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Adverse reaction to 3rd Covid jab

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Hi, just wondering if anyone else had a reaction to the 3rd Covid jab?!

Had the jab Friday (Pfizer, following 2 x Astro-Z).

Day later body felt like concrete, hellish head, arm & shoulder on same side as jab, off food and drink (even coffee), large swelling of lymph under same arm (still there), very sleepy & full of shivers, painful diaphragm, & heart rate high. Those symptoms one can cope with, but in another way hard to describe - felt like Death 👹

Sunday night subsided & eating again, though had very upset stomach today. Aside from the jab, currently very bad for many months with the RD with lot of pain & debilitation (having come off steroids and about to start a jak) - but although feeling so hideous after the jab, my flippin joints felt a load better for that day and a half, like a trip switch had flipped. This also happened a few months ago when I had a 4-day infection. But sadly, all back to 'normal' RD-wise since Sunday night. Goes to show how our immune systems play games with us 😏🙄😕!

Interested to know if others have had experiences after the 3rd vaccine. Go Well.

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You do seem to be suffering. I also had the Pfizer vaccine as my third after two Astra Zeneca jabs and again I felt rough for the first couple of days followed by a flare of RA. I was very tired with muscle aches, was off my food and had a headache. The flare was very bad for a week and is now slowly improving. If it follows the first two vaccines, I will be completely back to normal in another couple of weeks. I found paracetamol helped a great deal, especially during the first two days. I had a virus last year with all the symptoms of Covid but a negative test and that was far far worse and indeed I do not think my lungs will ever completely recover despite increasing my asthma medication. I hope you feel better soon.

Thanks very much achy, sorry about your effects, but glad you're getting thru somehow. Take care X

My daughter had her jab on Saturday and she couldn't go to work yesterday as she felt so ill . xxxx

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Blodynhaul in reply to sylvi

Do hope she feels better, thanks & better health for you too X

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sylvi in reply to Blodynhaul

SHe is going back to work today thank goodness.xxxxx

Yes, same jab sequence as you and similar symptoms as you, but I don’t think as acute. No temperature, but hard lump and bruising at vaccine site. The extra fatigue, dull headache and lymph node lump lasted over a week. Did see drs as lump concerned me but apparently that’s not so unusual. I reported it on the yellow card system. Hope you feel better soon.I did react quite badly to AZ 1 too, but nothing on second.

Thanks H, interesting to hear your experience with AZ too. Glad you've got over it. Haven;t heard of yellow card system, shalll find out, thanks again X

Yep, just as you described. I reported on the yellow card scheme and they e mailed for more details. Apparently its happening to peeps on immunosuppressant drugs ?

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Blodynhaul in reply to Thingybob

Thanks Thing. Very interesting it's happening so much. I'll find out about yellow card scheme. Take care X

I felt a bit achey , shivery and tired after the third (Pfizer) jab but I've been in a flare ever since I had it nearly 3 weeks ago. It seemed to reach its peak 2 weeks after the jab and I'm still - I think I heard somewhere that the jab takes 2 weeks to kick in🤔I was by the nurse to stop meds before and after the jabs, as I was in remission. To be honest my RA hasnt been great since I had the first jabs but with those it was mainly mild pain. I also had my flu jab recently which might not have helped. Thinking about it - I've had 3 covid and 1 flu jab in just over 6 months so that's lot for an already over active immune system to cope with 🙂I'm still in a lot of pain but taking paracetamol and resting and it feels like it's starting to ease.

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Blodynhaul in reply to MadBunny

Thanks Mad, very interesting to hear, but sorry the jabs are affecting you so adversely. As yu ay 4 jabs in 5 months is a lot for the IS. I find it weird, but strangely logical, that while feeling awful with jab effects the highly active RD was almost turned off. Seems opposite with you - it's strted it up again....Do hope you feel better X

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MadBunny in reply to Blodynhaul

Thank you for your kind wishes. It seems to have sent my immune system into overdrive which maybe is a good thing and maybe an indication that it's working. I hope. I'm back on my meds now so hoping they will kick in soon xx

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Blodynhaul in reply to MadBunny

Hope so on both counts! X

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MadBunny in reply to Blodynhaul

Thank you xx

Morning. I had my Covid 3, and my flu jab at the same time (different arms). The next day I felt like I had the worst hangover ever. Really bad. The day after that I felt ok, but rested for another couple of days as not 100%. Hope you feel better soon x (I didn’t stop taking my Mx).

