Boy is this hard

Boy is this hard

I am finding it very hard work to rest and walk. Yesterday i walked in and out of the house into the garden and back again. I couldn't settle anywhere. By last night my leg was so swollen and sore, my foot looked like an elephants foot,not a pretty sight. Last night i was very down and depressed. Today i looked pretty ropey, but i haven't done much or moved much either. My ankle doesn't look so bad tonight for me being off it. A good friend came round to see me this morning. She came just after i had, had a crying jag as i was so down. She came round with her husband, and they did a lot for cheering me up. We had the cricket on and we laughed and joked and they really cheered me up no end. It was a lovely visit all round as her hubby gets on well with mine as well.

So i have behaved myself and only moved to go to the loo and my ankle feels better for it.

I hope you all are enjooying this lovely weather.

love sylvi (peg leg)

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  • I would say you will be up & down for a while. The anaesthetic wreaks havoc with mood, never mind all the other meds. Glad you had a friend stop by to cheer u up. My sister is due her knee replacement soon, so I read with great interest your experiences.


  • Gina i hope your sisters knee op goes smoothly. These days it is regarded as an easy op,except like me when it goes wrong. The hospital will have her out of bed the next day even if its only into a chair. From what i saw from the patients in my ward you would think they had had a worser op than me. I was walking before the others and i felt i was getting better quicker than them, i'm not being bigheaded though. pride comes before a fall. I was happy with the treatment,when your the patient on the surgeons list you start to realise how bad it is.

    love sylvi.xx

  • Hi Sylvi my friend ....the only way is up for you ... but you have to try not to run before you can walk ... even though you never prob ran before ha ha ha .... Isnt it horrible when you get your down moments and want to cry ... i wait till im on my own and then have a little cry then feel bit better for a while ..

    Hopefully as each day passes you will feel a little bit better

    debs xx

  • Thanks debs,my hubby is sooo good at giving me hugs when i'm down. I wouldn't have coped with what i have been through without him.

    The secret to my recovery is to stop the bus for a while and get off until i'm fit then get back on a few weeks later.

    love sylvi.xx

  • I have to be honest I started reading your 'And now for the gory details' blog and felt very squeamish so could only skim down it but what you've been through sounds horrendous. And yet you are so generously supportive of others, including myself, and so just wanted to say, keep your spirits up and hope you're doing OK.

    Roz xx

  • Sorry to hear you are still having problems Sylvi. Hope today that some of the swelling has gone down. If it hasn't perhaps a call to your GP or consultant Monday morning would be good. Meantime would resting with your leg higher than your heart help? (I realise this is difficult and have done it myself by lying on the floor with my legs up on a chair - needed help to get up). I know I was advised after the op on my knuckles to keep the hand elevated and not to rest it down on my lap to avoid swelling. I expect you have tried this already or been told not to do this.


  • Morning girls, I've had another reasonable nights sleep. I find if i stay off my feet it gets easier. Sitting doing nothing is sooo hard. Its one thing when you have a choice, its another thing altogether when you don't. I remain optomistic though,i have to otherwise i would go crazy, i know some of you think i am already crazy!!! If i don't have a joke i would be lost. My exercises are ongoing and i can see a difference even if it is only tiny. The secret to my recovery is not to walk so much. Well lovely people the church bells are ringing and i feel happy at the moment.

    Have a lovely sunday to one and all.


  • Glad to hear you are feeling more upbeat this morning. Sit outside, enjoy the sunshine and do nothing, its easier.

    Have a good day.

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