Nice day outside,so why am i in constant pain

Nice day outside,so why am i in constant pain

Morning all,here we are another lovely day and i am in agony. I ache in places that haven't ached before. I am not making so many noises since i've been on this nasal spray according to my hubby,but i am so tired.I can drop off at a drop of a hat. I am putting albas oil on my hanky to help.

I am finding that if i try to do anything i get tired frustrated and end up crying,only when i lay down and not do anything do i start to feel livieler. I found this out last night after i had a bath and got on my bed and laid out and rested.I can't live my life like this. My knee is getting a lot worse and i can't wait for the operation to be done, My finger joints crack now and they never used to do that.

I am having my nails done today so hopefully that will do wonders for me,(not i bet)

This is not the most uplifting blog i've done,but i try and be upbeat as i think it helps others in the same situation as i am. I know a lot of you are a lot worse than me and i should feel brighter knowing that,but sorry it doesn't help today.

Will ty and find a sunny bright pic to put up.

Good morning to you all.

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Hi sylvie,

Sorry to hear you in pain and unwell again. Did you ever hear of a book called 'The Secret' can't remember the author, but it is very well known f you ask in local library. There is a health chapter, and if you only read the intro & the health chapter and skipped the rest, I think you might find it beneficial.

Hopefully, as day progresses you will feel better.

Regards, Gina.


hi sylvie,its horrible when your feeling ill and a bit down from all the pain your in hopefully your nail session might pick you up abit and help you feel better its always nice to be pampered,i also find the weather changes affect me greatly my joints ache more and the fatigue can be a nightmare ive had 2 off days already this week and i dont feel that good today but i think im going to get dressed and sit in the garden with dogs if it gets warm enough for me.hope you start to feel better soon x


Ladies,i have been off mtx now for nine weeks,which doesn't help.I am at the hospital next week so hope she does something for me. I like the warm weather and i don't understand why i'm like this. Its a case of one step forward two back all the time. I also have needles prodding me in my left leg above the knee,don't know what thats all about.

I am trying to stay positive, i think if i get the knee sorted out i might start to improve. I think this is whats making me so down. I spoke to a woman at the hospital where my knee is being done and she said there is no date for me before april,so i said that i've had my pre-op so surely it would be soon. Then she said that the pre-op will last for six months,yes that set back even more. I phoned his pa who works for him and she said she will speak to him,she has been very kind to me and so helpful, to which i'm most grateful.

Hope you girls have a lovely day.

love sylvi.xx


Hi i do find that having a good swear helps for me and of course chocolate! Have you tried eating chocolate and having a nice cup of tea in a hot bath??? i have found that doing really naughty treat type things once in a while when you are feeling really bad does help a little and it gets you through the tough days. When you're feeling slightly better the next day you can have a laugh when you remember eating choc in the bath!! It all started for me years ago when my friend bought me a chocolate indulgence box for my birthday pre RA which had bubble bath, a small bottle of champagne and some chocolate truffles in it. So i thought why not?? It was very good and felt very naughty!!! Obviously i dont have the alcohol now but i do indulge in the chocolate when i feel really bad and a hot bath does me wonders. Hope it helps as we cant help with everything else i'm afraid we are with you in spirit!! x


You are like this because you are in pain continually - the sunniest of days does not make the pain subside. Sylvi go easy on yourself, I know you are resting but you are still giving yourself a hard time for not getting better quicker.

All of Swoodges ideas are great - loads of naughty things, can you settle enough to read or watch films. I wish they would give you something else to ease the pain Sylvi.


Mads,i am at the hospital next wednesday so we'll see what they say. I get very frustrated with myself as a 56 yr old lady i feel i should be at the peak of my life,no worries about children,hubby soon retiring,plenty of time to do things together. I am here wondering if i will ever get any better than i am now. I slept well last night even though i got up early because my breathing was causing me to make noises.

Its very foggy here in the midlands. I know i'm very hard on myself,but i don't like sitting around doing nothing even though its best for me. Never mind its the week end and if the weather forecast is anything to go by its going to be nice so i'll be able to sit in the garden and enjoy the lovely weather.

Love sylvi.xx


Hi Sylvi,

It's foggy down here as well although the sun is trying very hard to burn it off.

Glad for your family that you are being quieter when you are asleep !! (But sorry it's still waking you up).

With regard to you feeling so tired - you've lost so much sleep lately your body is making up for lost time. You need to be rested when you get your knee done! So go with it, dont fight it, if you feel like sleeping, sleep.

Housework isn't nearly as important as you are. (My theory is that when it's necessary to leave, lets say the dusting, a weeks dust is just as easy to get rid of as a days dust - in fact easier really as I can see it better).

Wednesday will get here when hopefully they will start the ball rolling for your op. (remember to emphasise that you can take a cancellation at the drop of a hat - plus you are having trouble with getting to the bathroom in time - plus in this day and age you feel that people shouldn't have to put up with this much pain - plus just how depressed you are plus the pain is putting you off of eating (or making you eat more because you are depressed)

I'm hoping others on here can give you some more suggestions on what to emphasise.

We are all feeling for you bless you



Thank you judi thats nice.



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