Blood tests on Enbrel

Hi guys

In need of your valuable advice and experience. Have just had results of my first blood tests since starting Enbrel ( six weeks in)

All in all am completely thrilled so far. Slight injection site reaction and not sure if I'm imagining it but a slight wheeze in my breathing ( nothing to cause alarm though)

Blood tests look the best they have been in months.

CRP at 2

ALT at 54 ( good for me)

U&E totally normal

My white blood cell count however is on the very lowest low side of normal. When I've finished writing this I will check it again on my patient online access and update my post.

Is this something that could have an effect on me being able to continue taking Enbrel?

Does anyone have any experience with this sort of thing?

Many thanks in advance.


PS, has anyone had any problems in the sun while on Enbrel as Im going on holiday tomorrow and am a bit concerned.?

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  • If it is still within the normal limits, and your doctor hasn't said anything, then I wouldn't worry. Remember that normal ranges are quite wide for a reason - some people's normals are lower than other peoples, but within the range it shouldn't be causing any health problems.

  • I have been on Enbrel for over two years and have no problems with sun exposure. Hope you have a lovely holiday.

  • Wonderful news.

  • Thank you very much! Yipee, emergency steroids packed and got my travel sharps box and my cool pack and thermometer!

    I'm good to go!


  • I've been on Enbrel now for at least four years with no problems. Had to stop it because of chest infections otherwise fine. Sun exposure, hard to say as I live in Scotland and holiday here. Have a great holiday x

  • Have a great holiday you lucky thing!

  • I was on Enbrel, but got too many chest infections so had to stop it. I'm now on Rituximab infusions. I am very fair skinned and I did notice that I needed more sun protection. My face got burnt in Seville in March!


  • I have been on MTX and Enbrel for 4 years and my white blood count is always around the bottom limit and averages on it. My rheumy is quite happy as he says it is my norm and not to stop worry about it. He will tell me if there is a problem! My GP has always said its ok as it does not go much below and keeps creeping back over the minimum. I am in remission and am really happy with the combination I am on. My CRP is always 3-5 unless I have a flare or am off meds due to an op or flu.

    We go to the Antigua in Feb. each year and I have never had problems with sun. I use total sun block and don't like to lay in the sun anyway. I swim a lot though.

    Have you all the letters for your drugs and repeat prescription? Keep injections in your hand luggage and don't put through the scanner. Have a lovely holiday and don't worry.

  • Enbrel has not affected my blood counts negatively much at all. In fact they have improved since starting the injections. Like you, my WBC is on the low side of normal and my RBC is slightly low but docs have told me no worries! One bit of advice though, as you travel-- keep the pens cooled, which it sounds lIke you will do. The makers of Enbrel say that it can be at room temp for up to 14 days. I tried that on my last vacation and it definitely did not work as well, if at all! I will never try THAT again!

    I have had no problems with sun exposure on Enbrel. I wear sunscreen and still tan nicely.

    Have a great holiday!

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