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Day 14 coming of Tramadol

Hope I am not boring you all with my updates sorry if I am.

Went to the doctors again last night after 2 weeks on 50mg in the morning and 100mg at night he has now got me taking 50mg morning and 50mg one day and 100mg at night the next day.

So tonight is my first cut down at night :( really dread this one.

He has said really you are doing this cold turkey nearly asked were is my methadone lol. Joking aside he is pleased with how I have coped and said don't pull yourself down doing well we will see in the morning. :)

Any way I have to go back 18 august so here goes trying not to think about tonight.

Take care all Rose xx

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Well Rose, keep on keeping on! You'll get there m'dear & you've every possibility having got this far this time at cracking it & happy your GP is of the opinion you're coping . I'll pm you later as I found time to go through them all now & have my faves, but save to say you are an inspiration. :)


Well first night over not to bad a night but feel really urgh this morning :(


Good to hear, though hope the urge feeling eases soon. x

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Great to hear how well you are doing! It must be really hard to keep going. Look forward to your next post! M x

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Hi Shepsut thank you I didn't have to bad a night last night on my first night cutting my messy by half.

But today is not a good day so just going take it easy. Thank you again Rose :)


Oops ment to say meddy this phone lol


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