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Trip to Dominican Republic


Any suggestions 're vaccinations for a Feb trip to Dominican Republic, some sites recommend tetanus and typhoid, others say no need.

I am on 12mg methotrexate weekly.

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My only advice is to not feed the beggars. The worst experience of my life was watching a stupid tourist giving a five year old some money and then the older children take it and worse

Then ripped every item of clothing from that poor little girl, we were told not to get in olved

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Entirely agree! Plus kids are often dragged out of school to beg so get no education to help them out of poverty. If you're going to Dominican Republic you could consider instead supporting the work going on to rebuild after the hurricanes.

Depends what you are doing. If you are staying in a resort hotel and not doing a massive amount of site seeing and drink bottled water if you are out and about then you probably don't need them. If you are travelling independently and staying and eating in smaller local places then it could be a wise precaution.

Although on your dose of MTX there shouldn't be a problem, you can get a typhoid shot that is not a live virus (unlike the oral one). Tetanus is not live either.

Your GP's Practice Nurse will have a list of every thing you should take, & will also have your medical history so will know what you can avoid.

I'd think Tetanus a must...I keep mine up to date even if I'm not going travelling...on the DR website you will be able to see if there are any Typhoid you can then decide if you have the jab or not.

Whatever you decide.....get them done in good time.

I have travel vaccination clinic clients. Advise is Diptheria, tetanus and polio (single jab-individual ones are no longer available), hepatitis A and typhoid. Most docs don't offer this service any longer and would refer you to City Doc or The Vaccination Clinic. Both have branches across the UK.

Thanks guys

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