feeling a bit less blue

feeling a bit less blue

Think it was the drugs used in the operation.. whats that white stuff..i asked the anaethestist as she injected it into my arm... penguin milk she replied( or my joke it was the micheal jackson specials )(propofol)..this was preceeeded.. by aflentanyl.. which she called gin and tonic.. sense of humour.. that one... !!

she took good care of me.. found out she was top dog..experienced in critical care.. so I said. will be ok then if there is problem?(one nervous patient!! thats me.. they were trying to scrape my blood pressure reading off the ceiling during my brief stay.. was trying to convince them it was my steroids and arthritis pain putting up the reading... but there was a fear element...)

My treatment was brilliant.. they were v busy.. woke up in recovery.. there were bout six of us in recovery...

taking them choccies today to say thanks the hosp was ramsay winfeld Gloucester

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  • Glad you are feeling a bit better today. x

  • Hi Alison

    Good to see you are feeling better, hope the op was a success. As for your nerves, seems like you probably know too much :-) but the anaethetist sounded very nice and you were very well looked after. Humph. That blood pressure, my partner has raging blood pressure and I am trying to get him to the doctor - but failing at the moment - but as you know should not be over looked. Take care of yourself my dear x

  • Alison,

    I'm glad that your operation went well and that you've had a positive experience with your time in hospital.

    Don't forget that you can review hospitals (some of the questions are very specific but there's also a space for comments at the end). Maybe you could fill one in for the Ramsay Winfield and then other members going to visit it would get the benefit of your experience? Warts and all reviews are helpful for everybody to get a picture.

    Just go to the 'Hospitals' section in the purpley-pink navigation bar at the top and it should be quite easy to follow the steps to review the hospital. It'd be great to keep on topping up the knowledge on the hospitals.



  • your search engine wont recognise ramsay winfield gloucester. it is a provate hospital.. but it does treat nhs patients.. just tried to post a review... could you please look into this.. the provider is the Ramsay health group, the hospitalis the winfield, longford , gloucester.. its 2miles max from gloucester royal hopital

  • ramsey winfield good will do

  • Thanks, Summer,

    You're right, the private hospitals aren't in the database yet but they will be added in our future upgrade of the platform (hopefully within six months).

    When we add the private hospitals though, we need to be able to identify them as such otherwise the comparison may be unfair or misleading. Members will need to be able to realise that they may not have the access to those resources in the way that they would to a NHS hospital. For this reason, we can't add the Ramsay Winfield by exception.

    Sorry about that.


  • it was private.. but it treats nhs patients.. i am an nhs patient.. my gp consortium contracts out services

  • Yes, but where the questions may now (or may in future) assess the quality or availability of a service, this service may be a different standard because of it being private. So you're not comparing like with like.

    The future shape will probably have an identifier saying "private" but a general header to say something along the line that private hospitals may also treat NHS patients and that you should check with your doctor.


  • thanks just wanted to make it clear with yourself that i was a nhs patient... albieit in a private hospital and i must say it was ten times better than my local nhs hospital,,,,..

  • Understood. Now listen to the wise words of your fellow RAers and go and rest!!

    Take care.

  • Hi summer

    Youwere so near mysisters you could have popped in, hope your doing well, I'm starting to heal but feeling very weepy for some reason. I'll soon be driving then we can meet.

    take care


  • think our weepy is aneasthetic drugs, plus ra plus dealing with the illness itself??

  • Glad you are OK and feeling better Alison, you take care.


  • thank you andy x

  • Yes Alison so glad your feeling better today, take care though and don't over do things!!

    mand xx

  • Remember Alison ... pace yourself :) Glad things went well and you are on the road to recovery!

    Lyn x

  • hmm better til 2pm then taken dip,, got my walking poles out use them as joints are bad going to have a kip now oh lordy..

  • might have to give in now sleepy

  • Hang in there Alison you'll get there. bad enough having the RA but feeling down is another thing. Thinking of you.

    Take care


  • Hope your ok and the op went well? x

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