It's all feeling a bit scary now!

This is the first time I've mentioned it but I'm going into hospital on Wednesday to have spinal surgery and although I've managed to get 'in a zone' up until now, I am starting to get nervous. One of my vertebrae is impinging on my spinal cord in my neck which is being removed and they are also having to make my neck more stable by inserting wires etc which have to be attached to my skull which means I am going to lose movement which I will have to get used to. I am trying to be brave and positive but my mind is working overtime on what changes I may have to deal with afterward. I know I have an excellent surgeon but can't help worrying that when I wake up something won't be moving as it should. Thanks for listening. Pat x

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  • Hello Pat, So sorry you have to go through this, I am new to all this only being diagnosed in December and 3 weeks in with taking Methotrexate, which is causing some problems, so can't imagine what you are going through. I wish you all the very best for Wednesday and look forward to seeing you back here as soon as you are able.

    Very unusual name (lilianisaac) my maiden name was Isaac!!!

    All the very best.

  • Thanks for your kind wishes. What a coincidence! My maiden name was also Isaac. Lilian was my Mother's Christian name. You don't hear of many Isaac's so perhaps there could be a connection way back. Sorry you have recently been diagnosed with RA. Try not to worry...there's so much on offer out there now with regard to medication and support. Back in my day (I was diagnosed 38 years ago at age16) there really wasn't much around of either. But I manage quite well and still enjoy a happy life. You'l be fine. Very best wishes Pat xx

  • Good morning, will be thinking of you on Wednesday. The operation sounds scary but thank goodness you trust your medical team

  • Sending you gentle hugs X

  • Hi, I had spinal op, removing 3/4 5/6 cervical discs, fusing them and surrounding the spine with a spinal cage, last yearand wasworriedsick especially after reading all the potential problems!

    Anyway,I had the op, mine was through the front of my neck. Hada horrific frankensteinscar which I had been warned about, but was also told it would fade to nothing.. It DID,

    The nurses were amazing and I was in neuro itu for two days,at first lost my voice but as they said it came back within a couple of days.

    But the best thing is my awful pain has completely settled!

    So hoping you get as good treatment, as good nurses and as good a result as me!!

    Good luck and will be thinking of you on wednesdayxx

  • All my best wishes for Wednesday, you will be in very capable hands so try not to worry too much. xxx

  • Good luck and best wishes for |Wednesday xx

  • Good luck and hope all goes well with your operation on Wednesday.

    Gentle {{{ hugs }}} xx

  • Hi Pat, I'll be crossing fingers and toes for you on Wednesday. I know the prospect of spinal surgery is scary but it's never something suggested lightly. I'm sure they wouldn't be contemplating it if it wasn't going to significantly improve things for you. It's human nature to focus on the negative possibilities but I do so hope you manage to get you fears wrestled back into that box. All the very best for the op xx

  • Good luck and my warmest wishes to you. Let us know how you got no when you feel up to it. I'm sure you'll be fine. As the old say goes, you lose some but you gain some and the loss of pain is what you'll get!

    Take good care

  • Hi there, I just want to wish you well, it is totally normal to experience anxiety at this time.

    keep us informed

  • Reading the posts on here there are lots of people who have had to have this type of surgery - so the surgeons should be good at it!

    Of course you're worried about things going wrong, you would be pretty stupid not to be, but brave to be going ahead with what is after all, serious surgery that they would not be suggesting if it was not essential.

  • I'll be thinking of you on Wednesday & sending a prayer your way.Its always scary before Surgery ,Fear of the Unknown. That is normal.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery. In a few days, you will be looking back & saying I'm glad my Surgery is over & that I'm going to be fine.

    Take Care !!

  • Good luck and all the best to you, hope all goes well xx

  • HI Pat,

    Spinal surgery is a scary thought, but you will be so much better off after the surgery particularly if you are having neurological symptoms such as burning, tightness and numbness in your lower legs, falls from imbalance, in-coordination and weakness in all limbs etc etc. Some of these will disappear almost straight away however some can take up to two yrs to get better after having myelopathy, depending on how much compression/damage is done to the cord.

    I've had most of my cervical region fused with a lot of hardwear inserted (C3-T1 over several ops ) but not C1/C2 like I presume you are having since they are wiring the vertebra to your skull. For me, the ops themselves were fine with not too much pain at all, certainly not like the pain you have before the op. They have been in both front and back of mine and back was definitely a bit more uncomfortable but still not too bad. I also lost my voice and now its raspy plus have a few problems swallowing (have to eat dry things like bread with water) but that's not a big price to pay to fix something as serious as cord compression. The limited neck movement isnt that bad, in fact by the time you wear a collar for 6-12 weeks (depending on the surgery), you are used to turning your shoulders as well as your neck to see things, so it shouldnt cause big problems later on.

    Im currently in hospital after having another 2 lumbar fused so I can empathise with you ;)

    Good luck I hope it goes well and you will be back here in no time. :) If you have any questions dont hesitate to ask, I will help answer if I can.


  • Dear Gail,

    Thank you so much for all the information you have given me which was invaluable as I have not asked my surgeon too many questions for obvious reasons! An even bigger thank you for taking the trouble to write regardless of the fact you are currently in hospital having surgery yourself. You are very kind thinking of others at this time. Good luck with your surgery and look after yourself Very best wishes Pat xx

  • Thinking of you and sending big positive vibes :)

  • Good luck and best wishes to you Pat, JoJo xx

  • Morning Pat,i know i am at the bottom of all the replies,and i know there will be a lot of very good advice and i will agree with all that has been said.

    My thoughts are to wish you well and to say stop worrying you will have the best surgeon so there really is nothing to worry about. I will be with you during the operation. Love from me.xxxxx

  • I had cervical spine surgery about 12, years ago & I too was scared stiff. I had a bone graft taken from my hip & the thought of it being done through my throat was mega scary! But it went very well.

    I do have restricted movement in my neck,,but I got used to it quite quickly. I can drive with no problem & even better have no pain.

    So please trust your surgeon & look forward to a pain free existence from now on. Very good wishes - try to relax & let us all know how you are in a couple of months ...Kathy

  • Thank you so much, this makes me feel a lot better. I have been afraid to ask anyone about driving so you had made my day. Bless you xx

  • Hi Pat,

    Just wanted to wish you luck for Wednesday.

    It is absolutely normal to feel nervous at this stage just before an op such as yours. Have been through it 3 times with neck fusions, now everything fused from C1 to T1 and it is still all in place and OK.

    The surgeon would not be going ahead if they didn't feel it would benefit you and make you more safe and they take excellent care of you.

    Once Wednesday comes it will feel much better that it is finally happening and from the time you wake up you will be making progress. The waiting is the worst time!

    Take good care


  • wishing you all the very best for Wednesday, I hope it all goes well. x

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