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Blodynhaul in reply to CripLady

Thanks so much CripLady, that's interesting. Glad at least the awful effect seemed to wear off. Hope your joints etc are ok too. Good idea to rest more, hope 100% returns :) X

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CripLady in reply to Blodynhaul

All better now. Thanks x

Yes I had 2 AZ followed by the Pfizer as my 3rd dose. I’m on 5 immunosuppressants plus 2 steroid inhalers. I was Ill for 2 weeks after mine. Woke in the night with headache, nausea, lightheaded and every muscle in my body aching. I have ankylosing spondylitis and it put me in a flare, which is only just settling 7 weeks later. I should say though I have severe adrenal insufficiency, I produce zero cortisol, and when your body is under stress your body produces lots of cortisol. A lot of the initial symptoms seemto have been due to that, and probably my reluctance to take too much extra steroid. I’m at extremely high risk from covid due to fused ribs and pulmonary fibrosis, I’m not suitable for cpr or ventilation. So in view of that I would go through it again to protect against covid. I also see it that if your bodies fighting that hard it is very likely your producing a good antibody response, so that makes it easier to cope with. I’m due my 4th dose from 5/1 and will most likely go ahead and have it. As I say I’m certain my issue was lack of cortisol, I have to think for my adrenals and dose accordingly and I probably was too cautious in my updosing. Hope your feeling better now 🤗

Hi Maureen, when you say you're unsuitable for CPR or ventilation , is it due to your pulmonary fibrosis or something else?....I suspect it is the PF.

It’s due to my ribs being fused and having 0.8mm chest expansion, as well as the pulmonary fibrosis. I also have Atelectasis in my lungs because of years of being unable to fully inflate, Atelectasis is areas of collapsed lung

I see, sorry to hear you have all those problems, PF on its own is more than enough.

Just before an op to have bladder stones removed under general anaesthetic, the anaesthetist told me she didn't like to give me full anaesthetic because inserting the tube to the required depth could cause problems, presumably because of my PF. Being the nervy type I was too stressed to take in all she said, but think a lesser dose of anaesthetic meant the tube needn't go in so deep. Thankfully I never woke up in the middle of the op and didn't feel a thing. ;-)

Sorry to hear you have PF too. I was just diagnosed in March this year, after struggling with shortness of breath, which was initially blamed on my asthma. It was the asthma nurse who pushed for the HRCT and respiratory referral, GPS just kept giving me more steroids. So I have a lot to thank her for. At the moment I don’t know if it’s the inflammation from the last year, or the fact that I had uncontrolled inflammation for over 25yrs till diagnosed with AS at 51 with lots of fusion. Thankfully I’m quite a positive person and determined to prove them wrong with prognosis of 2-5yrs. I’m only 56, my daughters just got married and plan to be here ti see any grandchildren 🤞🤪🤗. Take care and stay safe with this new variant about

WONDERFUL attitude Maureen X

I'm as sure as I can be that my PF was caused by a RA flare from hell that lasted for getting on 3 months. My respiratory consultant thought so too. It was discovered when I had a routine x-ray to start methotrexate. That was 6 years ago (I'm 70) and there's been no noticeable lung deterioration since. My consultant told me it's not neccesarily fatal when I asked him during my first consultation, so you go and prove 'em wrong. The best of luck Maureen, and you take care too.

I have a useless rheumatologist. I’ve had 18 months of feeling biologic was not working all my BATH scores say that too, as well as all my measurements deteriorating especially my chest expansion which has gone from 3.5cm to 0.8cm. However because my inflammatory markers are never raised he refuses to switch me. NASS state 50% of AS patients never have raised markers even during severe flares. I’ve been on MTX 5yrs and when diagnosed PF he insisted I stop it. Thankfully the respiratory consultant says evidence now is that it delays onset of PF rather than causing it, so she insisted I continue. I’m glad as I suffer peripheral symptoms in every joint except my elbows, and missing 1 dose flares all the joints up. When diagnosed by an excellent specialist in Leeds she said I had a very aggressive form, I wish I was still under her care. She had to refer me back to local for the biologic funding. Sorry to moan, take care x🤗

My respiratory consultant told me to stop methotrexate. He reckoned while it would not exacerbate my PF, it can cause a different type of lung condition which could mask the progress of the PF. Interesting what your respiratory consultant had to say about methotrexate slowing up PF. I don't suppose there's much chance of you seeing a different rheumatologist is there, especially with this pandemic?

