Feeling a bit battered!

Victor Meldrew once said'Just went you think things will never get any better...........they actually get worse'.

This morning I was feeling okish although both hands were swollen and sore but I carried on regardless and gave the house a once over etc.. After I thought I would run myself a nice bath and relax and sitting on the side about to get in when my hand gave way completey and I smashed face down onto the taps! Very swollen black eye and forehead with a massive bruise to my left outer leg. I may need to get this cheekbone xrayed just in case but putting it off!

So just as I was going to attempt to go into work tomorrow I may need another day to get myself together. Feeling rather shaken up and sorry for myself. I look a fright!


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  • Oh dear....I'm sorry to hear all this...sounds like a sketch from victor meldrew..you should get an ex ray...do you have lifting handles on the wall to help? Maryx

  • Thanks Mary. I don't have handles but sounds like a plan! Thank you. xx

  • Oh you poor love. Sending you a hug and think visit to ex ray would be the order of the day!!!xxxx

  • Thank you Miss. I needed that hug! Getting stiffer by the minute. I will go to A and E tomorrow if I feel I should, to be honest the bruise to my leg is more problematic than my face at the moment. xx

  • Thank you. I will I promise, thank you for the hug xx

  • Oh no, that sounds dreadful. I'm not surprised you are shaken up. Sending gentle hugs. xx

  • Thank you! Keep sending in the poems, they are wonderful! xx

  • Oh my goodness, you poor thing :-( Definitely head for X-ray tomorrow if you're not feeling significantly better.

    Dotty xxx

  • Will do. Very stiff and feeling very old at the moment. xx

  • Hope your feeling better today. It gives you such a shock when things like that happen doesn't it. x

  • What a horrible thing to happen, you really must get checked out now though and then think about how you can make things safer for yourself so it does not happen again!! Please take care, lynda xx

  • Thank you Lynda. Going along to my GP tomorrow to discuss an OT referral and for him to look at my face and thigh.......... (poor man) ! xx

  • Sending you hugs...bless what a fright...hope you get sorted out..I've been meaning to put handles onto sides of bath as I find it hard getting out...and it scares me in case I do slip...hope you ok Nicola xxx

  • Thank you Nicola. I am struggling to get out also. I have decided to use the shower for the time being! I have a hand rail in that, although nothing beats a long soak for painful joints. Never mind. You be careful too and thanks again for responding. xx

  • hi there its sad isn't one step forward and two backwards, seems that's the way it is. Hope you feel better soon.

  • I would nip down to A&E and get that looked at. Hope you feel brighter this morning.xxxx

  • Hi Sylvi and thank you. I have just got back from my GP who gave me the once over and said he feels all is intact but obviously if the pain increases etc etc. I have the biggest swelling on my thigh....like a grapefruit. I have decided to take three days off just to let mybody settle and get over the shock! Feel very old and decript this morning! xx

  • Bless you,you now have to rest. I believe Witch hazel is good for bringing out bruises.xxxx

  • Oh no, that's the last thing you need. My last fall as out of a caravan door at an exhibition, you do feel really silly don't you. Hope u managed to get a check up or sorted enough for work

  • Ouch! I bet that hurt. At least I didn't have a audience in the bath although the dog ran out the bathroom quick!

  • Hmm! Also try putting loads of arnica cream on, that really helps. Lucky no one had a video camera going or you could be on tv!

  • So glad to hear nothing broken! Try putting ice on leg bruise, could help. I fell over after Christmas and had an egg on my elbow and ice really helped that...just a thought. Good idea to take a rest. You might feel worse before you feel better - I certainly did! Shock coming out xx Anne

  • Thanks Anne. I have put arnica and ice on my leg and face for that matter. As for the video camera, thankfully it was broken that day lol xx

  • Hope it helps!

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