Flu Jab & Infection update!!!

Hi All

Just a little update. I had my first infection and completed a course of antibiotics last tuesday. 2 days later I had a flare and had been of work since last friday. Went back today.

I had to stop cimzia and I managed to take the antibioctics either side of mtx - I was hoping to cheat a bit and not trigger a flare. Well I flared last thursday, multiple joints, had restricted mobility and had to have an 120mg depo injection last friday.

Still recovering from flare as I have had a dull ache in knees and wrists, which has improved daily.

Had my flu jab on wednesday and now have a sore arm, which itches and is producing heat at the injection site. But it did not hurt.

Although I can now stand upright now, repititive tasks cause discomfort, so walking up & down, walking to far or typing hurts the joints involved. So I am recovering but slowly. The depo took away the severity of the joint pain, and I guess the cold is playing its part also!

The only problem is the rest of my household are now showing signs of the infection, so I am hoping not to get reinfected.

Hope you are all well

Look after yourselves

Joanne x

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  • Joanne, i had my flu jab this week. I have only ever had flu once after a jab and mine this week i didn't feel a thing. I am so used to the pricks in the arms so another one doesn't bother me. Hope you don't get the infection going through your family. Love sylvi.xx

  • Hi Sylv

    I did not feel the prick - well it was bareable, its afterward, that evening onwards that my arm started to ming and feel hot. It feels like big ball of hotness is in the top of my arm. Minging I say.

    I wish I had your stamina for all these injections, please send some strong stamina my way hun.

    Take care of yourself Jx

  • Joanne, i think my trouble is i've been at this game too long now. One nurse did say to me once when she was taking blood that i've had that many injections i have track marks. I think that says it all. love sylvi.xx





  • Poor you Joanne. Rest up and hope you don't have to do too much nursing - good luck with returning to work. My flu jag has same effect - didn't hurt at the time but later was really quite sore, hot and swollen. It only lasted a few days though. Tilda xxx

  • Yeah same here!

    But last yr I did not have any side affects. I think it to do with the cocktail of the vaccine itself.

    Anyways I don't like it, as I find it troublesome.

    When are you going on your tour/hols? - soon I hope, well safe journeys, hope your ra is behaves!!


  • RA is waving a bit just now I admit. Not full blown flare at all but just waving in a way that's like grazes on my wrist joints, deep fizzy warmth in my elbows, flashing aches that make me draw breath in my hands and feet on an off - that sort of thing. I haven't had this for a while so I can't really moan as I'm not in agony but its unpleasant - especially the stinging wrists.

    We are off on the boat tomorrow spin hoping I can wave goodbye to my RA for a while and it will miss me so much it might go and find a cliff to jump off?!

    No I didn't like that flu jab either but hopefully the mix will suit us better next year! Xx

  • Sorry to hear your not feeling too good at the moment, I hope you don't get what the rest of the family have. Both hubby and myself are having the flu jabs in the morning, what a lovely thing to happen on a Saturday.

  • Good luck to you both.

    I read on here recently, another blogger said if you massage the site it hurts less afterward. I did that and at the time it did not feel much, its got worse by that evening!

    Hope you don't have any side affects like what I described above.

    Take care Joanne x

  • Nurse told me not to massage. I'm glad I get it. But we shouldnt forget that it's not 100%

    Effective against all kinds of flu. Just the cocktail they prepare for you

  • I would rather have it and put up with a few days of an acheing arm, that get the flu. Although as you say its not all the flu viruses that it is resistant to. Hopefully I won't get flu at all this winter.

    Take care Jx

  • hope you feel better soon, and a flare!! poor you :(

    I was due to get my flu jab this week but had to cancel because of a bug, have antibiotics and have to stop my Enbrel this week.

    You don't think your arms infected do you? just with the swelling and heat, doesn't sound good!

  • Hi

    No my arm is not infected, as the heat is less now and its practically feeling normal. I think it was the reaction due to this yr flu cocktail!

    Are you still off mtx or are you stopping that also? I never & I thinks that's why I flared so late.

    Hope you feel better soon Jx

  • Still off mtx for the moment, I'm seeing the Consultant in a couple of weeks, he suggested I try alternating weeks between mtx and enbrel soon, interesting!

    Glad yours arms better now, I starting t feel better at last :) x

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