Cooeee I am still alive.......just :-)

Cooeee I am still alive.......just :-)

Have I over done it or what? We never learn do we...

Sorry to all those waiting with baited breath to find out how the Lunch went. We certainly had a brilliant time. It was so informative and really brought home how much NRAS has brought the profile of RA up in medical circles and elswhere. I felt like going out and doing something profound to help, until of course reality clicks in and you think - yeah but what, in my fragile state.

Having said that, I really do think that if I give myself time, I shall be interested in starting a group in the South West - particularly Devon and Cornwall as I don't believe there to be a group at the moment. Just have to pace myself!!!

The day itself was lovely, all posh frocks and champagne to start with. Good old natter with people, and meeting up with the faces to put names to. Ailsa is a real inspiration, and all her hard working and enthusiastic staff are brilliant.

I actually didn't get home until 3 or 4 on Sunday! Dirty stop out. I stayed with Summer on the Wednesday evening. We travelled up to Tricia P on the Thursday and her very kind and lovely husband chauffered us round to the lunch. Stayed at Tricias Thursday night in the mansion and we all went down to Alison (Summer) on Friday night. We had a lovely time at the spa that Ali goes to and Tricia had a facial. We then went home and me and Alison were given facials by Tricia and she also got a very stubborn knot out of my shoulder muscle. Thanks Trish! I think we all indulged a little bit too much but hey it was a treat.

I went to see my brother in Malvern and then started out about 5 on Saturday. My knees and ankles were telling me otherwise though and I only got as far as Taunton when I had to give up and stay the night at The Days Inn. Very nice but I was given the disable room next to the office door which was opening and banging shut all night. It was 11 the next morning before I felt I could rely on my knee to carry on driving. Mr Silageman was all for coming to fetch me, but I pursuaded him otherwise and eventually got home around 3 - 4 ish. Have been more of less bedridden since then! Boy have i been tired. It must have been the adrenalin rush before hand that was keeping me going.

I tried to write a blog this morning, but gave up I couldn't think straight, so a bit more rest and now I feel a bit better.

My lasting memory of the last few days, apart from finally meeting Tricia and Alison, is the NRAS. It is a great association, dedicated to the cause of the ra sufferer and I cannot impress on people any more than to say, please join. The money it costs is so well worth while. It makes you feel part of the "loop" and there is a mine of information forthcoming. Nothing is too much trouble for anyone involved and they all deserve a pat on the back and few medals!!!!/photo.php?f...

So a bit more of a serious blog than my usual, but I am sure I shall get back to my normal nutty self fairly soon.

Take care peeps

love Julie xxxx

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  • Hi Julie, so glad you had such a good time. Just knew you would overdo it! Back to reality now - get plenty of rest for those poor joints. Love LavendarLady

  • Hi lavandar, we have all been a bit quiet since coming back down from our few days together, as ever we talked and talked a bit more, and found more things in common than RA. though I'm glad to have met the girls and all of the virtual syber friends on this site.

    I must admit that there are certain people that can inspire you, then those that comfort, and then those who make you laugh. A rich bunch.


  • Julie

    you have said it in a nutshell, NRAS need all the pats on the back for a terrific do, and as you said it has inspired us to do something to help in any way we can. I will get my back sorted first next week, then start planning my tea party. It was a pleasure to meet you and Ali and the Chauffer has just said what lovely ladies you were and he also said you have a good way with the written word, like I said, local paper 'Over the gate' Tales from Cold Comfort farm. I'll discuss my fees later.


  • That's very nice of you and hubs, thank you xx

    10% and a year's supply of white wine? Lol... Over the Gate... I like it... :-)

  • good old nras..!! and tricia and julie-55 you tired me out! it was a wirlwind couple of days and without you two egging me on etc and the bed sharing.. no not together!! and chauferring I probably wouldnt have gone and as you have found I had become hermit like. keeping my energy to go to work!! The activity caught up with sun and I sufffered like Julie_55!, the things we put ourselves through to actually go out.. It can be a mammoth struggle , involving painkillers etc.. but I have decided I should try to get out more

    Nras.. Ailsa.. inspired me!

  • Hi Ali - t'was good wasn't it. You must save some energy for "you" time - I know it's difficult, says her lounging about half the time, when you and others have to work, but a little goes a long wayl

    Take care

    Love Julie xx

  • Ali you know you came out inspired and plan to have a something in October, go for it girl, cos I'm sure you will be able to, and I'll help if I can and you want. We can plan Julie to come up, we will stay in a hotel no argues, then any others coming will be able to stay as well. Sorry julie I just roped you in but I'm sure you don't mind really :) .....

    Much love


  • Oh yes I am game!! :-)

  • game.. is that pheasant?? or partridge?.. am making a few enquiries it wouls unfortunately appear that the hotel/ spa/ and certainly the beauty treatments are a bit booked up.. young Becky. told me this today!!.. might have to try find a slot oct/nov before all xmas stuff starts!

  • just had email from lyn-w saying to avoid oct? xx

  • ... only because local NRAS groups have been asked to hold their RAise it Days during the month of October and I just thought it might impact on peoples availability to attend.

    However not sure who the 'spa gathering' is aimed at so might be unimportant if folk aren't local group members.

    Sorry didn't mean it to come across as though I was telling you to avoid October it was meant as a suggestion only :)

    Lyn x

  • not a problem.. could you tell me the dates in question? x please lyn-w... tas obviuousy people from worcs/ weston. super mare might be interested?.. havent done much as yet as spa bit booked up.. might be november any way xx

  • Only getting to read this now and so glad u all had a good time and all went well, I hope I get to meet u all some day if the right opportunity arises. Love n gentle hugs to all. Gina

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