Unexpected MRI

I haven't even introduced myself yet and now I'm using my first post to moan-sorry!

I've recently been diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis (I don't have psoriasis but my Dad did). I'm 35 with three children and currently working part time. I'm in my second week of taking sulfasalazine. At my recent appt (when I was diagnosed) at the end of March I also had an x-ray of my pelvis to check for arthritis there as cons said it was common in PsA. Have heard nothing more about this until today I got a call from the MRI dept to arrange a scan on my back when I wasn't even aware I needed one!

I'm really trying hard not to freak out but this has scared me as I have no idea why an MRI is needed and if this means the x-ray showed something and what that might mean. I'm trying not to panic about the future but it's so hard. I recently had a really awful few days related to a horrible cold so I think that has probably scared me too as things had been manageable prior to that. I have recovered since then but it's taken a couple of weeks.

So sorry to start off with that big moan but I know that people here will understand my fears!

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  • Hugs darling you will come through this.xxxxx

  • Don't apologise for moaning Rachfaul.....That is why this site exists ...to allay fears & suggest ways to cope.

    I'd call your Rheumy nurse & ask her why you need the MRI.

    Are you in UK.....? If you are you will find unless you are very firm & get across that you are a grown up , it's your body & you need to know what is going all the time.

    Otherwise you are liable to be " processed" & nobody will tell you what on earth is going on......I find this unacceptable and I always contact the nurses & politely but very firmly ask what- where - why etc.

    I expect it's just part a normal series of tests......but nobody bothered to,tell you....so get on the phone on Monday & try not to worry!

  • Thanks AC, yes in Uk. I will give them a call on Monday. I know it's best to have as much info as possible, just cross no one told me! And I think it's going to take some time to process the diagnosis. Thanks for your support and encouragement xx

  • Yes, and many times, USA included, they just almost roll their eyes or sigh when you start asking questions, or asking to look at the x-ray, or ask for copies of the results. They threaten you with how much it will "cost", but I make them do it anyway. That way at least I have a delusion that I am somewhat in control of my own health.. And it does give me a modicum of control, so don't ever hesitate to ask about anything you are uncertain about..

  • I am very luck my rheumy lays it all out for me, but my GP treats me as if I'm 6! But as Rheumy tells me all I just smile sweerly!

  • That is nice.. My experience was the opposite - ha ha

  • At my GP practice I never see the same GP twice.When I broke my stem recently I saw 5 different GP's in as many weeks.

    Three of them were lucums...so I wrote my history & just gave it to them ...otherwise they do scrip reviews & ask all sorts of unnecessary questions that I answered last week!

    I find it very wearing having to repeat myself all the time!

  • Absolutely... They are trying here in the US to get all records electronic so that they can be shared across all healthcare providers, but it is expensive and time consuming... What kills me is that they ask you the questions before you get in to see the care provider, then the provider asks the same ones again - What??? Sheesh!

  • I have PsA too. Suggest you read up on it which will answer your questions mainly. Also there are some good groups specifically related to this where you can ask questions from professionals. Will try to find link

  • Papaa.org is worth looking at it and they run open evenings. Where do you live? As well as brilliant leaflets. Also on FB there are some good groups

  • Thanks scottiedottie, I'll check that link out and those groups. I live in Shropshire.

  • Hi Rachfaul

    Try not to worry about the MRI.

    I was diagnosed with PsA over 2 years ago with virtually no skin involvement.

    Normal xrays don't always pick up inflammation and in my case also didn't pick up bone erosion in my feet. It was only after an MRl scan that they could see properly what was going on and then they were better placed to treat accordingly. I also have inflammation at base of back.

    I am now on biologic medication along with Sulphasalazine.

    It sounds as though your consultant is thoroughly checking you out which is good as early treatment has a better outcome.

    Good luck with the scan.

  • Thanks Sanbanan, I know it's best to have everything thoroughly checked. I guess it's just a bit more confirmation that I can't just ignore what's going on and I'd really like to!! Hope you are finding your current meds are working well xx

  • Yes I know what you mean about wanting to forget you have a condition.

    I'm currently waiting to start a new Biologic and have been off all meds for a few weeks as I had a knee replacement 5 weeks ago. As a result I'm struggling a bit at the moment so will be glad to get back on them again soon!

    I really do wish you well and can sympathise with how you are feeling. It's a lot to take in when you are first diagnosed but this site is good for great support.

    Best wishes x

  • Hi,

    Did you ever get to the bottom of the scan? I know that ank spond is also a seronegative type of r a and they look for this with changes in the s I joint( low back) which can be detected early by m r I. Maybe they were being super careful to check for any other sero negative type r a?? Just a guess. I am a Physio and my little bit of extra knowledge seems to have my mind over thinking my own stuff! Has proved no help at all to myself!!

    How is the sulpha holding your symptoms?

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