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Silver wedding trip away

Hi everyone hope you are well and enjoying some sunshine today. Tomorrow I celebrate 25yrs married to my lovely hubbie. Were off to London to watch Blood Brothers on the West end and staying in a nice hotel in Covent Garden. Were only going for the one night as I don't like leaving my 12yr old labrador too long now even though my son is here to look after her. I've not had any alcohol at all since starting mtx in May but I really would like to have a couple of glasses of bubbly during the day. Now my mtx book says to stay well within safe limits so I'm hoping I may be able to have 3 glasses over the whole day? My mtx day is Friday and I don't take anything else except folic acid. At least I'll be a cheap date as I'll probably be legless after one glass! Do any of you indulge on special occasions? I know it's best not to drink but I really want to just this once.

Paula x

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Hi Paulywoo, and congratulations on reaching 25yrs of married bliss!

During my time on mtx I did not have a drink as I was too worried after reading all the 'bump' on it. Can you get hold of GP or Rhumey Nurse or better still the pharmarcy where you collect your script from, they will be better able to advice you as they should have records of all your meds.

Even though I am no longer on mtx and am taking other drugs, I have only ever had less than 1/2 glass of wine before turning it away. Before all this started? Nothing to down a bottle or two,(?), with hubby and friends, be it Rioja (red), Pinot Grecio (white), California (pink) or heavenly champagne, scrumptious port, smooth creme de menthe with crushed ice. My lips are watering, on second thoughts go for it girl and enjoy!

Seriously, contact one of the above first, you don't want to spoil an otherwise brilliant occasion.



Paula many congatulations on your silver wedding anniversary. It is a milestone these days when people give up so quickly,so well done to you both. We celebrated 29yrs a couple of weeks ago, as people say in jest you get less for murder. Like georje says speak to drs or chemist,but i don't think a couple are going to hurt you. You might find that when you get the wine in front of you, you won't be able to drink it anyway. I have seen blod brothers in coventry and it was a very good play, so you'll enjoy it very much.

So go and enjoy yourselves abd happy anniversary to you both..... love sylvi, xxxx


Hi Paula - first off congratulations! - we will hit that same 25 years in 2014 and it seems to have flown by but at the same time I hardly remember I time when my husband wasn't in my life because we lived together for 5 years prior to marriage. I had rather a lot of drinks when I was away with my choir in April and my liver rose but only a bit my GP phoned to tell me. Since then I've avoided it completely but now back down to 15mg I've had a couple of glasses over the last month and feel it will be fine somehow although bloods not taken again for two weeks. I had a glass of bubbly on Sunday with friends and it was lovely went straight to my head! Enjoy yourself. Tilda xx


Hi Paula,

Congratulations on your wedding anniversary, I hope you enjoy your trip to London, Blood Brothers is brilliant. I can't see a couple of glasses will do much harm. Have fun & enjoy yourself. Congrats to hubby too.

Mary x


Congrats! Enjoy your bubbly. My Rhuemy nurse said it was fine to have a few glasses on a special occasion. I stopped pretty much as soon as I started metho as I was petrified!!! Have some water in between and you are right you will be a bit squiffy after one glass ;) I stopped metho a few years back and I am still a one glass girl, can never finish a second glass! Have a lovely time xx


Stick to things that have lower alcohol content like bubbly rather than a heavy red wine that's 14% alcohol, and you should be fine. But take it gently as you may well find that half a glass is enough for you and you don't want to ruin your day by feeling ill. I find that my capacity is just rubbish now, and about a third of a glass is pretty much the same as a whole bottle used to be!

Happy anniversary.... Pollyx


Happy anniversary to both!

Hope you have a wonderful day/night you deserve it.I have seen blood brothers a few times in Cardiff and Southampton and its fabulous. You will enjoy it. Everyone's right, have a glass or two but take it easy at first as your body isnt used to it now! Everyone has such good advice on here cos they have all been there! Have a truly wonderful time and many more happy days together. Asa's mum xx


Happy Anniversary ..congrats have a lovely time xxx


Congratulations :)


Congratulations ....have an amazing time x


Congratulations on your silver wedding. Hope you have a wonderful time. re the bubbly, have just come back from holiday and I managed to enjoy quite a few drinks while I was away. Felt absolutely fine, just hoping the blood results will be OK, but the psychological effects must have benefitted me I'm sure.

Caroline. x


Congratulations. Enjoy your time in London. I have had the odd couple of glasses of wine when on mtx and been OK, it used to be the whole bottle, but I can't do that now-lol

Lottie xx


Congratulations Paula, hope that you have a lovely time in London.

My Rheumy has said that it is ok to drink alcohol in moderation whilst on MTX (despite my liver function tests being slightly elevated initially) and the GP has said that it is ok to have one or two glasses of wine per day and as I always follow doctors orders, that is what I do. Despite this, little by little my LFT's have come back to normal. I would add that these are french doctors which might explain their relaxed attitude to alcohol.

I would say, as this is a special ocassion, enjoy a glass of bubbly or two!

Wendy xx


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