My quest for answers regarding Co-proxamol began in June 2008 under a Labour administration and unfortunately nothing has changed with this government.

There had been a total lack of consideration for patients (DUE DILIGENCE) by the UK Government during the period 2004 to 2007 which has continued with the NHS, DOH, PrescQIPP, MP’s, and Ministers in successive governments ever since. They have all believed that every word issued by MHRA to be true when the facts were available to prove MHRA’s information regarding Co-proxamol was clearly, and totally untrue in 2005 when the ban was first announced!

None of my questions have been answered with honesty and it appears that no one in successive governments have been prepared to challenge MHRA regarding Co-proxamol

QWhat Caused the Demise of Co-proxamol (Best Ever Analgesic for RA Sufferers) and MHRA’s So Called ‘Named Patient Scheme’?

AThe pure avariciousness of MHRA and a total lack of DUE DILLIGENCE by the UK Government during the period 2004 to 2007.


As Co-proxamol had been on the market for over 50 years the income MHRA received from the remaining 17 ‘Marketing Authorisation’ holders had diminished by 2005.

MHRA have issued many more ‘Marketing Authorisations’ for alternate analgesia during the period from 2005 to 2014. Again they appear to seek increases in their income while totally ignoring patient safety & well-being.

How do you increase your income from one hundred thousand pounds to fifteen million pounds? (This would be my guestimate and could be (and certainly will be in future years) higher) BAN CO-PROXAMOL!


My FOI Questions to MHRA: - Co-proxamol, what was the monetary loss to MHRA when these MA’s were cancelled?

MHRA response: - Zero

What was the potential monetary loss to MHRA between 2008 and 2015? (Variations & Renewals Etc.)

MHRA response: - This has been calculated to be approximately £100,000

Alternate Analgesia

How many MA’s were held for OXYCODONE drugs when the phased withdrawal for Co-proxamol was first announced in January 2005? 13

How many MA’s were held in January 2015? 151

What was the monetary Gain to MHRA between 2008 and 2015 resulting from any increases in the number of MA's issued? (Including Variations & Renewals Etc.).

Approximately £1,550,000. This is the total received in application fees for the new marketing authorisations and does not include any subsequent licence variations or service fees. (The figure of fifteen million is my guestimate of application fees, licence variations, and service fees for Oxycodone and Tramadol plus any additional MA’s issued for other drugs that replaced Co-proxamol)

My attempt at obtaining an answer to this question was cunningly circumvented by them using Section 12 of the Freedom of Information Act. Licence variations and service fees are a continuous income for MHRA which are far more lucrative than the initial marketing authorisations!

In order to resolve this issue I compromised and requested them to research the first 60 MA's they issued for Oxycodone since 2005 via a new FOI request FOI 17/046

MHRA Reply

Dear Mr xxxx xxxxxx,

Thank you for your email of 25 January 2017, requesting under the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act the research of the first 60 MA's MHRA have issued for Oxycodone since 2005. We confirm that the answer to your question is £1,068,399

We now consider this request closed.

This proved that licence variations and service fees are a ‘Gift That Keeps on Giving’ a continuous income for MHRA which are far more lucrative than the initial marketing authorisations! When you consider that just 60 additional ‘MA’s' raised over an additional million pounds between 2008 and 2015, the next question MHRA should answer is ‘how many additional MA’s for all analgesic products have been issued since the ban on Co-proxamol was announced in January 2005’? (If I was to ask this question I’m sure section 12 would be invoked again)!

The money grubbing tactics of MHRA began 18 months prior to the ban being implemented. I found the first of many additional authorisation for Tramadol granted to Bristol Laboratories Limited on 27thJune 2006 50mg Capsules PL 17907/0110.

According to an FDA report produced between 1969 and 2005 there were 10671 more adverse event reports, 3256 more overdose reports, 437 more suicide reports, 5041 more abuse & dependence reports, and the total number of death reports increased by 5059 when Oxycodone was compared with Propoxyphene (Co-proxamol)!

Oxycodone was prescribed more than a million times in England (2012 – 2013), a rise of 39 per cent since 2010.


2009/2010 - 788,607 2010/2011 - 919,177 2011/2012 - 1.01million

2012/2013 - 1.09million


Oxycodone 10mg capsules in 2017 is £22.86 for 56 tablets

*The price of Co-proxamol in 2005 was £2.70 for 100 tablets.

If there is just one patient living in the Newport West constituency you are lucky to have the only MP (Paul Flynn) who would be prepared challenge the MHRA. I would be grateful if you could bring this information to his attention. Despite all this relevant information my MP refuses to meet with me at one of his surgeries.

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  • This is maybe because it's been a long, rough day but although what you e written is very interesting , I'm not clear what your actual question that you want answered is?

    Is it the need to have answered simply why co proxamol was stopped in its prescription and that it seemed a money making exercise versus being in the best interest of the public ? Is it that, as you state, the best drug for RA sufferers and therefore should've remained available ?

    Wanted to understand what was the actual question ( and driver)

  • Unfortunately my MP refuses to offer any assistance regarding this situation and there is now only one MP remaining who is prepared to state the truth about the corruption within MHRA. As I don’t reside in his constituency I'm unable to seek his advice.

    My question is the final paragraph, "If there is just one patient living in the Newport West constituency you are lucky to have the only MP (Paul Flynn) who would be prepared challenge the MHRA. I would be grateful if you could bring this information to his attention."

  • Yes, I understand. I'm unsure though as to what you hope to achieve and why?

  • I guess it's the announcement a day or so ago that copraxamol will be removed from NHS list completely now. It's been restricted for a while as was alleged not to be any more effective than others and had high number of deaths associated with it. However some feel this was about money (making it & saving it) not patient safety. And they want it back.

  • Thanks HH

    Think I was having a foggy day yesterday! Having said this, I was reading over the reasons for this and there does seem to be some evidence to support the removal from market?

    I'm not sure there's anything of substance to support that it was "the best drug for RA sufferers" either.

    Thanks for the response. Have a good day.


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