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I feel that I have been able to prove beyond any doubt that MHRA’s advice to government to ban Co-proxamol was in order to increase their income and NOT FOR DRUG SAFETY CONCERNS OR EFFICACY!

Dextropropoxyphene based products are back in production in India and on the market at a very completive price, £1.13 /100 tablets

MHRA’s scare tactics were totally responsible for the scandalous price increases (£49.50) when the product was finally removed from the NHS prescribing list. For this reason the ‘Named Patient Facility’ should be reinstated immediately and the suitability for controlled status for general use. Co-proxamol should be considered to be far safer than Tramadol, Oxycodone, Fentanyl, and Buprenorphine Which MHRA have issued 298 additional ‘Marketing Authorisations’ since the ban on Co-proxamol was announced in 2005!

It should also be noted that there was a total lack of ‘due diligence’ by ministers when they decided to accept MHRA’s seriously flawed recommendations regarding Co-proxamol.

Ministers Directly Responsible For the Lack of Due Diligence

Patricia Hewitt 5 May 2005 – 27 June 2007

Alan Johnson Secretary of State for Health Jun 2007 - Jun 2009

Caroline Flint Minister for Public Health from 2005 to 2007

Dawn Primarolo Minister for Public Health 2007–2009

Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt, my MP Paul Maynard, PrescQIPP, LMMG, CCG, DOH, and the NHS have all acted in a disgraceful manner by refusing to confront the MHRA regarding the MISSINFORMATION they have peddled since 2005; MHRA have had a complete disregard for patient’s safety and wellbeing, and the colossal increased costs which have burdened the NHS throughout this sad state of affairs!

MHRA are nothing more than a REPREHENSIBLE MONEY GRUBBING ORGANISATION IN CAHOOTS WITH BIG PHARMA and are totally devoid of a moral conscience regarding patient safety and wellbeing. They are totally responsible making life intolerable for millions of patients globally!

* Medindia Drugs Drug Price

Caybutyl (Dextropropoxyphene) Double Strength 1 Tab Max 4 Daily

100 Tabs = 97 INR = 1.13092 GBP

Indian Rupee1 INR = 0.0116590 GBP

Price List Updated on February 2nd 2017

Drug information on Caybutyl (Dextropropoxyphene) from Jagsonpal Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Combination of Generics - Dextropropoxyphene, Paracetamol

Trade Name Caybutyl

Manufacturer Jagsonpal Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Unit 650mg/65mg (1-4 Tablets Daily)


Brudex (400+325+32.5) (Dextropropoxyphene - Combination)

Drug information on Brudex (400+325+32.5) (Dextropropoxyphene - Combination) from PRG Pharma Pvt Ltd.

Combination of Generics - Dextropropoxyphene, Ibuprofen, Paracetamol

Brudex (400+325+32.5)

Trade Name Brudex (400+325+32.5)

Manufacturer PRG Pharma Pvt Ltd.

Unit 400mg/325mg/32.5mg


There should be hope for the Millions of patients who have been denied Co-proxamol for the past ten years!

Caybutyl is a combination prescription 650mg/65mg Paracetamol/ Dextropropoxyphene and comes as a tablet or capsule. A single tablet would be equivalent to the Co-proxamol dose of 2 x 325 /32.5mg.

I have recently been in contact with the Parliamentary Health Committee and the Ombudsman and I would appreciate anyone who has been affected by this ban to contact their GP and MP immediately as PESTER POWER MAY GET CO-PROXAMOL REINSTATED QUICKER FOR EVERYONE WHO NEEDS IT!

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although co.proxamol not as strong as others .they worked better for me than the over ones .I missed them

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Reading the literature I thought that it was the small difference between the maximum dose and toxic dose that made it so dangerous. A small miscalculation or forgetfulness (have I taken another dose?) could be fatal. Decisions like this are taken because sometimes people make mistakes.


MHRA’s scare tactics were totally responsible for the scandalous price increases (from £2.30 to £49.50 when the product was finally removed from the NHS prescribing list).

Co-proxamol had been a completely safe (when tolerated and used correctly) and economical drug which had been used by patients for over 50 years!

Remuneration and pension interests of the thirteen most senior managers at MHRA range from £105,000 to £210,000.

Dr Ian Hudson Chief Executive

2016 Salary, Performance pay, and Pension related benefits amounted to a total of £220,000 - £225,000!

Dr June Raine, CBE Director of Vigilance & Risk Management of Medicines 2016 Salary, Performance pay, and Pension related benefits amounted to a total of £165.000 - £170,000!

It would be obvious to assume MHRA couldn’t afford to pay the exorbitant salaries from drugs which could only generate a low income. This was certainly the case with Co-proxamol its financial contribution to MHRA had declined to a total of just one hundred thousand pounds for the period 2005 and 2015!

MHRA have Issued 298 additional Marketing Authorisations (Licences) for three of the far more dangerous opiates, Oxycodone, Fentanyl, and Buprenorphine Since the ban on Co-proxamol was first announced!

The NHS has had to bear the excessive additional costs to operate MHRA’s ‘Named Patient Scheme’ along with the increased costs for the inferior medication thrust upon patients and the additional prescriptions added to combat the severe side effects of the alternate drugs

60,000 patients who had proved that Co-proxamol was their only effective option for pain relief and were lucky to be on 'The Named Patient Scheme' have simply been abandoned!

The number of patients admitted for opioid poisoning have risen year on year since 2005, there were 4,891 admissions in 2005-06 reaching 12,254 in 2013, 7363 additional admissions no doubt costing NHS many more millions of pounds!

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I had been taking coproxamol till last December,i was told the hospital would no longer perscribe them,i was given paracetamol as an alternative. To cut a long story short am now taking dhidrocodine,paracetamol and morphine after trying lots of different drugs. Morphine is much more dangerous than coprpxamol.

Coproxamol was better for me, all the Doctors I have seen say the same,but they arnt allowed to perscribe

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Same here


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