Not able to see another due to remaining local, I self discharged from the other one who was worse, when I had polymyalgia and started getting GCA symptoms including tongue lesions, saying I couldn’t be that unfortunate. An expert in polymyalgia insisted I get a referral to her, she was in Leeds I was in Kent. She then realised more was going on and following tests diagnosed the AS as well as the GCA. So I’m stuck with his lordship. If I complain of any of my joints, except my spine, he refuses to examine them or even look at them, if my gp hasn’t already looked at them. You couldn’t make it up.The respiratory specialist said they were using low dose 10mg MTX on some PF patients to slow progress. I know it can cause pneumonitis. Speaking to her tomorrow so will have more of a plan going forward. I did see nice gave approved antifibrotics for patients with PF, as previously it’s only been IPF. Will probably be next year before that filters through though. 🤪🤗

Some battle you're having there, and I thought I had problems. I wish you the best of luck and hope whatever plan you'll have for going forward works out for you. Take care and stay safe from covid

I see you saw a specialist in Leeds. I’m in the Airedale trust and the RA team are fantastic and really listen to you If you are near this area it mss as y be worth changing. x

Pity you're not with the Leeds doctor. Wish you all the very best Maureen X

Thanks so much Maureen. Blimey, shocked to hear of your terrible health issues. Feel for you so much. Yes, can totally understand you wanting to be fully (as much as possible) protected against covid regardless of the side effects consequences, but such a shame you have to suffer even more for it. Interesting about the cortisol. Thanks so much for your trouble replying, truly hope you'll improve & keep as well as possible X

Yes was poorly after all 3 . If you don't improve chat with GP, I needed steroids and a friend got a bad infection. Xx good luck . Still...better than severe covid!

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Blodynhaul in reply to allanah

O dear, very sorry to hear that allanah. Yes, perhaps the better of 2 evils! Hope you've improved now X

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allanah in reply to Blodynhaul

Yes after 3/4 days xx

Had my 3rd jab on Saturday have felt awful since. Chilly through to the bone headache, sickness, terrible pain in my arm, awful sleep. I just think how bad I would be if I caught covid? Better this for a while I think. Now we have the joy of jab number four😝

Very sorry to hear that Green - yes, my thoughts too, 'better' than actual Covid...! also dreading No.4 for after-effects, but also it won't interfere with effect of new Jak about to start (if it works). Hope you're starting to feel better X

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latebird in reply to Green230461

I hope you are feeling better now.I had all 3 Pfizer jabs but got Covid 2weeks ago.I'm just out of isolation.I had cold symptoms with no fever.

I consider myself very lucky and thank God for my Vaccinations.

Sending you good wishes.

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Green230461 in reply to latebird

Glad you are well. Have a great Christmas 🎄

I was absolutely fine apart from a sore arm - I had the flu vac three days later in the other arm, so had two sore arms, but that was it. I hope that doesn't mean that I wasn't producing antibodies though!

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Blodynhaul in reply to oldtimer

Thanks oldtimer. Ha ha, yes, that could be the unwanted downside - low protection! But glad you didn't have worse effects & perhaps they are doing a good job, but your body is tolerating it all well 😁. Here's hoping X

If your heart rate remains elevated & that is unusual for you…you should to contact your rheumy nurse for advice.

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Blodynhaul in reply to AgedCrone

Thanks A, it did for day & a half, but fortunately not bad now, but thanks for the advice X

I had the opposite. I was ill after first two AZ then fine after Pfizer apart from a very sore arm.

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Blodynhaul in reply to Sheila_G

Great to hear!


Not me, I’ve had very little reaction to all three of the jabs apart from a sore arm. But my wife, out of action for a week.


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Blodynhaul in reply to Chris_O

Excellent to hear, but sorry about your wife 😏

No reaction to my 3rd vaccine other than a sore arm for a couple of days….. but I recall a particularly nasty bout of food poisoning that lasted 48 hours (a couple of years ago) during which time I would have sweared my RA had been ‘cured’… no pains at all . Of course it all kicked back in once I’d stopped being sick ☹️If we could just find a way of permanently distracting our immune systems 🤔🤔

Great to hear about your vaccines. Yes exactly! it's incredible, as you say, how so quickly the RA can ;vanish' and totally agree - the answer has to be in kidding the immune system that something else needs its attention, but something that doesn't make us ill in a different way 😏👍

Hi Blodynhaul After the 2AZ s I had no reaction at all but the day after the PZ in October my hands started to flare and I’ve continued to have trouble with them.Prior to that I’ve been in remission for 5years.Things are beginning to settle down now thankfully but certainly not back to what I call ‘normal’.I’ve taken Naproxen and Paracetamol and I also recently increased my Mtx from 3 to 4 a week and it’s since then that the flare is beginning to subside.

