Had results from MRI yesterday

Attended consultant appointment yesterday, he was very nice but clearly stated this appointment was to discuss my back. I have two degenerative discs in lower area which from time to time will cause sever pain. No need for operation thank God. He did committ to saying that my RA will or could exasperate the disc, bloody right there.

I felt annoyed with myself for not questioning him more on why the pain this time was in my hip and back but completely failed to. We talked about Physio but I rejected as historically this has made me worse also I have appointment with Rheumy multi disciplined team February 18th.

Feeling very stiff this morning in hands and feet which are my most effected areas at present, bearable pain but then I'm not doing loads at moment but back to work tomorrow after two and half months off .

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  • Hi I have been awakened in the night for the past 3 nights with real pain in my hip and back, also the pain in my hip is bad when sitting, I have had lower back pain for years but since being diagnosed with RA it seems to be getting worse, should i tell my Rheumy about this do you think it is related to RA. My next appointment is a few months away.

    Hope you are feeling a bit less stiff now, and good luck with going back to work.

    Wendy x

  • Thank you Wendy, I would definitely report any and pain, swelling. I hope you'll be ok, I need to go back to work as my brain is becoming foggy and my focus is to much on my RA which is not in my opinion only healthy.

    This is not say I'm not in pain or stiff but while I'm still able to work I will. Will blog how it all goes as they have to make some adaptions for me, computer chair, key board etc

    Will x

  • Maybe you should try a different physio Saffron? Good luck with your return to work - hopefully it will be diverting in a positive way?

    Wendy I am seeing a rheumy consultant on Friday (not my usual one) and plan to ask him about recent on and off Sacroilliac (lower back) pain. Its only bad when I sit down - okay if I keep moving but I'm getting exhausted! I suspect mine isn't caused by RA but we are told to report these things and its not for me to decide was is or isn't relevant. GP did say that it could be inflamed joints and Sacroilliac are synovial joints. Tilda

  • Thanks Tilda i will phone my rheumy tomorrow about my back.

    Good luck on Friday.

    Wendy x

  • Hi Tilda (again!) I have just been researching Sacroiliac and it sounds exactly what pain and aches i get. Appointment to make tomorrow i think......Wendy

  • I wouldn't worry too much Wendy. I haven't seen my rheum since July and I'm sure the pain I have isn't hip related. Sacroiliac pain can be caused by a variety of things from wear and tear childbirth related stuff to pulling weeds in the garden my GP said. Worth telling when next you see your GP and worth mentioning to rheumy also but may well be other things. As Polly advises keep exercising muscles around your joints - gentle movement such as tai chi is good and walking and swimming are ace. I hate swimming but thinking I may start soon although finding time is hard just now and its expensive. I use the Nintendo Wii fit to limber up and try and take the dogs on a decent walk a day too. Tilda

  • take it easy when you go back to work, and try to ease yourself in a bit gently even if looking forward to the mental challenge, and make sure your employer delivers on things like a proper chair if your back is bad. I have 3 vertebrae with degenerated discs, L3, 4 and 5, which is due to OA rather than RA, although I'm convinced that the RA hasn't helped and has made it worse. They can cause me to yelp at times and I've found that if I don't keep up my exercises, and sit around for too long, then I can completely seize up. And when it's bad it does spread the pain to hips and legs. I've had mixed experiences with physios. Some have been great and really helped, others totally useless. But whatever you do, do make sure you try to keep the muscles in your lower back strong. Polly

  • Thank you I have I hope found a new motivation again but will balance things out better, we'll that's the plan.

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