A trip too far methinks.xxxxxxxxx

Just had to get out and get a different view. So went to Bedworth on my scooter. Lovely sunny day and i was ok trundling along and got the shopping hubby wanted,but by the time i had finished was ceam crackered and had to use my inhaler before coming home. Now resting for the rest of the day. Breathing not very clever now and pain in my shoulder blade is back. xxxxxxx

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  • Well Sylvi, sounds not pretty. Wish you all the best


  • Rough for you. Take it easy.x

  • Hi Sylvia hope you enjoyed your trip. Its not so bad being in pain after if you enjoyed it.  Just a quick one went in to see my daughter after doing a bit of shopping for her. She had done to much over the holiday and was suffering for it . She actually looked good. Her complexion is clearing up. The spots on her chin have nearly gone and her colour is no longer so red. Its just now that she cannot keep going for as long as she used to. That is what is she is finding. Its doesnt matter how much we say pace yourself like you she feels good and over does it. 

    Sending you hugs and hopefully you will be up and doing again soon. Just take your time and have plenty of rest breaks. XXX


  • Oh Chris your daughter is juast like me,i went into the garden after lunch and did a bit of gardening and pruning and i had to stop as i couldn't breathe and i ended up out the front sitting by the garage while Bob was sorting the garage out and i just did my colouring in books.This blooming virus isn't going anywhere soon. Give your daughter my kind regards and telling her from me to pace herself more(yee i know good coming from me)xxxxx

  • The word pace yourself never works with me either I always try to walk that wee bit further and and up nackered afterwards

  • Oh dear, why do we all keep over doing things?

  • Because we forget we are chronically ill darling and if the sun is shining we want to do things.xxxxxx

  • I know. It is sheer will power that keeps me going to work. But I keep looking at my sewing machine and want to get quilting again.

  • We are all the same. Be kind to yourselves everyone.  I always ask myself if it will be worth it before I tackle a job then do it anyway lol.x

  • How are you today? Still the same or some improvement?

  • I think there is a little improvement thank you for asking darling.xxx

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