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1mg Prednisolone Enteric Coated Tablets - thank you!

I cannot recall who posted info about the above. But I just want to say a big thank you!

I have had to take Pred for a few years now and the uncoated tablets play havoc with my stomach. As I attempt once again to taper from 10mg to 5mg taking 9mg as of Monday (5mg coated + 4 x 1mg uncoated) is going to bring on hell. So a big thank you to the person who said coated 1mg is now available. Spoke to GP yesterday and she was unaware coated 1mg was now available and was more than happy to prescribe it.

Fab way to start the weekend - yippee!

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Thanks for that too. I am on 4mg and been sick. Will also ask for e/c coated.


Sorry to hear you have been sick. Uncoated Pred are the pits - thank goodness for the wonderful folk on this Forum.

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Is in the UK only. I am taking this medication when I was in the UK which was coated but in Canada they don't have the coated type as far as I know. I have terrible problems with my stomach and not sure which meds are the cause. I am trying to reduce the steroids from 20mg and now taking 17.5.


Sorry to hear that you cannot get the coated ones in Canada. Are you 100% sure? My GP had said to me back in 2012 that the coated ones were 3 times the price, but back then I was only on Pred and nothing else as I had just been diagnosed so it was clear that the Pred was upsetting my stomach.


Joy are you still using coated 1mg ?. I am having a nightmare to get them , just been told by hospital pharmacy they cannot get hold of them. I am in Yorkshire BTW.


Hi moomie

Yes I am still taking coated 1 mg Pred. As mentioned I get the prescription from my GP. Following a flare that went for my feet I had to take 20mg. I'm tapering once again and at the moment am on 8mg which means taking 3 x 1mg coated.

Have you spoken to your GP? Can he/she not prescribe the coated ones for you?


Hope things are settling for you. I have had them since March but the last few weeks the pharmacy including boots said they could not get it. The hospital Dr was good and said he will get it for me but the pharmacy said not available. I have had a right run around. The Rheumy Nurse really annoyed me and wanted me to just take the non coated or go from 4mg down to 2.5 then 0 in a month. Spoke to my G.p today he is putting me back on 5mg we go away Sat for 2 weeks . In the meantime he is speaking to the pharmacy to order some in. I feel relieved I had problems flaring when I go down to 3mg so do not want to be not fit on holiday.

Thank you for replying I will let my pharmacy know too.

Hope you go on ok

Thank you x


Whatever Pharmacy (Boots, Lloyds, Sains) I use in my locality the story is always the same - they need to order them in. So I need to make sure I get a repeat prescription in plenty of time. That said although they need to order them in, they have always been ready to pick up in around 2 days.

Sounds like you have a good plan of going back to 5mg for the time being. Just not worth spoiling your holiday over when we are talking small changes over a short period of time. If I were to reduce that dramatically as your nurse suggested I'd be flat on my back fatigued and in pain within a very short space of time. But then I have been stuck on steroids for quite some time and thus my body has got use to me popping them instead of making my own.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday and that when you get back the coated Pred issue is done and dusted.

Joy x


That sounds pretty good. Thank you.

I have been on them at various doses for 15 months and even going down by 1 I struggled. Cannot believe 1 little tablet would have that much effect.

Again thanks really looking forward to it now. Xx

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