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A letter from home after a long weekend in hospital part1

Hi my lovelies and fellow RAer’s

I’ve missed all of you

Now if you remember I wrote the tome about stenosis of the spine well this is part 3 so so sorry.

Had not a bad day last Thursday, had been shopping with my lovely daughter who is also a friend to me now she's 30. I forget that she's part of me as we laugh about boyfriends and potential M in laws.

So off I toddle to bed hubs helping me up the stairs to our attic conversion; at about 02:00 I woke up and my back was giving me gip and I wanted a pee; I started to try and get out of bed but the pain gripped me and all though I was trying to be quiet I woke hubs he got up and came round my side and helped me out of bed the pain shot down my legs, front of thighs and back round my calf’s into my ankles!! I was sobbing with pain and hobbled into our bathroom only 4 yards away, but may have been 4 miles, sat down and nothing but every time I pushed just more pain. I got back to bed and drifted off, in the morning pain not so bad I got up and came downstairs hubs went off to work, I pottered about and about 10ish my tummy started to hurt and I went to the loo all I got was pain down the legs again. I have a wonderful GP we are even on 1st name terms, it must be because she sees’ me more than her own friends!! But, she has always said if you need help etc email me; so I did. I told her that I felt a bit numb and fuzzy around the area that as ladies we like to have heightened feelings. The numbness carried down the back of my thighs and my lower legs felt very fizzy. The phone rang, Tricia I want you to go to hospital I’ll send an ambulance, no said I; as I need to get to Oxford - John Radcliff. Hubs came home and off we went.

On arrival at A & E it was quiet and I was whisked straight in answered a couple of questions then a lovely young lady (nurse) came in and I was catheterised. If you have ever had the need for one you will understand. What a relief I had 2 litres hanging in there. I was poked, prodded and pulled by 3 dr. John and Tim then Lucy who was neuro specialist, John was major trauma and Tim medical. I was admitted on to the emergency assessment ward; they gave me morphine to settle the pain and then took me off diclofenic and my Fentynl patches. I was lucky, as I’d taken my Humira injection on Thursday morning as normal compromised my immune system but keeps the RA at bay.

On Friday morning after a very restless night as one elderly lady was shouting I love you Sylvia, and where are you Sylvia all night with an occasional screech of pain. My next door bed mate was as bad again an elderly lady and when she was being examined had told a young dr. that her husband was at home and she had fallen and the ambulance had bought her in and left him upstairs in bed unable to move himself. She bought tears to my eyes as she relayed her life of drudgery at his beck and call; and how he hit her if she wasn’t quick enough, she wasn’t allowed to eat until he’d finished and very often she went without. The Dr. Told her not to worry and they would send social services and a Dr to the house to make sure he was ok. An hour or two went past with “where are you Sylvia” shouting in the corner and the one next to me crying and wailing as her husband would kill her cos she hadn’t got his breakfast, by the way she had been bought in as her carer had found her unconscious on the kitchen floor. Next thing the police turned up and asked if she would answer some questions she said why and yes OK. The curtains were drawn round her bed so we couldn’t see but could still hear everything lol I do love that I’m sure Drs believe you go deaf outside the curtained area.

Soooooooooo they asked her name her husbands name and if she had children, this was answered, although she must have been in her late 80s’ she has a daughter age 7. They said that they didn't find her husband in bed. The Dr who had been hovering outside poked his head through the curtains and said he’d better come in at this point, well by now there was a hush coming over the ward the nurses had stopped rushing about and even Sylvia’s mother had stopped wailing. The Dr asked the old lady who turned out to be Nancy, where she was; quite stroppy she answered John Radcliffe; next question what year was it, don’t be silly it’s 1963,how old are you Nancy 38 why; how old is your daughter 9. Do you know what month it is yes it’s December and nearly Christmas; I love Christmas she said. Aggie is having a bicycle. Who’s the prime minister, don’t know, mind you I had to think :) what your husbands name, Alan, Nancy, the policeman says where’s your husband, I left him at home he can’t walk, I look after him; she starts to cry again, the Drs and police emerged from the curtains and had a hushed conversation with lots of shaking of heads I nearly fell out of bed trying to hear lol. they troop back to the bed Nancy can you tell me the year “2011” where’s your husband I don’t know he’s dead, he died in 1985 age 61 from a heartache. Yes, I mean heartache peeps. So then looking back this lady collapsed and blamed the hard work and cruelty she was and had been receiving. A sandwich short of a picnic my Gran would say. But she probably had that cruelty and has now got alzeimers or demetia. The police went off looking disapointed as no murder was involved. Then Nancy’s daughter turns up says she’s taking her mother home the ER Drs say OK she has no injuries just take it easy. As they were leaving Nancy pushing her wheeled trolley and her daughter almost running ahead. The daughter was heard saying come on I haven’t got time for this, so bloody well hurry up!! No wonder the poor old dear was confused. I do hope the cruelty had not been inherited.

