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Well yesterday i went to the doctors to get my blood results. I now have to have a starving blood test for sugar and liver. All the other ones came back ok. So thursday morning i will be down the hospital for 9am. Doctor thinks my chest problem is due to my weight,i won't argue with that,only problem i have and it might sound far fetched,is as its only on one side of my chest,could it be related to my ra. Any one have any ideas on that. Regarding my weight he has said lets get the knee sorted out first and then we will start on the weight.

It has been a lovely morning today so i went outside and hubby got me set up at the table and i potted on some plants that i had started. We had lunch and then he made me pack up,We finished up outside and then he has got ready for work. He is on at 3.30pm so i am home alone as daughter is at work until 7pm when she is then going out for a meal with a friend to a gurkha restaurant. So later on i will have a bath and relax in front of the telly.

Have a good day to one and all. sylvi.xx

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Hi Sylvi, I've had to have those as well and my hubby had one last week.

Chest infections are frequently one sided rather than both but I suppose RA could have something to do with it as we are always warned about colds etc and the damage RA can do to the lungs. But I would have thought an x-ray would have revealed that.

It's been pretty horrible here with torrential rain and very high winds. We lost the window out of the green house and my cordyline which has survived two vicious winters so far in the front garden, had all its leaves blown off. Looks a very sorry specimen now so think I may have to get a new one. This afternoon has turned out very well with blue sky and sun but still very cold. Back to the leggings and thermals for the last 2/3 days.

Glad your hubby made you pack up when he did - too much overdoing it doesn't help our joints etc. The Ghurka restaurant sounds very exotic. We have a Mongolian restaurant up on the coast situated in a genuine Yurt. Keep expecting the goats and sheep to join us for warmth! The next exotic one is a Russian restaurant at Swaffham. Haven't tried it yet,but friends have and say the food is very good.

Take care. LavendarLady x


Swaffham,boy i haven't been there in a long while. I have been to the gurkha restaurant and it is very nice. We have had a lovely day here quite warm to be honest,so i was able to sit in the garden. I will see about my chest when i'm down the hospital at the end of the month. The x-ray showed no infection,but that was in january.

My grandparents are buried at ten mile bank church. We would take mum/dad down when we went home,but haven't been since she died.

Love sylvi.xx


Hi Sylvi,

Glad your bloods good, i dont know about one sided chest pain. I re joined weightwatchers this evening have put back on a lot of weight post op (& a lot of choccy)

Starting tomorrow eating healthy and getting slimmish again, pity I cant exercise . Oh well fat & 50 the joys!



Hi every one!.. was wondering how a chest problem could be weight related??. now extra weight as we know puts strain on our poor joints and I am slowly shifting post steroid weight and am back into my normal size jeans.. keeping the bigger ones in case of another bad flare/ drug problem as weight always goes back on long steroid courses, I have had two long courses in about as many years!, gone from 16 back to 14 so still not slim but look better xx


Well done Alison, it's not easy to shift post steroid weight but possible. I too have a case of size 16s as I know it's very possible to have another course and gain weight, in fact going that direction post op with no steroids to blame. Size 14, is a respectable size unless you are very small height wise lol.

3 healthy meals a day and fruit or low fat snacks and plenty of water, that's the key for me, oh yeah and no choccy binges at night!



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