Well guys and gals the continuing storey after hospital for ultrasound on ankle

Whent to wigan hospital yesterday for the ultrasound parking the car was terrible to find a spot had to leve the wife with it and go in

Anyway the guy did a good check out on my ankle and i showed him my big toe that belive it or not i was getting better. now its going on side. and the other big toe is having a do now on going cold. heck of a thing this

Nothing was showing only a bit of inflamation no atheritus I HAVE JUST ABOUT GIVEN UP i was hoping it would at least show something psa or enthesis or something else

So bloods ok ankle ok i can not belive this thing i have started of with couple of miles pushing it walking to now i on exersise bike and its like somthing eating my hands gums feet knees bottom of back a bit ringing ears and sweating bad in bed at night. But im now thinking is this psa which dosnt show up in bloods or is it bone tb which i checked out 5 years ago for now which just got better.

I was on predistone now taken off it or have i got some type of circulation problem even with strong pulses in my feet I reed on the net if you get psa this can somtimes go away then return but i have no rashes or anything yet IM AT A LOSS all i go now is to have alook inside the knee again but will they do it with my big toe looking like that next mont i dont know.

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  • Well, what a puzzler. It might be frustrating for you and it is certainly taking time but all these tests will be showing the medics what is going on. I'm sure you will get the answers you need but it may take a little longer. All the best


  • been a year now and getting no better

  • Bless you.

  • I have PsA, never had psoriasis but have pain,, stiffness and enthisitis al,out all the time, just the amount varies. My son has severe psoriasis . Just had shoulder surgery, bone spur removed and rotator cuff repair. Also have erosions on the joint. I take enbrel and MTX. It took me more than 20 years to get a diagnosis! Clemmie

  • hi barrister I would have thought somthing would have shown in the ligaments to somthing that started off as just a bit of ankle pain that i thought would get better but spread up the leg. i have no inflamation just feels like ligaments are stiff i can see the lumps also on the side of my hands wish i had never gone in for me hernia opperation was better than this with that litttle bit of ache in the groin now all over the place the worst being my feet and the big toes going swollen with not walking correctly. where are you problem associated?

  • Everywhere. I have pain in my feet, ankles, hands, wrists, shoulders, neck, back and hips. Started more than 20 years ago with back pain. Had surgery and was told to learn to,live with the pain. Then early 2000's I developed pain in my feet, felt like I was walking on marbles. For 12 years I was going back and forwards to my GP and he ignored my pain. Then my husband started working abroad and I saw a doctor who finally took notice, had scans done of my feet and referred me to a rheumatologist, who,diagnosed me with sero negative RA. This was then revised to spondyloarthropathy, then developed lymphocytic colitis and finally have diagnosis of PsA/spondyloarhtritis. Clemmie

  • are you able to walk any distance mines gone right down now my feet go cold and i also have swelling on big toes. and it just started after a hernia opperation although one guy says he will go in my knee and have a look it just spread from a bit of ankle pain to knee then to hands like little nodules on them then better leg hip then onto lower back then my gums in my mouth receded like mad with having to have teeth out

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