Mri results

The Doc talked to me today and said he had a quick result from the hospital but it still needs a full report, but i have 4 "bulging discs" and nerve involvement. That explains the pain and the pins and needles and weakness. Hes seeing me on Thursday as emergency!! ( he actually laughed , in a nice way, a little and apologized as that is his first spot)

Has anyone had this or neck surgery, or manipulation before?


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  • You sound relieved Allanah so I will be for you too. You knew something not good was up so good to feel it's now a known quantity in a way? Hope someone replies to your question.

    My only related experience is of a good friend who has arthritis of some sort and also a thing where her joints don't don't slot together properly - it has a name but can't recall what now? She had to have major spinal surgery because her lower spine had disintegrated. There was quite a high chance it could go wrong and that she would end up in a wheelchair but instead she is now very mobile and has married a man who plays accordian and she dances a lot and is very fit and well after many years of walking with a stick and not being able to navigate stairs at all. Sorry this isn't really that relevant to what you describe but just wanted to tell you a good news story relating to back pain and referred leg problems etc. TTx

  • Thanks T :)

  • could that be spondolisis? xx

  • Yes I think that's it Sylvi! Thanks. TTxx

  • I have had a a non ra friend who had succesful neck surgery though he went private through bupa ( nuffield cheltenham)( think they borrowed the equip needed from the local general hospital!, A lady on this site had succesful spinal surgery but went to oxford

  • Ta summer () axx

  • Allanah dear heart, It's me again! I had 3 bulging discs in my cervical spine, 12 years ago. Had laminectomies with fusion--bone taken from my pelvic bone, placed in the surgical area to fill it in after discs removed, them secured with a plate and 4 screws. This was done from the front of the neck, not the back. I had nerve entrapments, right arm numb and painful. It all went away immediately! Had to wear a cervical collar for a couple months, but not a bit of trouble since. Just slight limitation to turning my head side to side.

    When I had xrays done before this past surgery, the surgeon told me there was compression of C2 onto C3, and it is not good results to try to fix it. The fusion is from C3 to C7. A bit of a "time bomb" feeling if I think about it!

    A surgeon I had early on with one of the first spine surgeries, told me to never let anyone like a Chiropractor, manipulate of adjust my spine. The bones are diseased and softened and the procedure coul crumble the vertebrae instantly. Scarey enough! Good luck, just listen to his full description of what he sees and what he recommends. Loretxx

  • Is it due to ra or coincidence

  • Record what he says so that you can remember, Use your mobile to recall what he says. ask him first. I don't think he will mind.xx

  • It is RA. Have had 8 spine surgeries, due to not having the drugs we have now. Had MTX first, but too late for spine. Lxx

  • Thanks for the honesty! Mine seems so aggrssive, had steroid drips, remicad, methotrexate,sulph, arava, !!!!! What would I be like without? And got atial fibrillation same day, worried wot they will do though, did u have to wait for the op or was it emergency?

  • Allannah i wish you luck. I won't be able too read your results until after i come out of hospital. So i hope it all goes well for you my friend. xxx

  • And to u gorgeous, I wish u all the luck in the world too sylvi. Thursday can't come quick enough for u I guess! U are brave, I am feeling very unbrave today xxA

  • Brave, no,getting on with it yes. Everyone says that we are brave with ra, but we don't have a choice do

  • Hi allanah,

    It must have been a shock finding you had this wrong with you, tho' at least you do know now. Hope they treat you quickly. And for all the rotten things we say about the NHS for things like this they are usually superb - give them a challenge and they do brilliantly. It's just the routine day to day ability to deal with patients where they fall down. Take care. Polly

  • Yesterday as TT said I was relieved in a way that it was something tangible, I was starting to think I was. "Overfeeling" the pain. I have woke up this morning feeling really scared about my life.Axx

  • I can imagine. I think I'd be petrified. But when I think about the scary things that I've faced in life they're usually much more frightening beforehand - our imaginations do go a bit wild - and I wonder why I was so wussy afterwards. Concentrate on not being in pain afterwards, Loret seems to have had a good transformation. And ask lots of questions so you know exactly what will happen. Good luck. Polly

  • Thanks, will find out what they gonna do but suspect surgery so wanted to know more. Just worried bout will more discs go, what boout rest of the joints, I'm more scared of more mriscans than an op!!!!!Axx

  • Haha Re: MRI scans: I am so messed up when I need an MRI, I have acute claustrophobia. They have to resort to an injection of Vercet, which knocks me out, but they can wake me up and tell me they're done and I can walk right out, no drowsiness at all. But, I'm with you, I'd rather have the surgery than an MRI, especially the ones that take an hour or more! L.

  • Wish they would invent bigger ones, say about room sized with a bar in the middle!!

  • Oh yeah!!

  • Hi Allanah,

    I have this in my neck C2 to C5 and in the lumber spine L2 - 6. This gives me loss of sensation in my legs and feet (mainly right side} and in both arms. Knowing what it is helps:-}

    I have episodes of severe pain for which I save the big guns pain-wise otherwise it's a case of living with it. I no longer lift or carry anything - not even a handbag, just a very small across-the-body job - and manage it that way. Because of other health problems I'm not a good candidate for surgery until it becomes the only way of going forward.

    Try not to project anxiety into the future, it doesn't change anything, it's sufficient to deal with today:-}

    Cece x

  • Thanks Cece, think the shock of the phone call on friday is starting to turn to resignation a bit and I'm jumping the gun, dont see the doc till thursday, so will chill down a bit!! Axx

  • Hello Allanah, I have got 2 bulging discs on my left thoracic spine. This was diagnosed before the ra and the consultant said that a very last resort would be to operate as he would have to go down through the neck and he couldn't guarantee success, i go privately for manipulation every now and then. I had no idea this was related to ra, i thought it was just bad luck....

    I never even think about it much - i was relieved when it was diagnosed because the symptons are those of heart trouble, pins and needles, pain down arm and crushing pain in chest. I have never ever discussed this with the rheumatologist etc...

    I learn so much from coming on here.

    Glad you got the diagnosis Allanah and i hate mri scans as well, hopefully they got everything the first time so you don't have to do another again any time soon.

  • thanks , as i say i just got the phone call on friday nite and i must admit the first hing i do is ask on here!! Cos i cna be as overanxious as i like here as people here have seen it done it and had the tshirt. I dont know if mine is dut to ra but i will ask them when i see them and will ave to chill a bit now cos i just need to wait on their opinions, phew, Axx

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