Tomorrow I’m having my flu jab so I’ll be off Mtx for two weeks and it’ll be interesting to see what happens then!I’m going to report this via the yellow card system and may be in time some pattern of relationship between the 3rd vac and reactions will be identified.

When I saw my local nurse for my recent blood test I told her about the recent flaring and she said that one of her patients who had RD reported like you a sudden disappearance of its symptoms for a few days then sadly all back to the painful normal.

There’s lots more to be learnt about our mysterious and powerful immunsystem by the looks of it.

I do hope things improve for you.

Wishing you well

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Blodynhaul in reply to L-ttie

Thanks very much L-ttie. Very interesting your account of your reaction. That's a real bummer that it started a flare for you, but do hope that vanishes again, as you're feeling it may. All so weird with the immune system, switching certain things on and off. It feels as if research will conquer it - hopefully soon! WIshing you better health again & thanks X

I was absolutely shattered for two days having had two Astra Zeneca which I was fine with, but the Moderna affected me for two days, flue like symptoms but thankfulky I was OK after that.

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Blodynhaul in reply to madme1

Thanks madme1, glad wasn't worse 😏👍

I had no reaction after my 3rd Jan of Pfizer following 2 AZ, apart from slightly sore arm around vaccination site. My wife had her 3rd yesterday and is suffering similar side effects to yours. She does not have any autoimmune diseases.

Very interesting, thanks Magician. Glad you were OK & hope your wife improves very soon :)

My experience since having the Booster:-

(Pfizer, following 2 x Astro-Z) I had my Booster 27th October.

I became extremely lethargic, gradually lost my appetite as I felt like I was going to be sick all of the time, I wasn't but felt like I was going to be. No energy to be able to do anything and about a week ago started to feel like I had to either sit or lay down as when I was upright I would get a tightness going down my neck and across my shoulders and the feeling that I was going to pass out. Spoke to my Doctor on Monday and she said that she couldn't rule out after effects of the Booster as not enough was known yet. She has halved one of my (many) medications as it does seem to have affected what it does. Feeling less like I am going to pass out today but just have no energy or appetite at all which I am finding very frustrating. I have been having Slim Fast Shakes so that I am getting some vitamins and minerals into me - I am in know way advertising or recommending just stating that is what I am doing, we each have to do what we feel is best for ourselves. I do hope that you feel a bit better soon. xx

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Blodynhaul in reply to Snackjack

Very sorry to hear that Snackjack, especially as if it is due to the booster it's a long effect with little sign of abating. Truly hope things improve for you. Thanks for commenting 😊💖👍

Hi Blodynhaul, I had a big RA flare after my 3rd dose of Pfizer at the beginning of October. Also had Pfizer for 1st & 2nd doses with no real problems. I haven’t had such a big flare since I had started Abatacept infusions 9 years ago & was very unwell for a week. My RA is still quite active. The only thing I did differently before having the 3 doses was that I stopped my monthly abatacept infusions for longer before the first & second doses. With the 3rd dose I had it 2week after the infusion as advised. I reported it via the yellow card system. Has been difficult getting rheumatology docs to to understand the affect the 3rd dose has had on my RA. I eventually asked for a face to face appointment at rheumatology as was getting no where with phone consultants. Get so fed up with the suggestion that it is all in your mind. I have never had very high inflammation markers. I can’t take steroids due to other medical conditions. I have osteoarthritis in my hips & knees as well, always have had problems dealing with the different departments. They have real problems speaking to each other, they are poles apart.

On a positive point the 3rd dose has pushed my antibody levels back to the highest level. I have had 3 antibody immunity tests, first a month after 1st vaccination which was at the highest level, 2nd a month before my 3rd dose, the levels had dropped considerably. Now back to highest levels.

Will still have the 4th dose when called. As others with RA are having similar reactions with our RA it might be more understood.

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Deeb1764 in reply to Jacqbox

Dont forget to do a yellow card so they know how you reacted online as all info helps!

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Blodynhaul in reply to Deeb1764

thanks Deeb, I hadn't known about the Yellow card till some mentioned it in these comments yesterday, so last night looking it up & filled it in. Found it rather laborious & frustrating to be honest, having to do an effect one by one & only if it's found on their list & repeating dates etc, but suppose it's all worth it if it can help things 👍

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Deeb1764 in reply to Blodynhaul

I know its a long process but to me its worth it so they truly understand the other side of things.

