Back from doctors

Back from doctors

I have been to the doctors this morning to see him about my chest. My chest is clear from any infection. He is sending me for a blood test to see if there is any fluid on my chest.

This is the fifth week off mtx and my joints in both hands ache and boy do they ache. My bad knee is very swollen ans sore. Hubby suggested that i put the brace on that i had after my operation. I am giving it a go and see what happens. It will soon be friday and my appointment with the consultant about my knee.

Tomorrow is my mamogram,so i'll get my bloods done then and hopefully see my rheumy and see what she has to say.

Roll on spring is what i say.

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  • You poor thing its an uphill battle at the moment.. good luck with the mammogram .

  • Good luck with everything hope your chest is clear and you can start your meds again. Xxxxx

  • Mammogram is easy,i don't worry about that. Its my chest thats causing me concern. While i'm down there today i'm going to try and see my rheumy nurse for a chat. I've also got to get some bloods done as well so i'll kill two birds with one stone.

    Have a lovely days girls. love sylvi.xx

  • Good luck with it all sylvi .. you have been through the wars lately

    cant get any worse so the only way is up


  • Thats what i think as well.Never mind spring is nearly here. I have daffs,snowdros,crocus on flower in my garden,so that must be a sign thatspring is nearly here.


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