I’ll bring you more life from the ward later.

Love to all of you

Tricia - P

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Hi This is Tricia - P for some reason I'd logged out so it looks like I'm a stranger, but it's only little old me.



Yo Tricia. My goodness I can't wait for the next instalment, hurry up!!! Poor old Nancy you can't help but weep for her. I tell you life is strange and people are weird ! Thank goodness!

Besides that, you ninny, how is your back?

Are you resting, is it getting any easier? and when is the next instalment?

He He He .. take care you and speak laterer

Julie xxx


Hi Tricia - with all that excitement going on I bet you managed to almost forget the pain for a minute. Can't wait for next instalment and hope you are feeling a bit stronger now.

Love Sue x


Dear Tricia. welcome back.. had received your txt and replied hope you are a little better. got some photos to send you got some developed yesterday. of you and sandy and cat.. will send to the mansion.. take it easy!!

sounds like that little old lady had dementia bless her xx


Hi tricia, don't want you in hospital but would luv the next instalment lol. Hope you're feeling better Babs xx


Hi Tricia,

so sorry to hear of your pain & wish you well asap!

However I have to agree with Julie, HarleySue & Babs & also can't wait for your next blog on Ward Life :)

Nice to hear you have been looked after so well & efficiently too xx


hi, hope that your on the mend and ditto to the rest. you don't get that excitement on a soap opera. So wait with bated breath next tale ftom john radcliffe.

Best wishes, sylvia.xx


Hi Trish, very much enjoyed your story of hospital life. My Mother in Law (God rest her soul) unfortunately suffered with dementia. One story which comes to mind was when we had bought a 'rescue' dog. Mother in Law wanted to know how much it had cost. Told her £70 which is what it had cost. 10 minutes later she asked the question again. £70 I said. Again a few minutes later came the same question - so, to the amusement of my daughters I reduced the price by £5 each time she asked until we got down to £35. "Oh, that's good" she said and thereafter happily accepted that was what we had paid for the dog. (This was all in one morning!)

With regard to the pain in your leg/foot. I think I know exactly what the you are going through:

Leg to floor when getting out of bed resulting in instant pain (and tingling ?) - buttock, inside and outside of thigh, pain down calf (front and back) to ankle. Get back on the bed and pain reduces (eventually) ? Pain so intense I described it to my rheumy nurse as 'a 10' - made me feel sick (in fact it has once made me sick) and skin was very clammy to the touch. I have had absolutely no control of crying out with the pain - it also made breathing difficult. Mine has been diagosed as sciatica. Pain relief: Tramadol and paracetamol has helped (codeine didn't). After 6 months I have also just had my first course of acupuncture on the NHS.

When my family have asked me if acupuncture has helped I've given them the stock answer "I don't want to tempt fate". I still don't want to tempt fate but if your pain & etc. is diagnosed as sciatica and they offer you acupuncture my advice would be "try it !!!".

Interestingly I had just had my 3rd injection of Humira when my sciatica started. I did have the 4th injection on the advice of the rheumy nurse (not my usual one) who said that she didn't think it could be the humira, but I decided that I wouldn't have any more just in case.

Judi xxxx


Hi Trish,

Good luck getting out of hospital in a much better shape than you went in. All the ward tales will hopefully help divert you mind from all the pain you've been in at least.

My hubby works in an old folks home at night and I recall him telling me that one old woman was always walking up and down the corridor throughout the night dressed up in coat and hat over top of her nighty - looking for the bus stop to get her out "out of this place". She always had a church meeting to go to or a child to collect from school, or the men on the farm to feed - bless!

And on acupuncture he was just telling me about an arthritic couple some years back who had an acupuncturist come in and sort them out for pain every few weeks. He said her remembers the woman explaining to him that it lasted a while - maybe a few days to a week at a stretch.

The 10mgs of Amitripyline I've been on for four days now seems to be working wonders with acute pain in my hands and feet - I get about 18 hour stretches with only the odd twinge before it comes roaring back for a few hours and then I opt for painkillers. Don't know how long I'll be allowed to take it or not or whether it's addictive like the other anti depressants. Probably wouldn't make a dent on your kind of pain though which sounds far more extreme?


Hi Trish - poor old you - what a time you've had. Do hope you are feeling a little better. Having had a catheter myself - talk about the relief of Mafeking!

Look forward to the next instalment of life on Emergency Ward 10. Those two poor old ladies - sounds as if they were both a bit gaga. Fancy the police thinking Nancy had bopped off the old man and expected to see him lying dead in bed! How exciting. I am not surprised everyone was craning to hear what was being said. It is amazing how the doctors and nurses think a curtain round the bed means everyone outside has gone deaf. Hope you get on ok and at long last they find what the problems are and can start to deal with them properly. Lots of love. LavendarLady xx


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