My MRI experience Monday was not good. I took the 2 Diasapam, the nurse tried to insert needle for the contrast and my vein collapsed. I asked how long the scan would take and she said 1 hour. I would have to lie on my stomach with my arms out in front like superman (nurses words), they would scan first without contrast and then introduce the contrast.

I explained I had problems lying on my stomach due to Hiatus Hernia and multiple Lipomas, which are very painful without having to lie on them. She went off and spoke to her consultant and returned to say that he said I was not suitable for this type of scan and would refer me back to my consultant for a follow up ultra sound scan. I was not impressed as I had taken the pills to calm me down and didn't get the scan.

Why can't they sort out these things before you are given an appointment? Surely it would save a lot of time and money on the NHS if they knew patients history before putting them through this. I'm not happy.



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  • What a palaver !! It was a disastrous day for you. There is no way I could lie on my front like superman either, that's ridiculous. As you say, it would be much better if they were to discuss with the patient how the mri scan can be carried out in advance, to sort out any problems. Hope you can be sorted out quite soon, xx

  • Thanks Jockety, waiting for another ultra sound scan to see what's going on.

    Just got an appointment to see consultant on the 17th September.

    Happy days


  • Hi Jan, so sorry to hear the scan did not go ahead and how devastating as you had psyched yourself up with appropriate medication.

    What on earth were they scanning that they required you to be on your stomach for an hour! Most people without gastric problems' etc., would probably have a problem lying on their stomach for an hour.

    Unfortunately, diagnostic departments do not get your medical records, just a slip of paper with the doctor's initial diagnosis and request for type of scan. When I had my heart angiogram, I had to lie with my arms over my head without any support (despite having RD in my shoulders) the upside down version of your superman pose. Thankfully my scan was only 5 minutes but I was in agony in my shoulders during and after. I suppose if I had had my wits about me, I should have asked for several pillows to support my arms (will know for the future)!

    I don't suppose you got the full relaxing benefit of the diazepam, as you would have been anxious about the scan and then angry and frustrated when it didn't happen, so no feel good factor or very little of it for you to take something positive away from this maddening situation. Once again, sorry this was disaster and sending you lots of kind wishes and hugs x. Anne

  • Thanks, Braecoon, they were supposed to have been doing an MRI of my hands.

    By the time I got home I was shattered and slept for a few hours and then felt really weired, dizzy and a bit spaced out.


  • when I got my letter for m.r.i.scan there was a phone no to ring with any questions or concerns. where I live in the northeast there is a hospital that deals with scans for different needs. sorry your,e upset.x

  • I have never heard of having to lay on your stomach for an MRI, and I've worked in hospitals for all of my career before retiring. There's no way I could do it for 10 minutes, much less for an hour! What were they trying to get a picture of?

  • Hi, my hands firstly without contrast dye and then after with contrast.

  • I had an elbow MRI that required me to lie on my stomach. It was a disaster. No one told me what to expect. The woman when I arrived asked me if I was prepared for a very long appt. bi had to ask what she meant and she indicated that because I was scheduled for both elbows, it would be three hours. One hour for each elbow, then contrast injection and then 30 minutes for each elbow after. The apace is tiny and my head had nowhere to go but tuck under my chest. I refused to do the second elbow after the first elbow. My back hurt so bad I could barely walk. My Dr was not happy with me and kept asking me to do it again. I never did agree. I saw no point, as the first was inconclusive. My Dr was awful and didn't care about what I thought. I now have a new Dr and she is much more understanding. she was fine without me doing the other elbow MRI. I had a hip MRI since and was nervous because the elbow one was so awful but it was fine!

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