I think I am paying the price for the night out last night!

Went to a friend's 60th birthday party last night and was dancing the night away until midnight - not late by most people's standards I suppose, but late for me! Was beginning to have aches in arms and legs by the end and woke with various joint pains this morning! The pains were coming back anyway - Depo-medrone injection wearing off after 5 weeks - but I think the activity might have accelerated this. I was surprised how good I felt last night though - not tired or achy at all until near the end. Will dose up on the nurofen today and think about increasing the Pred tomorrow if no better.

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  • Hi Jane,

    I'm glad you had a good time.

    Lots of empathy coming your way. I was at a friend's wedding yesterday - finally married after 27 years on/off relationship.

    It was a great day and lovely to catch up with old friends but I'm certainly feeling it today.

    Judy xxxx

  • i had exactly the same experience as you a few weeks ago Jane - dancing the night away at a friend's 60th! Sometimes we just have to do these things and throw caution to the wind - if it comes back to haunt or play havoc with us, as it invariably does, then we just have to apply the spoon theory (google if you don't know it) and say that we might only have one spoon for the next few days but it was worth it! The way I see it I'm only having one chance at life and I am not going to spend it pacing everything and living a dull aching life. But if I do throw everything aside to enjoy myself then the only thing that I dread is if it's not been for something worthwhile so weigh it up hard beforehand and say no to anything that causes undue stress without the fun. I don't take Prednisolone or steroids but I have Tramadol and Naproxen in reserve for when I flare. TTx

  • Hey Jane cant give you great advice on what meds to take but hope you feel better soon but good on you for dancing the night away!!!

  • I agree with Tilda. You've only got one life so if you've used more spoons that you really should have then so be it. Take it easy for the next few days and just reflect on what a good time you had.

  • Thanks everyone! Feeling better now anyway - usually do as the day goes on. Will have to look up the spoon theory! I agree that you have to have go out and have fun once in a while, or what is the point of being here? It's just that I don't usually enjoy going out very often, so this was a pleasant change, and if I have to suffer for it - then so be it.

  • The pain was worth it even if you have had to pay for. You had a great time and it made you feel normal for once and part of the human race and not a lady who has ra. xxx

  • hi jane i so know how you feel,i turned down a night out with my daughters for fear of the pain etc the next day!!! but at least you have done it now and enjoyed urself xx

  • That happens to me too>>> but if you enjoy it at the time so be it xx

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