partial knee replacement

well the op is over and it wasn't as bad as i thought it was going to be, they Dr's and Nurse's at the freeman hospital were fantastic, I have lots of allergies to medications mainly painkillers and they still managed to get me pain relief, they contacted a pain Dr who advised what i should take. On the downside my quads (thigh muscles) have decided they no longer want to work and i am now having a physio coming in everyday to help get them going again. That really is a weird feeling to want to move my leg and it just lies there not doing anything, the physio and my hubby hare having to move it for me, i am on crutches but its such hard work, and i am doing the exercises 3-4 times a day, but its very hard work and i keep getting very frustrated and upset by it. Im trying to keep the swelling down with lots of ice (bags of frozen peas). yesterday i managed a straight leg raise on my own, woo hoo!!

just now a long road to recovery, but i'll get there eventually.

hope everyone is ok in this horrible damp wheather

Debbie xxx

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Hi Debbie

glad your on the other side of the op and mending & recovering! Hopefully with continuing with the excercises you will soon get the use of your muscles back,

Wishing you a speedy recovery

Joanne x


Sorry my puter is playing me up & being slow all morning. Somehow I up loaded the comment twice, so delted the second copy


Debbie, let it take its time. I know i'm a good one to talk i am still impatient to be better but it is not going to happen only in its own good time. Don't worry about it being slow it will come honest. You will be glad in a few weeks time. I am pleased that you have come through it ok.



Wishing you well take things steady x


Hi Debbie, so glad the op is over and your on the road to recovery.

Here's hoping those exercises pay off and your back on your feet again very soon.

Beth xx


thank you, well i think the muscles has finally woke up, and i can manage the exercises (just) and have had permission to have the staples out a week early (they've been in 2 weeks) suppose to be in 3 weeks but because my A.S has started to flare up due to lack of meds they have agreed to take them out as long as the wound is healed, so a nurse is coming out tomorrow to have a look at it. so fingers crossed they can come out, although to be honest i am not looking forward to having 27 staples removed, mainly because i am such a whimp!!

i hope i dont pass out!!! lol


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