I am so tired of all this pain!!!!

Pain driving me up the walls!

I am so tired of all this pain knees, leg, ankles, hips, shoulders and back. The pain in my leg is the worse one. Sharp pain down the tibia and some burning from the side of the leg to the front of my leg. I am taking Paracetamol and Tramadol. Because of the peptic ulcer and H/hernia I cannot take most tablets. I am having stem cells done in both my knees. I have RA, osteoarthritis and gout. Does anyone has this pain in the leg? If so how do you cope? I feel so down and very tired as I cannot sleep at night. Spend most of it up because of the sharp pain in my leg. I got damaged meniscus and my knee dislocates so I tape them to stay in place.

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  • Good morning Valletta,

    At the moment I am going through a bad patch with my back as well. I was told by my Orthopedic consultant that it is caused by severely degenerative disc from L3 to S1, that's 3 disc out of action. They press on nerve endings which causes pain in my lower back and shooting pains down my left leg. I am in the middle of a flare up now and woke this morning to a symphony of pain. I also have PsA and my joints are stiff and painful, first thing in the morning, isn't a good start for me. I have already taken Naproxen (I'll take the omperazole later) pregablin, hydroxychloroquine, cocodaml (the strongest dose) and 2 vitD tablets. This will be me with very mild pain relief at least for the next 4 hours, when I have to swallow yet another set of pain med. Pain in the back sucks (excuse my French) but throughout the entire day makes for absolutely rotten experience. Keep you chin up. I'm planning on going for a short walk later on today. Any thing to keep my joints playable is a must.

    I wish you all the best and hope this gets resolved pretty soon.

    N x

  • Thank you so much for sharing your pain with me. I am also taking Omperazole. The L5 is the worse one in my back plus the three discs above it. Also from degenerative. I am discussing this with my specialist for stem cell procedure once I had my knees done. I think that the pain in my leg is coming from my knees, back and hips. Recently I finished taking my vitamin D and B. I also take magnesium powder. I am seriously looking into the stem cell now as I have been in this pain for 13 years and cannot take it anymore. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my notes and answering me. Take care and wish you well. x

  • Hi Valletta1, at this precise moment I'm having exactly the same symptons. Had a massive flare up on Monday (which is the most severe one i've had so far), my flare ups have only been the top half of my body, until now.

    I'm still having that flare, although not so agonising as it was on Monday. I have an appointment this morning with a GP, to see, if anything, can help. I'm already on the highest dosage of Gabapentin, other meds they've tried me on, i had severe reactions to them.

    Straight to work after the appointment, soon as get home, feet up with a cuppa of tea & rest. 😩

  • I do hope the doctor can offer some kind of help for you. I cannot take Gabapentin. I have two new bottles sitting in the cupboard. I can cope with half tramadol. This morning I suffered from nausea and I know it is the tramadol but I do take them sparingly. I wish you well. Thank you for your message. xxx

  • Hi Valletta I'm having problems with pain down my right leg at the moment, right knee and right ankle , also getting burning on lower right side off leg , was trying to put off taking tramadol but am giving in now to ease pain, hope your pain eases soon

  • Thank for sharing. Yes I am afraid that once you have pain you have to take a pain killer to ease it. I have been on them for 13 years. Hope you get better. xxx

  • Hi Valletta,

    don't know if this will help but the pain from peripheral neuropathy of which one of the causes is pressure on nerve endings, doesn't respond to normal painkillers. This link to the NHS website might help:



    Beverley (NRAS Helpline)

  • Thank you Beverley for sending me the link. Interesting indeed. I just discovered that my pain could be coming from my degenerative spine. I am having stem cells done on my knees on the 20th October so I am going to discuss it with my specialist. I have to get better as I am feeling like 100 years old when I am only 60. Have not had a quality of life for the last 13 years. I really apprecite you taking the ime to write to me. All the best to you. x

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