Does RA have a sense of humour?

Yesterday I saw the very nice rheumatology nurse at Lancaster Royal Infirmary. She was very encouraging; my bloods are good, joints all working, my outlook cheerful, she mentioned (tentatively) remission. I was happy with that, we agreed all is going well. I did some shopping and went home on the train.

Why then, did I have a rotten, painful, sleepless night?! This morning I have a swollen, painful knee, numerous lesser aches and am SO tired.....

Have abandoned plans for a ride, bet pony is relieved, it's foul out there. Will do some watercolour, muttering about the evil RA.

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  • Ye funny ha ha or funny peculiar as we used to say at school!

    Maybe it was just the stress of going to the appointment and travelling etc ! I get anxious before appointments and I never know why, it just seems SO important at the time. Xxxx

  • I think your RA definitely has a sense of irony anyway! I met my rheumy last week and told him that I was really well and he hopefully wouldn't need to see me again for ages. I even made him shake my hand to prove the point. Then as we left him looking a bit amazed my friend said "famous last words or what? What were you thinking of?... it's bound to flare up now!". But luckily my RA has no sense of humour whatsoever it seems. Hope your flare is very shortlived and pony gets ridden again in no time. X

  • I read that you attend Lancaster Royal Infirmary - how are the rheumatology team over there? I am currently in Yorkshire and starting university come September over there hopefully so would be great to know :)

  • I moved to this area just under two years ago, after four years of excellent care in Halton, Cheshire. Obviously, I am more experienced and independent now, which helped when it took me well over a year to get to see a rheumatology nurse. Apparently I had to see a consultant first and that took time. Nurse was horrified by the situation, now resolved. Since then I have had surgery for a bunion and some nodules, have had a bone density scan and seen physio and podiatry. In conclusion I would say the department is good but you may have to fight your corner in the early days.

    I am sure you will love Lancaster and have a good time at uni. The countryside round here is amazing and the people as friendly as they are in Yorkshire!

  • That is just so typical. I bet if you'd been flaring it would have settled on the day of the appointment!! I hope you feel better soon x

  • Can so empathize with you on this one! So typical of this dratted disease here's hoping you manage a ride on that pony of yours real soon. Really envious love ponies/horses xxx

  • When I read this I laughed out loud, sorry, it just SO happens like that. Hope you are soon up and about......sending a gentle hug. Anne

  • I think RA just has very good hearing! I have learnt to whisper or, better yet, telepathically transmit any suggestion of feeling well/having a good day/remission (delete as appropriate) so as not to tempt it to prove otherwise. Hope you're able to force the pony out into the gales soon x

  • Yes I often think I jinx myself... hehe.... or maybe there are a jealous evil RA god looking over me saying "I will teach her to be so cocky when she is feeling better!"

    Sorry about the flare... yes it might be a good time to paint the pony instead of riding him. Hope it settles soon.

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