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No mxt until knee done


Just got back from hospital. Had a prick,and i'm to see my gp to get him to tweek my pain relief. I am not having any mtx until after my operation. Mind you i am seeing the consultant next month anyway and i can ring my nurse anytime. Gave my usual drop of blood and now i'm home. Not much else to say really,except have a lovely afternoon.

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Great stuff, but don't like the ideas of pricking and tweeking Sylvi!!! Lovely picture is it the Grand Canyon? Axx

I think so.pricking was a steroid jab,thought it would make you laugh. Don't know what the gp will do with me,we'll see when i go. Got to rest now and hope the jab does some good.


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oh hope you see some improvement within the next few days (i nearly started my reply with something absolutely dirty but thankfully refrained it was the pricking that started it)

At least you have a plan of action now. hope you have a good rest and get that steroid working.

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LOL, Mads, I almost did the same thing !Best that I had second thoughts!

sylvi in reply to Hidden

why let that stop you ladies,the more jokes we have on here the better. We need all the laughs we can get. xx

allanah in reply to sylvi

lol, well didn't you think i was very restrained for a comment....didn't want to jump in with the rude jokes straight away!!!!! llove Axx

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OH Sylvi this was downright filth i don't even know how it could have entered my naive and pure thoughts.

sylvi in reply to Hidden

ha ha

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Sylvie, I was so delighted to hear your voice this afternoon. Thanks for calling!

Hope you get along well with that prick. :)

sylvi in reply to Hidden

Its a pleasure loretta.xx

are you having your knee replaced? i need to have mine replaced go and see the consultant end of April, had a knee op in feb, I had to come off my Humira for a month before i could have that op. hope your steroid works soon.

sylvi in reply to aston

Aston mine has been done once,am having it redone as the first time they didn't take into account that i have knocked knees,therefore though the joint went in ok i have had nothing but trouble with it. Hopefully it will be done right this time. Its being done at another hospital near me and i can't wait for it to happen. xx

Hi, I got my left knee replaced in Feb. I went back on Methotrexate the day after the op but for the first three weeks after the op (till the Methotrexate kicked in) my RA was terrible! In fact my rheumatologist said that I should not go off Methotrexate when I get the right knee replaced. Whether to go off Methotrexate, or not, depends upon the surgeon but the reheumatologist said that he would recommend that I did not stop taking Methotrexate.

Hi Sylv, hope the injection gives you some pain relief at long last.

I wonder why they didn't give you the injection before now and also advise you to see your GP to tweek your meds.

Hopefully you got some decent sleep last night.


Judi, they didn't give me one as i haven't been down there in ages. Today i am sooo tired and fed up,so if anyone has any funny stories to cheer me up would be most grateful.


OK at the risk of Sarah Kate NRAS telling me off!!! My best joke using the word injection or prick!

Guys are like roses, you have to watch out for the pricks!! lol

I am talking about rose thorns of course! Hope this cheered you up sylvie. lol Axx

Hehehe we do like a good chuckle here in the office too Allanah :)

I've had some pricks in my life too .... I wish you all the best sylvi xx

Thanks ladies.xx

Hi Sylvi

Good news on the steroid front and I hope that works, sorry to hear that you will be of mtx even longer. Hope you don't suffer to much in the future.

I know you probably have said, but when is the knee operation?

It sounds as if you are also having a nice sunny afternoon? I want to walk the dog, but my knees are still achey, so I am not sure at the moment.

Enjoy the rest of your day and take it easy

Joanne x :)

sylvi in reply to sciqueen

Joanne, lovely to hear from you are you ok. I don't know yet when they are doing my knee,soon i hope. Have had the pre-op now waiting for a date. I have just been shopping at asda and now i'm going in the garden to sit and potter about. Go somewhere where there are a lot of benches and take a drink and then you can walk and rest at the same time.

Love sylvi.xx

Can anyone tell me about their experiences of working abroad while taking MXT and coping with the monthly blood tests required?Hoping to work abroad but this is a problem for me as I am unsure which country I will be in and what the medical services are available for someone on MXT.

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