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Blodynhaul in reply to Deeb1764

Yes, I agree. Just found the format not the best, but will persevere every time if it happens again!

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Blodynhaul in reply to Jacqbox

Thanks Jac, what a shame it brought on a big flare after so long. Hard to juggle with treatment stopping & starting & what causes what..& not helping for you with different viewpoints not appreciating your exact holistic situation. Yes, still important for us to have the 4th jab, but quite daunting with the unknown effects. But will think like you, that it will be more understood by then! Wishing you much better health x

Hi Blodynhaul. I didn't have much of a reaction to the Pfizer booster, just felt achey and had a headache also my arm felt like someone had given it a good thump for a few days. The first two (being AZs) were quite the opposite and made me feel quite ill, especially the first one!

How interesting! thanks springcross. Go Well x

slight headache like a a tight band round my head, dull ache in lower back and feeling slightly off. No other problems otherwise.

Sorry you had such an unpleasant reaction.

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Blodynhaul in reply to Happy5

Thanks very much Happy5. Glad wasn't too bad for you - and hope the same from now on. Go Well 😊

Hi. - I got a flare of RA in my knee and elbow plus temperature , breathlessness and high blood pressure.If there’s a further jab I might decline it!

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Blodynhaul in reply to TheBoys

Tempting to! but hearing some others' experiences still may be preferable to getting the virus. Not easy. Hope you're better now 😏😊

Yep - it all cleared up in about two days thankfully. It probably didn’t help I had flu jab previous week and I get a reaction to that. Still, I must have a good immune response!Take care.

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Blodynhaul in reply to TheBoys

Yep, long may it last! Go Well :)

Yes , I had a strong reaction to the Pfizer after 2 AZs . My rheumatologist said that I was entitled to a 3rd jab but her letter came days after I’d had the Pfizer booster , which was recorded as such on my records . I felt quite poorly and stayed in bed for the day then got better .

I also had a strong reaction to the ‘flu jab this year , which I believe was a quadrivalent . Previous ‘flu jabs have never affected me .

I had my 3rdPfizer/booster on 23 rd September so I guess , with the new regime , I could have my proper booster on 23 December .

I think I will wait until after Christmas ( if we have one ) to fight my corner on that one .

Thanks Brief, that's interesting. Glad you got better after them. Funny the flu jab affected you this time. Yes, understand not racing too fast to get the next one! Go Well :)

I had the mother of all flare ups! my left arm was just 24 hour constant pain, pins and needles, couldn't even lift it 2 inches, fingers very week, then pain racked all of my other joints too, its been nearly 5 weeks and just starting to feel a bit brighter, had very dark days too with crying and feeling really useless xx

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Blodynhaul in reply to Poshcards

Blimey 5 weeks is ages having after-effects, very sorry to hear that. I know about the constant pain & all joints, crying & feeling useless - but that's with the RA! Terrible your vaccine response has been so bad and so long...Truly hope you feel better soon, glad you're feeling a little brighter X

Aw, thank you, I also have Lupus amongst other things too, but we get on with it, don't we xx

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Blodynhaul in reply to Poshcards

O No! feel for you very much X

Yes, I also had a reaction to the 3 rd vaccine, Pfizer for this & the first 2 doses. I had quite increased fatigue (on top of my R.A and ME/Fibromyalgia) my arm was much more painful & felt rubbish all round. Can’t recall how long it went on but was a good week or so. I’m not convinced about having more, booster or otherwise, for many reasons, personally do not believe everything we are being told from those higher up, especially Government. Not been asked to have flu jab at surgery, frankly not sure I’ll have that this winter.

Also, though I recovered mostly from the third vaccine had a month ago, I still don’t feel great, been sleeping a lot more than usual & having skin breakouts on face & neck. This is not usual, & usually means I’m run down.

Any thoughts from anyone? Take care all.

Thanks Shamrock, interesting to hear your story on it. Sorry you've been adversely affected on the 3rd one. I know what you mean about uncertainty on whether to have further vaccines. So hard to know what's best. Worries me that the vaccines can really upset the immune system, so if you're on something that is working, it could interfere with that, or stop a new treatment working somehow. But fear too that actually getting covid will finish us with low immune systems off. Weighing risks...Take care & hope you get back to a better normal X

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