Back in the bike

Well as promised a little update

Today I cycled 13 miles and I'm feeling exhausted but good

Considering my bike was put into hibernation last year due to my RA running riot and not being able to lift a cup of tea some days I'm feeling quite proud of myself 😊

For all who are suffering out there .....hang in there with the right meds you can get back to some normality .

Stay positive guys and girls :-)

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  • Fantastic news. That's brilliant xx

  • Thank you 😊

  • Brilliant! Well done you.

    I have days like that. Last year I wanted to curl up and sleep for ever 😄

  • yep still have my days when I do nothing !! I love my Jim jams and tv days :-)

    It's good to rest up !

  • brilliant well done you and if you feel good that's all that matters at the end of the day.

    well done again 13 miles is alot to do

  • Thank you .

    In my previous life I was cycling 30 miles but hey it's a start :-)

  • just be careful you don't over do it you don't want to hurt yourself I remind myself slow and steady you don't want to take one step forward and two steps back. Well done again its alot to do when you have had time off xx

  • Thank you for giving me some hope Fifi2

    Until approx 3 yrs ago I was fit and healthy.Cycled approx 100 miles a week etc.Then diagnosed with RA and within a few months things got bad very quickly.

    Cant walk across a room most days.and have had to stop working.Just hoping one day things may change and give me,my life back.I still have my bike in the shed and looking to bring it out again.

    At least I know its possible now,

    Good luck to you and well done in your progress.

    Take care.



  • Never say never !!

    Last year I was seriously not good .couldnt drive didn't want to go out and wasn't working .My life became very small

    My bubble may burst but for now I'm enjoying almost being the old me again

    It can be done !! Don't give up !!



  • Thank you.



  • Well done you i am proud of what you have achieved.xxxx

  • Thank you's been a long time coming !

    Hope it continues ....never know with this damm RA

    But while it lasts I'm riding the crest of the wave :-))

  • Well done you. I know the feeling. When things are at their worst you imagine you will never be able to do these things again. Hope you enjoy lots of great bike rides now the weather is improving.

  • Thank you I hope so too !

  • That's brilliant, well done you. 👏

  • Thank you

  • Such a positive post. Thanks for sharing.

  • I'm getting there .....slow but sure :-)

  • Well done Fifi. Great to get back a bit of normality.

    I'm improving as well I swam 4 times last week( not very far though)and walked my dog , yes I finally got one ,he's a rescue dog a boarder collie called Jack. We only got him last Friday but he seems to be settled already.I will post a photo when I figure out how to do it from my iPad .

    Regards Mike

  • Well done you !!

    Yes swimming is next on my list .its very good for you .

    I have to keep active otherwise I'll seize up !!

    I too have a little dog 🐶 King Charles Cavalier.shes adorable

    Take care


  • Well done and thanks for sharing your positive post as well, gives everyone hope. Onwards and upwards. X

  • Indeed .there is always hope !

  • Well done!

  • Well done it's great when you do something you like that makes you feel good x

  • Thank you

  • What a lovely day to have been out and about cycling!

  • It was beautiful weather . Cycled along the grand union canal .stopped a few times along the way for a light refreshment.

    Lovely little pubs what better way to spend a Sunday

  • Awesome news Fifi! Good on you and keep it up.. We're very happy for you...

  • Thank you :-)

  • Great news - do you mind sharing what meds you are on?

  • Of course . After what seem so like a lifetime( 2 years ) trying to get meds right I have found one that works .

    Rituximab infusion and leflunomide

    It's worked for me and I'm almost back to my old self

    Have also returned to my job which I love ❤️.....cabin crew worldwide .

    It can be done !!

  • Thank you so much Fifi, nice to hear reassuring stories. Saturday I was looking to pack in all my meds as the pain in my feet was awful. I was out for the day and unable to walk 😬However, today is a better day - just a moment of sheer angst and frustration.

    Lovely to know you are back at work - brings hope. All the best x

  • Thankyou for your positive words! I read them out to my hubby to give him a boost. You must be so chuffed not just the awesome biking but getting your life back! 😃

  • I am so so grateful .i was in a very dark place last year .To be honest I really thought I would never get back to being able to do normal things like driving mowing the lawn and certainly never cycling again !

    I'm going to slowly build up the miles .

    Have to admit I was exhausted ....slept for an hour after but had a long soak in the bath and early night as I was working the next day flying to Saudi Arabia .

    I have to push myself ....not too much but still a little push otherwise I could easily fall into the "I can't do that mode "

    Don't give up will happen

  • Well done.good for you

  • Thank you

  • Dotty55

    Well done Fifi you must be very proud of yourself and your hubby must be proud of you to I hope I get some of my life back can't remember what it feels like to be normal I am very proud of you and it gives us all hope good on ya lots of hugs

    Dotty 55

  • Thanks Dotty

    Yes I am proud of me when I sit and think about it .give myself a pat on the back as no hubby :-)

    That was also haunting me last year .......being on my own, although I do have my mum and sister who have been a tremendous support .

    I had to get back to some normality to keep me sane otherwise it would have been overwhelmingly life changing

    I would have to have had given up work and sell my house 🏡 Major change

    But here I am muddling through :-)

  • Dotty55

    Nice to hear you are getting back to some normality I have just spent 3 hours cleaning my kitchen I am in agony now can hardly move I brought a new rug for my kitchen only two of us makes you wonder where all the muck comes from pulled everything out I feel better that I have done it In spite of the pain will really catch up,on me tomorrow my hands hurt now can hardly straighten them i wish the pain would go away


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