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Hi, I think I am finally back!

Hello everyone, I havent been on in a while. I hate to report that I had a stroke. was in the hospital for a little over a week, then to rehab. for a week. I am home! Thank God. Home health comes out twice a week which includes physical therapy, speech therapy and RN. This is rough. Two yrs this coming Sept. I suffered a heart attack, The stroke is much worse! I constantly wonder what is next. I really do not think I can handle much more. This is really scarey. This has caused the RA pain to be much worse than before. I am so tired all the time now. By 6:00 pm I am totally exhausted. Has any one else had to go thru a stroke? Plus the steroids from the sinus infection and bronchitis has made me hugh! I am 5'1, my weight is now at 160 lbs. I saw a lady today that I have not seen in a few yrs and she told me that I had put on a lot of weight. That didnot help my feelings one little bit! I am on blood thinner meds, and 3 blood pressure meds so my skin is paper thin and I bleed from any kind of scratch. People (strangers) ask me what has happened to my skin. People are rude at times. Suffering from RA is tough, then all this other stuff on top of that is making me depressed. Any advise of any kind would be greatly appreciated. I just want to be me again. at 53 yrs of age it just does not seem fair. Sorry to go on, but I just had to get some of this off my chest! Thanks for listening! love to all and very gentle hugs. God Bless. Linda

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Hi Linda,

Sorry to hear you have been thru so much, I can't really offer advise, other than to say take iteasy and be good to yourself. I see you are on same meds as me! What do you think of cymbalta, good for pain and sorrow eh?

How lng are you on the Cymbalta?


I like the cymbalta. I think it does help with the pain, as far as the sorrow goes. I think that I am going to have to ask for something for this depression. I am in a lull right now, The Dr says its normal after a stroke and that I might need something for a while. I cant drive, or walk very good. My speech is terrible! I forget words and cant express them right now. But I really do like the cymbalta. I think it is a wonder med, lol


Morning linda,you have been through the wars haven't you,lets hope that this is the end of your troubles. I am on steroids and i know what your saying about fragile skin,i'm only 56 and i have the skin of a 95 year old.

Weight oom thats a stinker,since my knee op 3yrs ago i've piled the weight on. My knee isn't right and i'm waiting to have it redone. I can't walk very far so my weight has gone through the roof. Its a catch 22 isn't it. Until i get my knee done i can't do anything. My gp keeps telling me to lose weight and my rheumy nurse says lets get the knee and ra sorted out first. I have been off mtx for 9 weeks because i have had a chest infection since xmas,they are not sure why my breathing is not getting better. Now they think that my sinuses are blocked, we will see,i am sleeping a bit better because of the nasal spray they have given me.

I wish you a speedy recover and hope you are soon more mobile.



Hi Linda, at 53 you have been through hell, Hope you feel better soon. I know my doctor is really worried about the risk of me having a stroke and got me on 3 BP meds and aspirin too.

After a heart profusion scan, I was told I have some degree of heart failure and having a Echocardiogram this morning to check the degree and pumping fractions. I know how worried I am about what you've been through. It shows how strong your are mentally that you managed to get through these terrible conditions, hopefully your depression will ease too but it's hardly surprising after all you've been through.

I really wish you well and hope you feel better soon.

Beth xx


Hi Linda,

Sorry to hear you have been through so much and hope things improve for you in the immediate future.

I was on steroids for polymyalgia rheumatica some time back and found that the skin on my hands ripped at the slightest thing. (Even when it just brushed against something).

I found that I needed to cover my hands with tuba-gauze. I was working at the time and without this I was catching my hands, plus bleeding everywhere which wasn't pleasant. You could give this a try or maybe fingerless gloves.

The weight fell off once I was off of the steroids. (I am expecting to put on weight now as I am now on steroid injections for sciatica).

Take care



I have the same problem with my arms,i use e45 cream. I also find my skin is getting very dry as well.



I didn't want to say nothing but do not have any words of advise to offer, however this does not mean I'm not thinking of you. Take things at a gentle pace. Mel x


Hi Grammie.

each day WILL be a step forward:)

I had a stroke 7 years ago. I read somewhere that with RA in our blood, then any high cholesterol sticks to it making us more suseptable....don't know if its true.

I was 54 at the time and my GP said my spells of giddyness was labrynthitis! This went on for two months then I had my stroke (while taking my mum shopping- soooo untimely!!). Then I found out the dissyness was little TIA's.

Like you I was in hospital for a wk and like you I was very depressed (and frightened?!) BUT slowly things improve. warfarin;heparin;etc.

I didn't like having time alone cos I used to dwell on "what- if's"

I'm now 61 and have had RA since I was 23. I'm not very mobile at the moment - my ankle fusion has failed- and my RA has flared up. So I've just started cimzia and have my fingers crossed. (Putting on soooo much weight!!)

You will have bad days but you will have good days....Summer's coming

Have you many hobbies? Family?

My husband has just taken early retirement to look after me (he's pleased!!) and we do "have a life" . We've been abroad (albeit with a wheelchair!!)

My advice to you is to manage each day -accept that some days are not so good; then enjoy days which are "better".

All my very best wishes to you,

Kath (aka hopalong!)xxx


Thanks everyone your support means alot. At this moment the pain is severe. I hate this! I truely feel useless. I can barely walk. PT is coming this am, along with speech therapy. I dont want to do it today, but I know that I must. I have always been an active person, then RA, then heart attack, now a stroke. Some of my family does not understand. My husband is wonderful, even my daughter in law is helpful. I want to be positive, but today I cant. Beth, I will be praying for you. Please keep me posted regarding your test. Kath thanks for the support and also Sylvi I am praying for you daily. Gentle Hugs, God Bless, Linda


Dear Linda, I'm a little late getting on here, even cyberwaves take time to cross an ocean!

So sorry to read of your stroke. You have gotten some good advice and encouragement from the others. I echo those. Take care, everyday. Loret


Loret, thanks for your thoughts, I live in Alabama, may I ask where you live? Just wondering, I have it in my head that you live in USA, but I dont know if I am correct. My memory is very limited. I have to really think hard to remember words. That is the reason for speech therapy. I love the support and encouragement from everyone here. you, Mel, Judi, Kath, Sylvi, Beth. I hope I am not missing anyone. Thank you all. Linda


Hey Linda, How did I miss knowing that? You're in Alabama, I'm up at the other end of the country, in Northern Ohio, right on Lake Erie, well, only about 12 miles from the nearest beach.

I haven't seen what the weathewr has been like this week there, but here we have had 80's all week, two days of 85! It's still March! Not sure what to make of such extreme weather changes. Lots of speculation going around. Like the weather is again the major topic of conversation.

Please relax and try not to worry. The healing takes time. I would think you could consult your Rheumatolofist and let him know the pain is not under control. You don't need that kind of stress while healing from the stroke.

Will keep you on my prayer list.

Please excuse typo's, I had wrist surgery 10 days ago, so typing with left hand Peace and love, Loretta


Hi Linda,

I'n even later than Loret and she's on your side of the big pond. Just wanted to wish you well, and hope each day brings a small step forward for you. It must be tough to face such a big challenge, but it sounds as you're determined. And don't worry about the weight for the minute - in UK speak it's only 11 stone which doesn't sound too bad at all. Polly


Oh Linda

I just read your post, it just seems so unfair that you had to go through all that, it is bad enough having ra without having a heart attack and stroke on top of that.

Linda i went on antidepressants this year (really didn't want to) but they have lifted me back to normality again, i think i was quite depressed with the suddeness of ra and the disabling effect it had.

Thinking about you.


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