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As all you lovelly bloggers who are kind enough to read my selfish blog will know I went on another date yesterday with same silver fox. We had another great time together and he confided in my that he too has some serious health issues. He said it was only fair to tell me, so I took the plunge and mentioned my RA. Guess what he wasnt phased at all, so we are going to see each other again soon hurray. Also have booked a holiday with friends and am really looking forward to it. Just wish I had time to loose a stone or two lol. Take care your worth it lol. No seriously take care all of you.

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  • Hi Sharon, it just goes to show were not always alone in our suffering even thought it may sometimes appear that way.

    I bet you feel loads better though for telling him, at least now you could support each other.

    Lovely to read you have booked a holiday you deserve a break. hope the dating continues.

    Take care

    Mandy xx

  • Thanks Mandy yes I do.

  • fantastic.. well you both have health problems mutual compassion hopefullu xx

  • Yes its brill not that he's ill too but that as you say we can have empathy for each other.

  • Brilliant news, so pleased to hear it's all going well. How exciting that you're going on holiday too xx

  • I know I cant believe it either just got my suitcase down, well daughters to be exact she said I can use it as mine is massive and would be hard for me to handle nowadays. Loved the poem earlier very moving and thought provoking too.

  • Ooo packing, I'm very envious (not of the man bit but of the hols) I hope you have a fab time ;) Glad you liked my little ditty xx

  • Sharon, that worked out well regarding SF! Well done, hope you meet another nice gent on hols, nothing like cariety being spice of life - You go Girl!!!! xxx Gina.

  • Ooh u r naughty lol.

  • Hope your daughters suitcase has got wheels! Have a lovely time,


  • Yes thank goodness.

  • 'Better to be an older man's darling than a young man's plaything' - one of my grandmother's sayings!

    Glad you told him and had a positive reaction:-)

    Cece x

  • Thank you Cece. He is to tall too which is a bonus for me.

  • Glad your date went well for you and that you were both able to talk about the respective health issues you both have. Regarding the holiday, hope you have a lovely time. (Last year treated myself to a new suitcase when we were going on holiday - has 4 wheels instead of 2 - found this a bonus as it 'skates' across flat surfaces and can also be dragged on just 2 wheels where necessary - was well worth the money)

    Judi xxxx

  • ooh thats a good idea. Cheers for that. Sharon

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