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Just wondered if anyone has had the same experience, I started with the Enbrel pen about 4 months ago but had so much pain with it that my Rheumy told me to stop it for 4 weeks, well you can guess at the end of 4 weeks I was ready to end it all I had so much pain everywhere ! any way she has now started me on the Enbrel filled injections, I inject MXT anyway so I didn't mind injecting Enbrel that is until my fist one yesterday ....... now I know the pain I felt was not the needle but the liquid going in .. as that was almost as painful as the pen.!!

Has anyone else experienced this ???

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Hi nellysgran (love the name!), yes, I found the enbrel injection very painful, both the pen and the prefilled syringe.

As it turned out, I developed severe injection site reactions, and had to come off it, even though I was beginning to think that might be working.

I am now on humira, using the pen, and it's not nearly as sore. Down side is that I'm not at all sure that it's working!!!

Hope it improves for you. I did think it was a bit better if I took a big bunch of flesh to inject into, which was easier on my legs than my tummy!

Most importantly, I hope it works for you! M x


Thank you ,when I was using the pen before I really thought it was working as I felt the difference after the first day so I don't want to really stop the Enbrel, yes I take a big bunch of flesh, ( I have plenty !) but it still is very painful not sure if I should tell my rheumy nurse or not, I don't want to go back to no meds again that was just too painful.



I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing such pain when having your injection, and just wanted to check that you are taking the injection out of the fridge for about 15-30 minutes before injecting, to allow the drug to come up to room temperature which, according to the information, should make the injection less painful. As others have suggested if the injection is too painful then I would suggest that you speak to your nurse about possible other ways to help reduce the pain. Hope things soon start to improve.

Best wishes



Hi , I agree with Lorraine it's awfully sore if you don't take it out of the fridge before giving it to yourself. But if you find it painful or difficult to use call your Rheumy and tell them!!


I have been using the enbrel pen since October. I find it helps if as others said that I take it out of the fridge 20 minutes before and also I cool the area where I am going to inject with a bag of peas for a few minutes too this seems to help me.


As you say it's the liquid going in, I get this at times and I have found it when I am more stressed out or tense as I know it may sting! I take mine out for 60 minutes to really make sure it's at too temperature, put the telly on to Matthew Wright and whilst listening to their conversations I then inject to help take the mind off it all!

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I injected with the enbrel pen for the second time yesterday. I take mine out of the fridge about 40 minutes before I inject. Both times in the belly. The liquid does go in at a fair rate of knots, but doesn't really hurt..feels similar to a bee sting. Only noticeable side effects so far is slight nausea the morning after I inject.


Hi, you can get Enbrel powder that you mix yourself with saline with the syringe. It is a fine needle and the liquid isn't so viscous. I had it for nearly a year and it is not at all painful.


Hi here

Apart from what else everyone has suggested about bringing it up to room temperature, I would suggest you let it get warmer for longer. You can leave unrefrigerated for up to 24 hours according to the manufacturers pharmacy dept. Despite what they say on the leaflet. The trick I did learn was after you have swabbed your injection site give it time to dry on the skin first. The swabs are now made using a different carrier for the alcohol part, which means it stays moister for a little longer, which will sting like fury if even barely damp. I now find it much easier following that tip. However, there are times it can be painful, but by the time you have counted to three, it's over. Good luck


Thank you all for your replies, I always take it out of the fridge for at least 30 - 45 mins. It seems i'm not the only one who suffers from this, but I think it's worth it as it seems to be doing good so I will just have to grin and bare it !!


I was very very similar to Hats with Enbrel and Humira , although Enbrel did miracles for 5 weeks and stopped. Humira hurt less than Enbrel for me. Did nothing though. I used to warm the clickpen under my shirt/just inside my waistband until it lost its coldness. I was told by Rheumy, HaH nurse and the official starter packs/video it was preferable/easier to inject straight down into the top middle area of the thigh as it is usually firmer here .. I have quite firm legs there .. rather than pinching up skin and going in at an angle .. I could not get enough on top of the thigh to do that so it was easier for me to do it straight down into the thigh. I think all injections sting a bit .. Enbrel was very uncomfy but I just used to count down ten to one to try take my mind off it then have a piece of choc or something handy to distract me after ;-) Hope you have less pain soon. NK x


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