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Thank you!


I like others have an awful lot to thank this site for and it’s amazing community of you. Today though, I would like to thank all of you whom showed your appreciation and support for the NHS last night, as a worried mum of a newly qualified (in her first year) 22year old nurse it meant a lot, not just to her but to the whole family.....bought goose bumps to my arms tears to my eyes, so thank you from the bottom of my heart. Small things make massive differences. Lots of love and hugs and stay safe x x

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Thank your daughter from me. I am grateful for the NHS everyday and when i speak to anyone on the phone i thank them and tell them they are doing a great job. Due to my health i didn't go out last night, but i did sign a online petition thanking all our NHS staff and i also share anything praising our staff in this time of crisis. xxxx

ToffeeMumble in reply to sylvi

Thank you Sylvi, I will pass on your message to her and thank you for being with her and all her colleagues in spirit last night and every night x

sylvi in reply to ToffeeMumble

I have every reason to be grateful to all the staff that look after us as i have over the years been in and out of hospital. One occasion i remember well was when i broke my ankle and i really enjoyed my stay in there as the nurses were so good and we had a lot of laughs and some got really embarrassing for one nurse about teabags. I won't say anymore on that score, but thanks to her and all the girls on there if having a broken ankle can be enjoyed well i did that

To be honest wasnt it supposed to be about all those carers...clap for carers? I. Getting fed up as my daughter is 23 and risking her health looking after children of nhs and essential workers so when I clapped it was for teachers, bin men, drivers police army admin ...... thanks to all of them

ToffeeMumble in reply to allanah

I’m sorry I didn’t intend to offend anyone, I too am very grateful to all our service providers, carers (I was one after having to give up my teaching career) and essential key workers mine was just a personal thank you to show my appreciation and to say this does make a difference to people. It was not to belittle or sideline any of the others doing amazing jobs every day it was intended as a very personal thank you.

I know what you meant, 😊 but I agree with Allanah too, it’s not aimed at you at all I’m sure. Some supermarket

Workers are getting horrible abuse at the moment for things that are not their fault and risking their health every day to help keep the nation fed , yes, some of them are getting a bonus but many are still on not much more than the minimum wage. Yes, they get some recognition but not much, so I clapped too for everyone keeping the UK going at the moment too. Stay well xx

I too clapped for the NHS and for ALL the front line staff wherever they are working. So emotional to hear most of our village joining in.

Thank you to your daughter and all the NHS,they are amazing ❤️

It was a lovely, moving post & didn’t exclude anyone. Lifted my spirits this morning 😊x

Thank you ❤️

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