Felt all out of sorts today,not sure what it is.

Felt all out of sorts today,not sure what it is.

I thought it was because i might have overdone it yesterday. I went over to Bedworth to get a little bit of shopping for hubby while he went down the allotment. All i went for was a pair of slippers for him,some ovaltine night drink and couple of little items. I got the slippers and then went into Tescos to to get the other bits. A couple of nice assistants helped me,one to get someone to walk round with me and the nice young girl walked round with me. I then got into my scooter and came straight home. I then sat out front enjoying the sunshine. My hairdresser came round with her little son to perm my hair and i walked him in his buggy round the close hence getting my walking in. Today i feel like nothing on earth. I went down the allotment with tea for hubby and i picked up a couple of sausage rolls on the way. We had a nice time and i ended up in tears as i thought i had hurt my surgery,but i thought i would know more than what i was feeling if it was. I had a bit of a cry before i left him to come home. Stopped to get the milk and then had a lovely chat with the lady in the shop who is suffering like i was before the surgery and we had a lovely chat and i felt a bit brighter. Came home had lunch then thought i would sit out front,my friend came over and sat with me for a while and after she left i came in and went to bed and i have slept. Now though i have slept i am still stiff and feel out of sorts,but feel brighter than before i went to bed. I am not sure what is wrong with me unless it is fibro waking up and deciding i need reminding it is still there. So here i am on a Wednesday afternoon not sure how i am feeling and staying of my feet resting and hoping tomorrow is another day.xxxxxx

My son who is 5ft 9in and the hollyhock out front of our house.xxx

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  • Hope you feel better soon Sylvi, take care and don't overdo it too soon.


  • I am resting as i write an answer to you and hopefully it will be brighter tomorrow.xxx

  • Sylvi, Might be worth getting checked out if you don't feel any better tomorrow. Hope you do pick up and it's post op blues or similar. When hubby had big op 6 yrs ago he went thru bad patch where he was very low etc. Maybe you doing too much !! Xxxx

  • Well i am not doing much for the next few days.xxxx

  • Think it happens quite often after operations, when you feel v low, the anaesthetic can make you feel grotty for quite a while afterwards. I've had my grandson Luke for three days and I am keeling over with exhaustion today, I'd forgotten just how much work he makes !!! Plus I've got thrush in my mouth so really feeling it. I'll be resting like you tomorrow !!! Take care Sylvi, xxxx. 🌸🌸

  • Oh darling thrush is no fun as i often get that in my mouth. I will be taking it very easy as i think the trip over to Bedworth was a trip too far after only 12days out of surgery,well i have learnt that i still can't do much despite the fact i feel lot brighter. How long have you got Luke for or has he gone back and your collapsing on the sofa darling. We will both be good little bunnies today shall we. You take car darling.Love me.xxxxx

  • Luke went home last night. I love him dearly but I just can't cope with all the feeding of him etc etc. I am truly worn out, so me and you will enjoy a day of rest today !! Hope you are feeling bit brighter today xxxx

  • Make sure you don't over do it and have plenty of rest, you're not that long from when you had your surgery. Take care of yourself your body has been through a lot recently. X

  • I am going to darling. I think it is just a blip as my back still feels ok.xxxx

  • With respect Sylvi, perhaps your body is telling you your working it too hard, too soon. You've had a major op and maybe need to rest a little more ?

    Be kind to yourself and take good care.


  • Lovely Sylvi, I have to agree. I know you are trying to rest up and recover and you need to keep doing so. Your body has been through a trauma and it really takes it out of you. Take care and be kind to yourself. You'll get there, slowly, it'll happen though.

  • I quite agree with you and though it is 4.45am i do feel brighter this morning. What brought me downstairs this early is my finger joints hurt and my knees and it is raining outside. Thank you for caring.xxxxxx

  • Morning Sylvi

    Take it easy x

  • Wishing you better, Sylvie. Gentle hugs


  • Thank you darling.xxxxx

  • Sounds like you done a little too much too quickly. Look after yourself and take it easy young lady

  • Dear Sylvi, I hope you feel better today. You know, we all get days when we are off colour. You seem to have a lot of people you can chat to and that is worth a hell of a lot. When there's nobody about to talk to and people feel alone and abandoned it's twice as hard to cope. I think your son needs a bit of attention though. It must be very inconvenient to have that thing growing between his shoulder blades. Go on, get the secateurs!

  • I feel brighter this morning darling thank you for asking. That hollyhock will be cut down when it has finished flowering and when we close the garden down for winter.xxxxx

  • I am so envious of your hollyhock Sylvi. Despite numerous attempts we have been unable to grow them. Take things easy and just enjoy looking at it.


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