Quick update on my 16 year old son,

Just a little update re my son Lewis, went for blood test as all his fingers are swollen, he had the blood test and they have come back clear, he has now got to wait to see Rheumatologist as soon as possible.

The doctor agreed with my request straight away.

So with any luck he shouldn't need to wait to long, main thing is , like you all said, at least we are are getting there as soon as possible. If you know what I mean lol.


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  • Brilliant news that his blood test are clear, slight word of caution though , i hope you dont mind, I am sero negative RA but have anti ccp in my blood, so it sometimes doesn't show in the blood test.

    Hoping the Rheumatologist sees him soon and you can all move forward in the new year. lots of love to you and your family Axx

  • Hi allanah, thank you for your lovely reply, I'm sero negative too, it's been 3 weeks now and his fingers are still swollen and I have explained about the blood tests, at least the doc is on to it now,


  • Hi Philip I'm so plsed so far so good,but like allanah I am sero negative RA as negative in rheumotoid factor but strong / positive in anti ccp,which is a much cleare diagnosis for RA.what blood test did your son have ? Hope you get seen very soon love Michelle xx

  • Thank you Sell, the doctor asked who I was under and she is sending him to the same one and he is pretty good.


  • I am the other way round with positive RF but negative anti-ccp so that's possible too - but if he's been referred to the rheumatologist then that's the important thing. Tilda xx

  • Hi Tilda, thank you for your reply, I was a bit shocked to say the least when the doctor said yes when I said I want him referred, wow lol


  • Hi Philip,

    Like the others have said, I hope he gets a quick appointment, good that he is going to see the same consultant as you and good that they have taken you seriously.

    Will look out for an update after Christmas.

    Wishing you and your son all the best.

    Mary x

  • Hi Mary, thank you for your replyI was glad that he is getting referred but to be honest there wasn't a choice as I would have demanded he was referred lol but at the end of the day it is a pretty good surgery.


  • Hi Philip,

    So glad that you have had some results. Good that the doctor has responded positively to your concerns. Hope that the rest of his tests result in good news.

    Have a lovely Christmas and All the very best for 2013

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