Still Have Sense of Humour

RA has spoiled my leisure activities (dancing and gardening) and my littlle dog suffers too (short walks) but I hang on to my sense of humour by my painful fingertips!

Picture this:

Having waited patiently for the pharmacy to dispense my repeat prescription I am eventualy handed my paper bag of various medications.. " Have you taken Meethotrexate before?" ' Yes' "Are you having your blood tests" 'Yes' " Good, take care, see you next month".

I arrive home and realise that the Methotrexate is in sealed or child-proof container! Great! I push, twist, tug without success whilst calling the pharmacist a thoughtless numpty. Finally my friendly neighbour is called upon to assist and I make a mental note to ask for an easy-open container next month.

So the following month I am again waiting patiently, collect my little bag, have the same conversation and go home ...

That is when I remember that I have forgotten to mention something to the pharmacist ... so I laugh 'cos if I didn't I would cry! :)

Is it me or does this happen to anyone else?

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  • Hi Christine (I guess your 44! LOL!) I'm 49 :(

    Yes that has happened to me! how inconsiderate! Also even tabs pressing thro foil is a pain! glad you still have sense of humour! Life is not ruined its just changed, I can't dance (but never could!) I am getting back to doing a little gardening this year, but it involves a lot of waiting for the right time to get my assistant at a time that suits him in between games of golf! Oh well! onwards & upwards.


  • Hi Gina

    How I wish I was 44 .. sadly it is the year of my birth: either 1944 or 1844 depending on how I feel! :)

  • HOW POOR ! nice helpful not !! nhs staff ignored me the other day when I pointed out that the 70-80 years old lady wouldnt be able to open her sulphasalazine!! bah hunbug nhs!!. sulphasalazine comes in an easy to open pot.. junior colleague came to me cos quantity precscribed was less than full pot 112 in case of sulphasalazine!!

    she counted them out 84! excellent perfect quantity fine I SAID keep in original container...(now only worked nhs 3 years in november if I get that far!!,.)... put in childproof container said my overbearing colleague I pointed me yes me.. wrists splints person that the patient elderly probably wont be able to open it!!

    No naturally If I Had dispensed it would have discussed needs.. as pont of reference.. goldshield pharmaceuticals make methorexate 2.5MG IN push through foil strips original pack size 24! I have issues with foils cos of ra in fingers but you can buy a pill pusher and pill bottle opener.. your helpful local pharmacist.. have a chat and ask for non clic container...

  • thank god im not summer 69 lol xxx more like 100 my joints any way

  • Hi Christine,

    I had to laugh, Numpty always makes me smile :)

    My pharmacist knows me by name now, always give me bottles I can open (I told her otherwise my child had to open my childproof bottle!) I know when and where she's going on holiday and the name of her dog! she's the only one apart from my husband who remembered I had an appointment with my consultant this week and asked how it went, how are my difficulties in swallowing going, hows the blood tests looking and asks if my 'infection' cleared up!!

    I've only been diagnosed for 4 months!!!

    Alison (AKA) Summer - I imagine you'd be like my friendly pharmacist, are you feeling any better today?, I read your blog but didn't have a chance to leave a comment...

  • you obviously have a great pharmacist.. chocs at xmas for her wink xx

  • i think numpty is going to be my word of the day tomorow..x

  • Haha me too! I think as Sparkle/Summer brought up shitesheer that deserves a mention also :)

  • Ha have to laugh, I remember when my pharmacist called me by my first name, was totally freaked! Its Christmas cards next year!

  • You really are having a horrid time, I know what you mean about not having the energy, the added stress doesn't help...

    Even just speaking to someone from the union, they may put a quiet warning in the direction of the bullies, that may be enough to shut them up, just the mention of discrimination should have them back off...

  • yep children can open the childproof tops \and we cant i did point this out too!

  • Shitesheer ! Numpty! we are making a new vocabulary...... Cool


  • Hi Christine. we certainly have to have a sense of humour that's for sure, laugh or cry one or the other.

    As for leisure activities, oh how I miss them, remind me what they are again somebody!!lol

    I hated gardening now I have a lovely one done just to suit me. no lawns to cut just two large patio areas with sides full of flowers and shrubs and a large fish pond. Everything just right for me to cope with, all done by my lovely hubby!!

    Mandy xx

  • off to bed ra and typing. pain finger . brain function poor thing I SHOULD have shire not shite oops xx

  • my colleague over ruled.. original story re top this page/ blog poor old dear was given the clic clock childproof container!!!. gave up that was my day from hell with pain and bullying.. people with no commonsense. people skills.or compassion shouldnt be allowed to work in heath care... think they should do pyscometric testing!! come on all you pyschologists get on board here!!!. asda pharmacy. were I HAD 7 happy years use pyscho tst.........

  • I have this problem with bottles and pill packs too! lol loving the new lauguage, I seen my pharmacy a few months ago, I had costocondristis at the time also and I was flaring at the time my partner was away for 3 days and nights working and my gp had given me oramorph as a top up along with 2 other meds in liquid form my dad took me to the gp and then to the pharmacy were my dad asked the lady could we buy or have eight off the 5ml medication syringes, I hadnt thought of it but my dad had, the lady was very abrupt and said no one should need 8, my dad explained that my partner was away and while he and other family members would be working they would only be able to check in on me twice a day meaning on each vist if they filled the eight up with the 3 medications then I would be able to take my medication as prescibed otherwise I would not be able to take.

    She was abrupt again and said oh well you will have to pay for them, my dad said no problem and was charged £6.40 she said 80p each it was only later I thought well she should have at least supplied one with each med free anyway! I now ask for one every time I get liquid meds to save this happening again.

  • Yes Juie I always ask for one too I find them easier than fiddling with spoons or those little cup things like they give you in hospital.

    Anyway, how are you? is the chest infection any better? was a chest infection wasn't it?

    Mandy xx

  • HI mand no its a lung infection however I've been chesty too. Gp wasn't happy last week sent me for urgent x ray however it is just infection and inflamed all around chest and breastbone pain from that seems to be getting better however I have flared with ra fibro and siatica feeling low atm with it all but really hoping to pick up soon. How are you doing? Take care Julie x

  • I'm doing ok thanks, due to have Rituximab again soon but having a few niggling problems so have to see gp tomorrow (mon) to get sorted first.

    Having MRI on lower back on Fri 17th and have been referred back to pain clinic for this problem, not been to bad though lately so all in all I'm not complaining as things can always be worse.

    Take care Julie

    Mandy xx

  • What a reaction to my posting! Thank you all for taking time to comment, really appreciated.

  • Thanks Mand you take care too xx Hope GP sorts your problems tomorrow if only they could sort them all for us!

    Hope MRI scan goes well I have disc degeneration on L3,4,5 and S1 and mine only shown up on my MRI causes me bad pain when trying to stand or walk for to long etc.

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