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Hi I wonder if anyone here has ever taken this painkiller? For me and many others it was the only one that actually worked. I was signed as a named patient in 2008 saying that i took full responsibility and would not allow others to access my pills nor would i commit suicide. However this drug is now costing nearly £300 for 1 months supply. The clinical commission have decided that they will not allow Drs to prescribe it since November 2015................ : (

In january a sensible chap started a petition to get this relicenced which would then bring down the price. Here is the link and it is a safe site

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese can you sign to help those of us who cannot take any other pain killer. Yes I have tried them all and been really ill because of them.

Hopefully a big THANK YOU

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  • Have just signed but I got message to say I am one of 29 people who have signed, we need another 71 - so we need to keep going :)

  • Where are you? I get it on prescription without any problems.

  • Well you're really blessed, I know for sure it can't be got in Dorset or South Norfolk unless one finds and pays for a private prescription then finds a pharmacy and has at least £240 each month to pay for them prices vary a lot and it can be £400 each month :( ;( my friends are now trying to help do some fundraising but????

  • This is apauling cheeriable! Poor you. Have you thought about going to your MPs surgery. It's disgraceful that you are being penalised in this way. Have signed the petition.

  • Have signed and shared....would be devastated ifmy pain relief was removed. Goodluck with the petitionIT COULD BE OUR PAIN FELIEF NEXT.......SIGN!!!

  • Yes friends have already written to MP and I am partway through a letter which a friend is proofreading as without pain killer brain fogs up at times!! Thanks for signing the petition, I and others would be grateful if you can ask anyone else you know if they can sign the petition. Um, I wonder if it is possible for you to ask around any pharmacies in your area "If someone has a private prescription, how much would 100 Co-proxamol cost." I'm trying to compile a list of the varying prices.

    NB Co-proxamol is paracetamol and Dextropropoxyphene. in Some countries it has other names. I'd love to know if it's available in Guernsey, Jersey the Isle of Man etc.

    There must be an answer somehow to this problem but I even looked at trials for new medication and found nothing that would be safe for me.

    Thanks for support.

  • Done. I hope that another 60 will sign soon. All the very best.

  • 41st!

  • Hi

    Petition now signed - hope they listen

  • Petition signed.

  • I used to have this for donkey yonks, it was called Distalgesic. Good luck with your petition.

  • I have been able to get this medication until 2 months ago when my to phoned me to say it was getting too expensive and he would have to stop the repeat prescription. I have just over a box left and although I have been trying to reduce it I'm not sure I will have got it down to zero before the box is empty! I live in north Norwich which I think comes under north Norfolk CCG.

  • Should have said my gp phoned me...

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