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Off Topic, feeling good today

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Feeling so good today, that I was out first thing not washing or anything playing with my little ones

this is me with Sunshine, trying to get her to just put only one hoof over the pole ,I say pole but its two chunky bits of wood,

I use to do a lot of training with big horses but can't do that with my body at the moment

so just enjoy having my little ones and enjoying when I feel good to do things with them

don't look too closely at me, I hadn't even washed :O) good job animals don't care :O)

and got outside scruffy coat on :O) use it or lose it, that's my motto on my body :O))

it has music on video too

finished the training today, Wednesday ,I was very sore today but wanted to still do it, I wanted her to just put one hoof over the pole, that,s all and she finally got what I was asking for, as its hard for them to understand what we want sometimes from them.

this was todays

this is what I use to do but its too taxing on my body big horses now so just do little ones ,but I am sure I will get back to being able to do that

and this was 2016 before RA

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Glad you are having a good day with your four legged friends :)

Glad your having a good day with your horses , got to make the best of it while we can hope you have more good days too especially in this cold weather 👌 xx

How lovely x

Thanks for sharing, lovely !

How lovely. Enjoy. Thanks for sharing . I know nothing about horses and have never had anything to do with them. Loved watching the clips tho.

Gorgeous little fur babies ♥️♥️

Thank you everyone xxx

How beautiful. I am sure this itself is enough therapy for your ailment.

That was so nice to see, they obviously know you won't do anything to hurt them. X

Thank you, I was trained by Kelly marks intelligent horsemanship years ago now ,went on the courses 18 years ago

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