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Thank you!! 😉😎.....

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Thank you so much to everybody who responded to my recent post about Husbands. 😘

Because it’s been a ‘crap day’ I’ve been sorting through my emails. I’ve laughed & cried through several of your posts....what a lovely bunch of like minded people you all are!! I think it is this sort of craziness that we all seem to have that gets us through all the s—t! 😉

I do try to keep positive......& this often comes across as stubborness, according to my Hubby! You can be sure if somebody tells me I can’t do something, that I will!...or at least have a go!

“I’m fine thanks” seems to be the easiest & most common reply when I’m asked “How are you?”....only my Hubby knows the truth by looking at my face! (He’s also made me promise to always tell the truth to the doctor or Rheumatologist!!)

Thank you all again for ‘being there’ & for Health Unlocked for allowing us to be there for each other. Take care.☺️ xx

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We are in this together darling.xxxx

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Beautiful words and very true! X

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I agree, such a supportive and informative forum which I am grateful for. Its interesting what you say as about a month ago I said to my oh that when people ask how I am im going to say ok thank you. Decided to do this for a number of reasons but mainly because im fedup with myself/RD. Oh says I must, i agree, say good ok or not to him and be honest with rheumy. Intersting. ☺

Far easier to say “I’m fine”...where would you start & how do you condense it down to a few words, to explain how you really are anyway?! 🤔😏🙄

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To be totally honest Hun, I think most people ask how you are out of courtesy because they know we are sick. In truth they don't really want to know the details and positively recoil in horror if someone goes into all the ins and outs of how they really feel! 🤣. My mother was Famous for giving long explanations about her bodily functions and I could see people in the distance avoiding her by dodging into doorways rather than face the onslaught of her latest bowel movement. 🤣. I think the polite ' I'm fine thanks' is by far the best way to go unless you are talking to a genuinely close friend or relative who really does want to know the real answer.

Keep strong everyone,



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A good point well made. There's nothing worse than getting a detailed description of someone's sore toe - again.

I think those who are genuine will listen to you.I do have a few different complaints and it's hard to just say how you are to a friend without going on and on as I have so much to explain. Sometimes I say I am not so bad or doing a bit better.My husband is super but does forget what the conditions are about etc but he is a tremendous support to me.we can't have everything just be blessed what we do have and I am so thankful he is here for me.

I hate saying 'I'm fine' when I'm not. But also I don't want to bore people with how I feel! So I say 'As well as can be expected', unless it's a REALLY bad day when I say 'It's not a good day today'. Otherwise people just expect me to do things that I can't do - carry chairs, move tables, stand up for long periods, etc.

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I agree it's a difficult one even with close family. My kids and grandkids just don't understand can't see why I can't do things I used to. Just have to do your best. Xx

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