed him my knee and how hot it was,i was toying with the idea of going to birmingham today,but after thinking about it i decided not to as its far too cold and i'm still not sure whats wrong with my knee.

So hubby took me up the village to the farmers market and i got a few bits. They went off about 11.15am and i'm trying to do this pacing thingy. I've done the ironing and washed all the xmas china and now i'm sitting.

It is very icy here today and soo cold. The sun is up and shining brightly which always cheers me up.

I settled down to sleep last and after i put the light out i felt my head being massaged and no it wasn'tmy hubby as he was asleep. I've had these sort of things happened to me before. I went into a very peaceful sleep which i needed very much. So this morning despite aching i'm feeling optomistic. Don't know how long it will last,but i'm going to enjoy it while its here.

Cup of tea calling i believe. Good wishes to everyone who is out and about abd to those of you like are staying home.

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  • Hi sylvi, I'm home alone too. Hubby at work. I am usually getting all the cleaning washing ironing and everything else done but at the moment I have carpet fitters here so can't do anything. Tonight will be a reversal of last night and we will putting back all the furniture. I will be falling exhausted into bed again tonight! Enjoy your cuppa and get some rest. Xx

  • Hi Treesha,Had my tea,nipped up the village. Now i'm going to rest before i do anything else. I think i might change curtains in the hall.

    With what you've got on you need to rest, hope your family will do the moving for you.

    Its very cold here in the midlands,i bet it is where you are.

    Sylvi. xx

  • Hope you enjoyed your peace and quite while it lasted and got some rest xx

  • Rest,well i did do a bit of resting,between doing other things. I think i paced well,but i'm wide awake now. I went to bednabout 9pm and did some puzzles and i fell asleep until grace rang to say they were ontheir way back,then i fell asleep again until they came in,had a cup of cocao and now i'm wide awake.

    Sylvi. xx

  • Ps,i forgot to mention i ache now very much. I put up curtains in the hall and polished my bedroom and a few other bits round the house, Felt proud as i did make a point of sitting down and resting in between jobs. Doesn't make a difference whether i rest or not still get the same reaction,pain and more pain. Never mind i was pleased with what i've done. sylvi. xx

  • hi sylvi- so glad that you got a good nights sleeps- it helps so much i think! whats pacing? glad you got all your xmas bits done- i still have a bit to do- i posted a big box off to my boyfriend in canada so after i had that done i was in bits for the evening! your hair looks lovely :) have a nice sunday, im staying in bed all day x

  • Janey, i wish thast was me in the snap,thats my daughter. I wish i looked like that.She had her long hair cut to that length,it looks really nice.

    Pacing is when you do a little job and then rest before you do another job. I'm afraid despite resting i'm buggered up today. I hate what this disease is doing to me.

    You look very young from your photo and i must say very beautiful as well.

    Sylvi. xx

  • Hi Sylvi, you are right to pace yourself. It may not seem like it at the time but it does help. I also have to sit down between chores although having my cleaner in each week is bliss as she does all the heavy stuff and will also help me turn out cupboards etc. as I can't get down onto the floor. She is probably not as thorough as I would be with dusting etc but what the hell, she saves me a lot of discomfort and pain.

    Laney's photo was lovely and the one of your daughter as well. Has she had it cut into a bob? I used to have mine like that but have let it grow again to just below shoulder length.

    Take care and keep warm as that also helps the joints. Love LavendarLady x

  • Graces hair is on her shoulder. I did pacing for all the good it did me. Hubby says its what jobs i'm doing that cause the problem,i hung hall curtains and move an empty little fridge into the house to put drinks into to free up space in big fridge.

    I am not doing anything today as i've been downstairs allnight. Just taken painkillers and i'm having a batch and then i think i'll try and get some sleep.

    Sylvi. xx

  • Sylvia dear, Your hubby is very accurate! It's what you are doing that is the problem! Good lord woman, changing curtains AND moving a refrigerator!! in the same day you did laundry and ironing?

    A man can hang curtains. A man can move a refrigerator. I'm sure if you asked him, he would be glad to do that for you. He sounds like a treasure, so I'm sure he would insist. Nothing wrong with letting him feel important : Tomorrow, do something more sedentary :) XXOOLoret

  • He does everything loretta. I just need to feel normal and useful. Which at the moment i'm not. I feel disacociatedfrom things,does that make sense to you. The thought that i'm going to be like this for the rest of my life is daunting. I think it is seeing the pscycologist is bringing a lot of stuff out. I'm a very independent woman i'm afraid i hate asking for help. I couldn't go with them on saturday to the tattoo beause it was so long and cold so it was decided for me to stay home,hubby was glad i did as he saidni wouldn't have coped with such a long day. I find i'm missing out on so much because of this disease i want to do something to put back into the family.

    I promise i won't do anything stupid toda, honest. Just got up and its 5...20am here. Not sleeping very well either which makes it worse for me. We are supossed to be for some rough weather this week, so that might be some of the pain i'm in.

    You feeling well? i hope your not suffering too much as i know you have had some bad weather over there as well.

    Take care my friend.

    Sylvia. xxx

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