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I had foot surgery yesterday to straighten my left foot. Boney overgrowth removed, toes straightened and plated then screwed into place. The HNS gets some stick but this local hospital was great, in yesterday morning (after 18 week wait) then late in the afternoon all done and back on the ward for supper. Care was superb I can't thank and praise the medical staff enough. Anyone interested in North Kent this was the Darent Valley it was better by far than the private hospital nearby andwith now at home with foot up a bit of swelling and grounded for 6 weeks then hey those blue and silver threaded shoes can be worn again with love- aahhhhh. The LEF was not a problem and even the food was ok, not great but hot and ok. Toilets were clean and I'd highly recommend this hospital. So the progressive RA's effects on my foot has been held back and a few scars are a small price to pay for comfort and being able to wear nice shoes again. I know very small risk of minor problems like a bit of stiffness but been told do the exercises and all should be well.

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  • Hi Medway-lady!

    Glad to hear you are bouncing back from surgery.

    I am at the stage of no heels over an inch high but reality is that only Merrell walking boots and shoes are comfortable. No obvious deformity though, just sore most of the time.

    Take care of yourself. :-)

  • Have you been checked for Morton's Nuroma's they cause a lot of pain and were my first RA symptom many years ago. it's like walking on broken glass but invisable.

  • No, not heard of that!

    Visit to podiatrist over 18 months ago. Progressed since then, fell and fractured cuboid bone in left foot in May 2016.

    X-ray showed changes from first one done 6 months before (for RA diagnosis process).

    Feels like walking on bare bones. Sometimes hardly any pain but most of the time they hurt.

    I read that the pads on the underside of the foot can slip forwards in RA, causing the feeling of ‘walking on stones’.

    I will investigate that Morton’s thingy though! :-)

  • Do 'cos easily treated and pain is awful. You need to see an orthopedic surgeon, not a podiatrist as they can only be seen on MRI really. Worth pursueing and its the fat pad that simply compresses which is painful too. `i'vve had both but now this surgery will change that. I could have had it done a lot quicker had I chosen to go private but' cos of the blood issues thought it best to stick with the NHS and I'm so pleased I did. So do not be put off pursue the issue of the pain and remember your worth it. xx

  • Thanks again!

    I did have my feet scanned with ultrasound after a fall in Feb when I knocked my four upper teeth straight onto tarmac and tore up my face. One tooth almost out, shoved it back myself as was Sunday evening, dentist emergency appt next day.

    Scan showed fluid ie synovitis. Pain is all over feet though, underside, back, mid, front, heel. Not restricted to the diagram of nerve pain shown on the site I just looked up for Morton’s Neuroma:


    Any nerve pain is excruciating. So glad you got the help you needed on the NHS. Your concern and advice are very valuable. :-)

  • Gosh you've been through the mill. I hope you do get some help I think GP's refer to podiatrist when it should be surgeons all too often. I hope you do pursue this as pain is why they operated and I did not wait long just about 12 weeks. So glad it has been done, as I walk a lot and it does impact so negatively on the RA when unable to get exercise when that is what helps the RA.

  • That seems strange! Whenever I say about my feet, and show that all I can wear is strong supportive walking shoes/boots/sandals, I just get, ‘Have you seen the podiatrist?’

    Unfortunately, I was left to ‘rot’ when first symptoms appeared.

    In WV, USA, where I was then resident, you get nothing: no pain relief, no corticosteroid, till diagnosis after referral to a specialist in spite of CRP and RF through the roof.

    I never want to go through a totally untreated flare of such ferocity again.

    I had gone to my PCP (like GP) late August 2015 and got referred but no specialist appt till late Feb 2016!

    So, three flights home were already booked. With the help of co-codamol (I think) left over from major surgery in Dec ‘14, I got here. Wheelchair assistance too.

    And Out of Hours service got me emergency appt at GP next day, though I had forgotten about Out of Hours! Could have gone two days earlier!

    So, urgent referral followed and I am so grateful for our NHS and local RA helpline with the Rheumatology Dept.

    Forgot now what we were talking about...

    Feet! Yes, maybe I ought to push it. They have improved after latest flare though.

    Thanks again for your input. :-)

  • Go for it as help is available it's just keeping going for it. My GP is great and very pushy too.

  • I'm tickled pink you had such a positive experience and hope that your recovery is quick and pain free. I envy you those blue and silver threaded shoes. Hugs


  • May your recovery be straightforward as practical and enjoy every covetous, admiring glance at the blue and silver shoes that comes your way when you're free to wear them. :)

  • Brillant news, you will be dancing ar Christmas!!!

  • Thank you all. I''d say if anyone gets the chance to have it done go for it, instead of putting up with misshapen and thus poorly fitting shoes. It would not be suitable for all, but the RA foot information does explain better than me its benefits really well. Dancing by Christmas yes and Machu Minchu next year. lol xx

  • Glad you're safely home and wishing you well in your recovery. 💐❤️

  • Can I ask whether the surgeon told you how long this op would be effective for? I had a bony growth removed and a toe straightened. I went for my six week check up and was then told that it was not 100% effective, and indeed after about five years the same thing started again, and now, about ten years post op, my second toe is crossing over on top of the big toe and the bony growth is back. I’m wondering whether to go through it again.

  • Forever- although some minor drift might take place because nothing can be guaranteed. I reckoned worth the risk short-term inconvenience for long-term gain. It has'nt been painful and I have blood problems to do with the RA so they were managed too and very well. I'd say get it done as I think the time may have improved now with the procedure. I've had 3 toes done and plated and this will also take away some of the pain when walking as my metatarsal pad has been damaged by the RA. I only have problems with one foot the other is normal. So far so good. The consultant was nice and the surgery scheduled and done on time. Great NHS experience all around. Now just waiting but I can feel a bit of bruising and it's difficult to slow down too. My husband needs to be supervised when vacuuming as he does seem to understand the rooms are square not round. lol xxxxxx

  • Hi Medway Lady so good to hear your positive results keep the exercises going and new shoes can be ordered :))) Good Luck

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