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on enbrel, now adding arava

Have been on enbrel for 20 weeks now and actually have experience more pain in wrist than before. Rheumatologist wants me to start arava along with enbrel. I am also taking 5mgs prednisone daily, meloxicam every now and then. I also have hashimotos (hypothyroidism) and take levothyroxine. For a person who really dislikes taking any meds, I feel like I am taking quite a bit. I am hesitant to start the avara. I guess I am concerned about my liver and other side effects.

and... does anyone out there experience numbness and tingling in hands and lower legs? Sometimes it keeps me awake at night. It is a strange feeling.

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I have Arava (Leflunomide) along with MTX and Rituximab. Keep a watch on your BP with Arava. The numbness might be peripheral neurothapy. nhs.uk/conditions/periphera...

Try Vitamin B12, and mention it to your GP.


Did you mention the numbess/tingling to your Rheumy before he prescribed leflunomide Jujubee? If not I wonder if you should before starting it. Peripheral neuropathy is a rare side effect of LEF, my thinking is you don't want to add to something which already exists however rare the side effect. I've recently stopped LEF for this reason, nerve conduction studies confirmed peripheral neuropathy. Your Rheumy may want to refer you to Neurology to have studies too.


Hi, this med is usually used in conjunction with other medications. Like many others it may work for some time and then slowly stop working; however, many people do well on it for years. I have now been on xeljanz for four years as the Arava did ware off. Good luck to you!


Hi , I don’t often post on here as I forget I have it , regards your meds’ I’ve been on this combination for 12 months and for me it has worked brought it under control although I still get pain in my joints mainly fingers and wrists and feet but told this pain is due to the damage that was done upto getting diagnosed and starting treatment so don’t get down give it a go , you will have to have blood test every couple of months due to Arava just to keep a check on things


Thank you for your reply. Do you get blood work regularly for being on enbrel??


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