feeling a bit sorry for myself :(

Ok, I confess I'm having a moan; but I am feeling rather rubbish at the moment and therefore a bit sorry for myself.

On Tuesday evening whilst standing in the kitchen I got a sudden and sharp pain in my stomach, this carried on, getting worse and more often. It was not constant but came in waves of pain; kept me awoke most of the night into Wednesday morning. Woke up on Wednesday morning not only with the stomach pain but a good old dose of RA pain all over too. Went to Dr who took my off Diclofenac for a few days and just said go back on it when I feel a bit better. Stomach pains all but gone now but RA still terrible.

Last night (Saturday) again in the evening stood in the kitchen I started to have heart palpitations, really horrid. I've never had anything like this before, I could feel my heart beating; sometimes it felt as though it was doing an extra beat or something like that and I could feel it in my throat too. Carried on most of the evening but was fine during the night and seems fine now. But this morning I've got the shakes! So as I say I'm feeling a bit fed up and sorry for myself.

I left a message for RA nurse on Wednesday who called back and said that she has asked for the hospital to have my notes ready for when she visits my local hospital on Monday so when she calls tomorrow I'll give her an update on the weekends events.

I suppose the moral of the story is that I should stay out of the kitchen!!!

over and out from moaning Mel :)

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oh Mel, sorry to hear you are feeling bad. I haven't had many problems with the diclofenac but i am continually warned that they do cause stomach problems.

Over the past year, I have had similar turns - more the palpitation type thing and i never know whether it is drug related or trying to come to terms with the disease.

Once it definetly was as a result of a large steroid injection and it was strange, horrible and very frightening but it went away thank goodness.

Hope it has settled down a bit now and you get some answers tomorrow. Good excuse to stay out of the kitchen though


Oh no, hope you get some answers from you nurse, don't forget to mention everything that's happened to you! I felt dreadful yesterday too, felt faint and not felt like that since pregnant with my daughter 9 years ago. Feel better after good night's sleep. Try not to worry, sometimes that just makes it all much worse. Take care, Jo xx


Oh dear Mel :-(

I'm sorry that you're feeling so rough, it's horrid when you have new and unexplained symptoms. I hope that you're feeling a bit better now - or at least not worse! And yes - seems that you should stay out of the kitchen:-)

Cece x


yes go out for a meal tell your husband it is pain distraction and medically necessary xx


Dear Mel

You poor thing! I am feeling sorry for myself, and I am not having the stomach problems you are. Really hope you have a positive response when she phones today.

Enjoy others cooking for you in the meantime.



Mel, i'm not allowed in the kitchen,my hands are not safe to hold anything. We are the strong ones(don't know sometimes how we cope) others wouldn't manage the way we do. I got taken off diclofenic after i had diviticulitis and was hospitalised for three days, I think with this weather we are all feeling down in the dumps, i've got a case of the miseries too.

Take care.

Sylvia. xx


Rather tongue in cheek but stayed out of kitchen and feeling much better; really! Tummy pains all gone and have been told to restart all medication to see if it was that or onwards with the waiting game. Mel


Ah, this has just answered my question to you on your comment on my blog! Glad you're feeling better, best of luck with the meds...RA sure is a bit of a roller-coaster sometimes isn't it?! Take care of yourself xx


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